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If you don't have Windows Media Player or something like that on your computer, you can't listen to the MIDI files below. In case you can't, you can download a free MIDI player at the CRESCENDO website. Read what you see! Some versions cost $$$, so unless you wanna pay for the MIDI player, READ what you see on the screen! Heh, they send you to school for a reason ya know. OK OK OK OK I KNOW . . . STUPID MIDI THING LOOKS WEIRD THERE!!!!!!!!!! BELIEVE ME, I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T TAUNT ME ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! AGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! IF THE MIDI DON'T WORK, JUST TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T HINT AT IT, DON'T WRITE IT DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER, DON'T TELL EVERYONE AND THEN TELL ME, DON'T DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!!! JUST LIKE ... TELL ME!!!!!! I'm through. No more now.

"Imagine" MIDI My first MIDI file on this site . . . I thought I heard the 8th grade MMS Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band play this song, or at least something SIMILAR at the concerts; it sounds pretty nice, so I decided to add it onto my site. Hope U like it!!

? ? ? MIDI Can you figure out which radio song this is??? Suggestion: Listen to it first. It's supposed to be fairly well known.

? ? ? MIDI Can you figure out which radio song this is??? This one is kinda slow, don't listen to it if you're in hype-mood and wanna stay that way.

Huh? MIDI This is some MIDI file I found somewhere sometime. I guess it's OK. May be a little slow for those who are mostly hyper-active, but for me, it's OK.

   .....UH..... There were a lot more MIDIs but suddenly they all disappeared. I swear I didn't do anything!!!! I guess I'll hafta redo them now . . . later actually. *sob* I didn't do it!!!!