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    StrawPardy, derived from the ancient game show Jeopardy, currently airs all day long on Channel 415113041511304151130 in the future. The future has not televisions, but a supernaturally operating system that is self-sufficient and independent of its surrounding factors and environment. These marvelous inventions not only transmit Straw-active signals much quicker and more efficiently than ancient models, but also reasonably takes the place of the obtuse remote controller with the built in Straw-troller.

    StrawPardy is hosted by the one and only Strawlex Strawbek, named after the mighty but deceased Alex Trebek, who previously hosted the ancient show Jeopardy several eons ago. Never to be imitated and unique in her ways, the magnificent host Strawlex Strawbek has set the records for the youngest host ever recorded in futuristic history. Previous hosts of popular game shows have an age range of about 4,151,130,415 decades (41,511,304,150 years) old - 8,711,301,130 centuries (871,130,113,000 years) old; while Strawlex Strawbek is currently only 1 decade and 2 years (12 years) old.

    With all this in mind, please enjoy the re-runs of StrawPardy episodes, added and interchanged on a regular basis. For ordering information, please call 415-1130 ext. 911. We hope your visit and stay here is/has/will become a pleasant one. Questions, comments, or complaints? Send Strawlex Strawbek a Straw-Mail entitled "StrawStraw" to receive a more immediate response.

Re-Runs of StrawPardy

StrawPardy™ is not in any way affiliated with the game show Jeopardy, nor its host, Alex Trebek. © 1999 by Strawlex Strawbek.

Cut, you dunce!!!!! Can't you do something without snorting???