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This page will deal with stuff that its title implies: Wut's New?

For recent updates on new sections and their locations that may not always be visible while viewing the homepage, pay this page a visit and you'll see the stuff that has been added, edited, etc. I find this very useful, especially if hoards of ppl ask me everyday what has been updated.

It's kinda virtually impossible for me to update this site everyday, becuz then it wouldn't be fun. Besides, ZeroIQ is right. "Too many important things than this er I mean....ack *slaps himself."


Dear Diary section, which is usually updated every time I edit the website.
RU A Privy section, either the Catherine, Called Birdy excerpts or the Privy List - especially if more and more ppl show me that they deem worthy of the title.
MMS section, only if interesting stuff happens while I am not busy.
Lyrics section, as more and more nice songs are published.
About Moi section, not dramatically updated, but bits & pieces are added.



Top 10 Songs section, which is mostly updated at the beginning of each month.
Links section, which depends on the amount of ppl who have good links.
Pics section, updated only if I feel like it, or am strongly requested to.
RU My Friend section, and only if I have an idea of what to put!



MMS, updated report card grades & a NEW SECTION!!
Wut's New section, which does happen to be this one.
Dear Diary, too many entries, just GO.
Top 10 Songs section, gee I wonder wut this is about.
HomePage , New section thru this pic.
Links section, added a few more links - more to come!