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This is Fuzzy's Rat. Actually, this isn't Fuzzy's Rat. I'm just pretending this is Fuzzy's Rat. If I had a scanner, you could see Fuzzy's rat up close & personal. But I don't have a scanner. So you hafta live with this fake representation of Fuzzy's Rat. Hehe.

   This page. Is about Fuzzy's rat. Fuzzy is a friend of Strawberri's, from MMS. Fuzzy has a rat. Therefore, it is called "Fuzzy's Rat." Need I repeat it? I think so.


"Rat. Ricky Chung. Death."


   Rats. Even rubber rats that squeak when you squish them can scare people . . . I don't know why some people must scatter and run for their lives whenever they see this huge rat innocently cross their path. It's not like they're going to die or anything . . . unless you try to spray them with water or bugspray or do something stupid to them that would arouse their instinct and make them BITE U. Otherwise, I believe rats are totally cool.

Rat History

   Rats. They have unmistakingly been known as disgusting and grotesque pests as long as I have been on this earth (which is not very long, mind you). Even though a wuss may spot a dingy little rat scampering around the dirty, uncleaned, and archaic kitchen looking around for food and scream their heads off, doesn't make the rat evil, which is exactly what most people think. The Bubonic Plague of Medieval Times, also known as the Black Plague or Black Death, wiped out nearly half the population in Europe. So then, some lazy bum called a gathering and drilled into the peoples' minds that the furry black things that are always running around bothering them were the cause of the plague, and that they were the arch nemesis of all humankind. Have you guessed what this furry black thing is? Of course - the Rat Almighty®. As a result, it is imposed among the younger and still younger generations who are easy to teach and influence that rats signify illness, disease, filth, inferiority, whatever. These furry little creatures, no matter what shade of fur they come in, no matter what size, breed, or habits they have, no matter what deformities happen - the rats have been wrongly portrayed as something they don't deserve to be portrayed as.


   Rats. Some of them are just SOOOO cute!!! Especially Fuzzy's Rat. It's a rubber rat which you may or may not obtain at a hobby shop near you (Haha, I'm no advertiser either). Its tail has been cruelly chopped off almost the entire way, and it is only humane to fare it well and to send your best regards as we send this rubber rat to the rubber vet to have it cured and restored to its original happiness and well-being. Umm . . . oh wow, that was really dumb. I can't believe I practically wrote an essay on this. Expository writing manner must not be encouraged . . . must not let Mrs. Buck succeed . . . must struggle . . .

This page is under construction . . . come back soon!

   Do not take that quote seriously. Even though I may seem a bit malicious toward Ricky Chung, I actually have nothing against him. Just that he's scared me with that grotesque rat of his one too many times . . . I guess I got a little pissed after awhile . . . anyway, no malevolence is intended . . . none at all . . . =̃ **Also, I hope you like that ever-changing text that snakes around on the screen, making your visit annoyingly annoying . . . hahaHA!