Strawberry Gallery


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By coming to this page, U have proved to moi that your curiosity is overwhelming. If U are here, U are probably not my enemy anywayz cuz I told U 'bout this site!! Or maybe somebody told U 'bout this site but U took the time 2 come here and check out this stuff. This does not necessarily mean that I am indeed your friend, for those evil ones out there smirking this instance at the computer screen.Gyrehehehe. (New sound effect) Ok Blah.

This page was finally updated. A bit. As always I'm still open to suggestions. (I have been for what, the past seven months?!?!?!?)

So, not to make this too boring. Here's a list of Berries and Gurls and stuff. Just to characterize how eccentric all my friends are***



Descriptive . . . words & phrases, I guess.

Strawberri Can also be spelled Strawberry. Hmmm . . . I wonder who that is . . . hmmm . . .
Lemonberri Nobody beats Lemonberri at killing guys.
Peach Gurl Peach fuzz - wut else is there to say?
Blueberry Can't tell you. Not allowed.
Cherry Gurl Cherries are good. This one sometimes proves otherwise . . .
CherriBerri Friend of TeddiBerri, sis of Peach Gurl.
TeddiBerri Friend of CherriBerri, sis of Lemonberri.
GrapeBerri Sis of Strawberri, friend of Strawberri, daughter of Ice Cream Gurl, friend of Ice Cream Gurl . . . et al.
Ice Cream Gurl Mommy of Strawberri, mommy of GrapeBerri, friend of Strawberri, friend of GrapeBerri, friendly.
IceBerri Alwayz trying 2 *sniff* hurt me
AppleBerri AppleBerri is everybody's friend! Thas one VERY cool Berri!!!
PearBerri PearBerri . . . downright delicious & a BERRI awesome friend!! =)
PineappleBerri She cheers & she dances (She's good too)
OrangeGurl Yadda, yadda, yadda away ... hehe.
VeggieBerri Alas, this is a boy. ZeroIQ's bro.
CheeseVeggie Another boy. Cheap imitation of Nimrod the Great. =)

I might've missed a few Berries or Gurls, so if you feel deprived, just tell me to add you on. I won't bite, I promise.

Ya know, all these Berries and Gurls can be sooo confusing at times . . . call me LeafBerri!!!! Descriptive words that describe me are leafish, berrieish, greenish, happieish, smileyish, contentedish, gurlish . . . ok nevermind about the gurlish. And other junk. Areish youish confusedish yetish? Iish amish!!!!