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First, my newly revised schedule for 7th grade at MMS is categorized by period below:
Period: Class: Term: Days: Teacher:
0 Homeroom 7-F Year Round All Miss J. Cook
1 Phys Ed/Health Year Round All Mr. Carrigan
2 Wind Ensemble Year Round A Mr. J. Manziano
2 Psychology (!!!) Semester 1 B Miss C. Fierro
2 Creative Writing Semester 1 C Mrs. D. Cohen
2 Science Inventions Semester 2 B Mr. Vanben...
2 Junior Engineering Semester 2 C Mr. A. Barcello
3 Math Year Round All Miss J. Cook
4 Science Seminar Year Round All Mr. Vanben...
Lunch Lunch B Year Round All - Staff -
5 French7 Year Round All Mrs. D. Parnell
6 Soc. Stud. Seminar Year Round All Mrs. B. Gallo
7 Language Arts Year Round All Mrs. J. Buck
8 Applied Tech. Quarter 1 All Mr. Barcello
8 Writing/Research Quarter 2 All V. Albert
8 Art Quarter 3 All Sanderson
8 Computers Quarter 4 All M. Geroni

For those of U who have not reached 7th grade yet, the stuff above may seem quite confusing. However, for those who have reached or passed 7th grade at MMS should know what the above states. If U truly R confused and wanna know everything, U should know what 2 do. (Just in case U don't, I'll give U a hint. Electricity.) (That was a bad hint, I know.) In case U were wondering, yes I DO take psychology classes. It's actually fun. We get parties and really easy tests.

Now that U have a slight bit insight on what a poor 7th grader at MMS goes through, imagine what high school students go through. Oy. But anywayz, next I will give U a little bit of a description 4 the teachers I already have. This way, if U are going 2 MMS, U can be prepared 4 the various teachers and their demands ...

Teacher: Teaches: Evaluation:
Miss Cook Math Weird sense of humor
Mr. Carrigan Phys Ed/Health Mr. Carrigan rules the PhysEd world
Mr. Manziano Wind Ensemble/Jazz Really nice but blows a loud whistle
Miss Fierro Psychology(!!!) Nice & psychologically smart...
Mrs. Cohen Creative Writing Creative, non-artistic, nice
Mr. Vanbenthuysen Science Seminar Mr. Van totally rules! Science is cool!
Mrs. Parnell French7 Oui, Mrs. Parnell rules too!
Mrs. Gallo Soc. Stud. Seminar She's great, but strict toward various *Privies*
Mrs. Buck Language Arts No comment
Mr. Barcello Applied Technology Errr ... turgein daserz gyrh???
Mrs. Sanderson Art Mean is a(n) _statement.
Mrs. Geroni Computers Veddi awesome teacher.

*Just so U know, these R only opinions by moi. If U go 2 MMS and find that Mr. Barcello is nice and all, don't come contradicting moi. Since this website is probably being monitored by people that have complete power over moi, (that is tres mal) I have carefully written out every word. Nothing on this site is very OfFeNdInG 2 anyone directly. I am very aware of the suing option we, known as homo sapien sapiens, have, and I am at least smart enough not 2 get myself in trouble. I'd rather have *la fille de fraise*.

I guess that's enough of the teacher business. Lemme tell U 'bout the beginning of the school year and what I thought about it. Remember: This is only my opinion.
MMS rules, MMS sucks, MMS rules, MMS sucks, MMS rules, MMS sucks, MMS rules, MMS sucks, MMS rules, MMS sucks, MMS rules, MMS sucks, etc. Now, let's get 2 the real thing.
OK, so U walk in this huge building that was way bigger than your Elementary School and try 2 find the Auditorium. Then, all the kids in front of U throw up at the same time . . .
I'm bad at explaining stuff. So, I'll just put it very bluntly. MMS rules if U act the right way. Remember, the teachers like smart and smiling kids (at least from my horrible past experiences) so never act depressed or stupid even if U feel like it. (Sound familiar, anybody???) Also, a tip 4 test taking. When taking any test, especially in Language Arts and Social Studies, never think smart. Think dumb, and U will actually pass. In case any of U were wondering why, it's because the creators of the test want U 2 be dumb, so they create this nice, trickily-worded test 2 deliberately fail U. Hohoho. Welcome 2 the semi-real world.
That was a dumb statement. Forgive me!!!!!!!!
In general, the beginning of the school year was horrible due 2 my stupidity at finding places. Gradually, things got better as I decided 2 memorize my schedule and plague my life by books and weapons. Do I sound suicidal 2 U?
Any more questions or comments?!? Either e-mail me, call me, or keep ye comments 2 yeself. Yer not gonna do any good by yellin' at me. Heeeyaaah! I'm the best writer this side o' Jersey!!!!!!
Many pardons. I warned U I was crazy.

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