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    This page is gonna be full of lyrics to my and other ppl's fave songs. Click on a song title to get the lyrics, and NO, I don't MIND if you take the lyrics. It's why I have it there in the first place. Well now, certain classes have prompted my inner conscience to always give credit to used sources, so here it is:

    Most lyrics (Note the word MOST) have been the courtesy of, a site where lots and lots of lyrics are gathered in one big happy place . . . nevermind.

    I have edited many of these lyrics, since other people's interpretations are not always what I think, and usually not what you hear on the single or the album.

Jessica Simpson: I Wanna Love You Forever Final Heartbreak
Your Faith In Me Heart of Innocence  
Savage Garden: Affirmation I Knew I Loved You
Crash and Burn    
Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle What a Girl Wants