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Note: If U don't know me all that well, U won't know what Tin-Can means.

First of all, let me explain why I use U instead of You, R instead of are, 2 instead of to/too/two, and so many others. The Internet is a big place. Duh. Anywayz, the Internet uses a lot of weird terms, and so I have learned from them. Internet language, especially in sites created by those guys and girls who R not little kids, adults, or seniors, have a lot 2 say these days. So I will continue using this queer kind of language until I get totally sick of it and decide 2 take a break 4 a while. That explains that.
Then again, I am not a nutty girl in case some of U might think. Visitors of this site R usually 7th grade humans who attend Marlboro Middle School. If U wanna find out more about this stuff, U should check out the links "About Moi" or "MMS".
This website is totally peaceful. (Except for jests.) If U find any content that offends U in any way or form, please e-mail or call or whatever me and tell!! I will consider all objections. In one perspective, U could almost say that U have partial control over this site!
I know millions of people have websites, and many of them R done by humans. (Like me.) Just cuz my site doesn't match the settings and outlines of Bill Gates or whoever's site, don't come telling moi about it cuz I might get mad . . . And U don't wanna take that chance cuz I don't really tolerate madness . . . So I usually fume it out on someone . . . And that someone might turn out 2 be . . . U. Definitely an Ouch.

Now that I've practically introduced U 2 my site and all that stuff, U can get going now and explore other stuff. Do U C a pattern? I write a lot. Some websites never have anything 2 say, while others have a little bit 2 say. However, moi, being a strawberry fanatic, loves writing and so I am practicing my typing skills on this site. If U get annoyed U can contact me and complain all U want. Enjoy!

Au revoir,

- Strawberry Gurl

I certainly need one of these that actually will wake me up in the morning . . . enough said.