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    Welcome 2 the Top 10 Songs page! On this page U will find a monthly update on the Top 10 Songs that U, yes U, vote 4! 2 Vote, U can call, e-mail, or just tell moi somewhere. Votes will be counted each month and results will be posted below around the 1st of every month. Since the life of moi is not centered around the laptop, please don't remind moi 2 update very frequently. If U do, I will make U feel "ye small". (I got that phrase from a friend of mine over the Internet.) Well, anyway, listen 2 the radio, decide on which song U like best, (Or maybe U hate them all. Oh well.) and vote! Ahhh, yes. Just 2 tell U . . . U can vote 4 any song more than once, and U can vote 4 more than one song. For example, U may like 2 different songs. U can vote beaucoup times 4 for the first song, and beacoup2 times 4 for the second song. Whichever way U want it, just remember 2 !!Vote Vote Vote!! Have fun, dude! :)

Title: Composer: Votes:
Christmas Shoes Bob Carlisle 9,182,737
Independent Woman Destiny's Child 9,111,435
My Everything 98 9,103,002
He Loves U Not Dream 8,229,207
The Itch Vitamin C 7,455,182
This I Promise You 'N Sync 6,917,865
Liquid Dream O-Town 5,548,112
The Call Backstreet Boys 3,128,127
Get Another Boyfriend Backstreet Boys 2,414,001
Shining Star Backstreet Boys 9,322

And this month's top song is . . .

Christmas Shoes by Bob Carlisle. Congrats Bob!!!

Remember 2 vote 4 others now that February 2001's list is in progress! Valedictions 2 y'all!

                                  Disc on wings. Every heard of sumpin' like that??