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Welcome 2 the real world, where privies existed long before humans. Face it, U depend on privies 2 live. Well, here R some privies that have been considered extremely UNuseful in human life. Please note that this page has been established merely 2 entertain the bored and educate the geeky. Do not take this page as a threat or anything of the sort, 4 those of U (U know who U R!!) who know that U R a privy!!! Bon voyage!!!
Please also note that excerpts from the book Catherine, Called Birdy R featured throughout this page. This is because it was this book that introduced my friends and I 2 the word 'Privy' in the first place! The book, written by Karen Cushman, can be extremely funny at times. And those R the excerpts that will be featured here!!! Have a nice time!!!
Privy Tree of Certified Members
Privy Name: Initial Meanings:
Privy The original!!!!
Privy TLJ  That ---- ----
Privy TLJL That ---- ---- ----
Privy TKL That ---- ----
Privy AD Australopithecines dinosaur
Privy TLEY That ---- ---- ----
Privy THJY That ---- ---- ----
Privy TAG That's a ----
Privy TATMQ That asks too many questions
Privy TAI The annoying ----
Privy TBO The boring one
Privy YNI !You Name It!
Privy WE Wandering Eyes (I)
Privy WET Wandering Eyes Two (II)
Privy MAP ---- and ----
Privy SE Strange Eyes
Privy MM ---- and ----
Privy JP Jealous Peanut
Privy CC Clam Chowder
Privy FDBZF Fake DBZ Fan
Ah dang, I forgot the rest of the Privies' names. There were a lot of them but after awhile, when U don't see them 4 a few months, U forget all of them. Well, if you're Privy name is on here, U should be really honored that I haven't forgotten about U! As always, if U R a friend of mine who remembers another Privy name, please contact me! I'd be really, really grateful!!!!!!

Now, U might be wondering Who R all these Privies? Well, that is not 4 U 2 know. (Heck, U probably don't know what a Privy is) (It's a really funny term. Figure it out by yourself) If U already know some of these Privies, then, congrats! U will, sooner or later, also be added onto the Privy list! Unless, of course, U R a girl, because usually only guys can join the "Privy Club". I assure U, it is a grand privilege not everyone can undertake!!! *LOL*

Click Here 2 go 2 the page with Catherine, Called Birdy excerpts. It's a very interesting story; soon I'll have the whole thing up.