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January 2, 2000

   And so here I am. The world didn't end. It continued as usual. Nothing really happened with Y2K, besides one observance I made: On some juice packs, the expiration date is {Month+1900}, which means the thing has been expired for a whole century (Just about). Well now, I'll screech on about Florida and Dizney World.

    Disney World is really nice for those of you who have been there, dontcha think? Everything was cool except for the times my ninny sister became bored and started acting like a woodpecker, pecking the dirty railing while on line to see some freaky shows. At one point a girl came up to me and asked, "Are you her sister?" and it was extremely gratifying to go, "Unfortunately, yes."

    Comments on the food there. The stuff was mostly a combination of yucky yet expensive foods. I found it quite pleasurable to dine on popcorn and ice cream, since they are yummy foods, aren't too expensive (Compared to other slime I was forced to gobble down), and are not healthy for you, especially when you live on it.

    The hotel. I have one comparison: I'd rather have lived in the privy.

    We took too many pictures at Disney. Since I always look not-so-wonderful in pictures, I probably won't post any up. So. Would you care for a pic or two? Or three or four or five or six or a million or two million or a few million or . . .

    Chinese acrobats are soooooo awesome!!!! Not only are they fairly talented and flexible, they also act very calm when they screw up!!!!!!!!

    Let's see, what else did I forget? Oh yea - I've noticed for the past week or so that ppl in Florida are generally taller than ppl in New Jersey. Jeez, most are like, in the six foot range. I feel short. Phooey.

    A lot of stuff happened since but I can't remember much right now, and even if I did, I wouldn't have the desire to post it here. Ahha. This month, I can think of one Privy who's having a birthday. This Privy isn't all that mean to me but my friendz detest him for some reason, so the Privy name sticks. Privy WET is turning 13 years old this wonderful month of January!!! Happy B-Day, Privy WET!!!

    January 5, 2000

   Really nice day today, considering I did not complain about how much I am screwed for various reasons until 8th period, or Writing & Research class.

    Did you know that I drugged Privy MM's Airhead??? In reality, I didn't, but I found out that Privy MM said something about his teeth hurting after eating my supposedly "drugged" Airhead. I assure everybody who is reading this that I didn't drug anything. He probably ate too much candy, and that Airhead was the last one before a cavity started forming . . . heh.

    I didn't make the MathCounts team but that's OK. The ppl who did make it to the semi-final round are: B's bro, B, Miss Hu, Pinny guy, Fartbag, Lemonberri, PhotoLissa, and some other ppl I don't remember. Today was the day that B, Lemonberri, PhotoLissa would compete against each other and see which one of them is less capable at math than the others. Well, not exactly less capable. They're all very intelligent ppl but one of them will be the cut off while the other two make up the alternate section.

    For a change, I'm rooting for B. It would be fun to see B kick PhotoLissa or Lemonberri out of the team. Gyrehehehe. I'm soooo evil ain't I.

    AOLIM is so fun, isn't it? Especially for one of my friends, who is fairly new to the club and has yet to master the correct techniques required to survive AOLIM and to sustain a good/bad/both/neither reputation. Ummm, no time for more of an entry, I hafta update other sections on this site, do my work, and practice an instrument. In case you were wondering, it IS a piano.

January 8, 2000

   I will report MathCounts results to you. The team of four consists of Fartbag who has the flu, Pinny, someone I don't know, and I think Miss Hu. (Either her or Frankfurter.) The 7th grade alternates are B and PhotoLissa. Lemonberri didn't make it, but I understand it's not her fault, it was a really really STUPID mistake. That's wut I understand. She says she don't care about it. Wutever.

    Next week is Chinese Final Terms. Today we reviewed in class, but it isn't much help because nothing we review is actually on the mid/final term, so.

    Finally finally FINALLY I can play that high note on the clarinet without squeaking my way through it!!! I blame my former suckiness on the chipped reed, the low expectations I had, and my lack of practice. (In three years, I practiced at max ten minutes.) Well now, I really hafta say today was a total breakthrough for me. Free spirit feels so good don't it? I'm gonna fix the Wut's Up link, for those of you who couldn't reach it. I'm also gonna add more lyrics to the Lyrics page. EZ on me now, I don't possess any magical abilities that you possibly do.

January 9, 2000

   I watched parts of the recorded 7th/8th grade Wind Ensemble/Jazz Band winter concert. I acted better than I thought I had. There were no drastic movements, no drastic sounds, more calm than usual, etc., which is good. My dad commented on what B did at the beginning of the concert. It's not very - pleasant - and I don't think I should talk about it. If you have the recorded version, you should be able to find out. Gyrhehehe!!! It was really funny.

    My Social Studies NHD (National History Day) isn't coming along as well as I expected it to. Preliminaries are due this Friday, and I haven't even started the outline. Moreover, I'm only halfway through reading the material I acquired. I think I acquired too many materials, some of which aren't even helpful. I'm also getting sidetracked and unfocused. What's worse, I neglected to remember what my theme and thesis statement is supposed to be. This way, the outcome of my final project could be extremely unpredictable.

    Now that I've made my point, I hafta get along with reading the book Uncle Tom's Cabin. I know reading a whole book is not a requirement when outlining, but it's so interesting I'm gonna read it anyway . . .

    See what I mean by sidetracked?

January 16, 2000

   Sunday Sunday Sunday. Tomorrow is Dr. King's birthday, so school is not an issue. However, I do hope that my parents won't be home. That way, I can be the only one in my house and that means more FREEDOM than I usually get!!!

    I am conscious of the fact that I haven't updated this place for quite awhile. I have excuses. Many, in fact. But I think I'll only list one. Excuse # 1: Schoolwork has suffocated me and my brain and only recently has it let go. However, it is beginning to suffocate me again. By the end of this week, I think schoolwork will stop victimizing me for good. But that is SO not a guarantee.

    I'm gonna add some more stuff to MMS soon, so check back often! Also, yesterday is the last day I'll be in Chinese School for several weeks. Subsequently, I found out that Chinese New Year 2000 is February 5. La. La. La.

    Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong. Ding. Dong.

    Ooops, I didn't intend to appear so odd today, I'm under several tons of pressure and I'm still struggling not to give way cuz I'm not the type that deals well with *stuff* when I give way.

    So. How you doing? How's life? How's school? How's everything?

    Here's a piece o' scrap outta my schedule: This Friday The Band (Very vague but how else can/shall/would/could I describe it?) is going to perform @ Robertsville. The day after that, samedi, is when lots of ppl and I are gonna take the SATs at Old Bridge High School. Two days after that, on Monday, the 24th, is somebody's birthday. That's about all the big news for January, for now, that is.
January 22, 2000

   SATs this morning! I woke up so early just for the SATs!! Well, one advantage is a valid excused absence from Chinese School. This morning I decided to eat breakfast even with just about no time to eat it, as opposed to what I do everyday for regular school. (Wonder of all wonders!!!)

    The math section of the SATs was ok, but the verbal was a different issue.

    After the testing, I found myself looking for pop (dad) where hoards of people were waiting, only to find B, his bro, and Fartbag (I'm sorry for calling you Fartbag, but I don't know any of your other nicknames and I didn't wanna give out your real name) screaming at me. They screeched about how easy the math section was, and how stupidly insane the verbal section was. Most of the time this happens. Math is easy and ppl did pretty well, but verbal was hell and everyday either bombed (In a negative manner) or screwed it. (Also in a negative manner)

    The old goat supervisor in my room fortunately did not scrutinize about the time limits and stuff too much. I was stuck in a room with Ferra, Epstein, Privy, other ppl, and Emily Hou. I could care less about Privy/Ferra/Epstein but I felt better cuz Emily Hou was there. (Someone to relate to after the SATs, someone to scream at about how bad I/we did on the verbal section) Now. I didn't see Fuzz or Miss Liu there, most likely different rooms, but anyway.

    Hehehe, even the smart guys (ie: Fartbag, B's bro, and B) bombed/screwed the verbal section, so I don't feel too left out. Wut's up with all the Asians saying, "I so screwed on the Verbal!" I hoped it isn't becoming a pattern. Hehe, I can/can't wait until I get my scores back. *Sigh* Moment of truth, moment of life or death, moment of happiness or sadness, of anger or . . . kz, I'll stop now.

    Now that the SATs are overwith, I still have a busy schedule, but at least now I can update my site more often.

    Does anyone in this world besides pop think that ppl who wanna do well on the Verbal section of the SATs should read/analyze/memorize the Dictionary?!?!?!?

    Wow, this whole entry is basically about the SATs. That's kinda (Or very, depending on the kind of person you are) gay, but I can't seem to remember anything else to talk about at the moment so . . .

    Another news headline: My list of nicknames has increased. Now I can be Nitro Girl or Eggplant + the millions of other nicknames I have. Oh man, now I hafta go do homework, after an agonizing day of I won't say.

    This is so damn irrelevant to news but, just for the heck for it, Privy went to the privy once during the exam/test/SATs. It's not supposed to be funny, but I stated that this was so damn irrelevant to news. So. Wut's up with your life?!?!?!?

    Oh btw, I think I'm sick, not that you would actually care, but still.

And yeah, I guess my computer(s) is (are) sick too. Leastly, it looks that way, or is my comp just a good faker?!?

February 9, 2000

   It has been what, almost a month since I updated this site???? Ever since the SATs, school has ruined me. What's up with all the stupid projects and useless things?!? Will I actually learn something that is useful to me?? I really don't think knowing every little detail of Anne Frank's life will help me grow up and succeed and making a million buks!!!

    Even so, I guess I hafta put up with this since most everybody puts up with this kind of stuff. And oh. Do I look like a palm tree to you?

    Anyway, happy Chinese New Year to all those of you who celebrate Chinese New Year. I know I'm what, four five days late, but hey. Be happy I'm wishing (or wished, rather) you a Happy Chinese New Year. Mine was awesome, just for the record. =)

    Nothing much, it's a case of riot, havoc, chaos, et al. as of right now, I have given up hope for everything (including piano) and for now there will be a wave of depression going on in my life. Everybody looks so much PERFECTER from my standpoint. Their life is so much BETTER from my standpoint. **Note that I said "from my standpoint". It does make a difference. From where you're standing, (depending on who you are, genius or dummi or imbetween or whatnot) you might think I'm so much better off than you are, but believe it or not, I'm probably thinking the exact same thing about you. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not.

    Not that I'm unhappy with who I am, just that . . . I dunno. I haven't found myself yet. I think I may seriously be going nuts. (That is such an understatement)

    Hehe, peace to all you who need mental help out there. I didn't update much, but when everything settles down more (Praise the Lord when it does!!!!!!!!) I'll update more often. For now settle down with what you have. I think I may be learning some useful stuff . . . blyrg . . . oh well, somebody's mad at me, I hafta go do laundry.

    It's like they say, six of *something*, half dozen in the other. You know, half dozen equals six, so they all equal out even though it's something very different?

    Do you get it? If you don't don't worry, I didn't really either when my math teacher hammered this adage into my head. (She is SUUUCH a quote-master) I guess you can apply sayings to almost anything. If you'd just use your IMAGINATION and go even more beyond R/E/A/D/I/N/G, anything is possible.

    I sound like a philosopher now? Quote quote ". . . anything is possible." I may possibly be going nuts, or I may possibly just be a little overwhelmed with the evil of teachers, homework, friends, enemies, school, and life altogether. If only I'd use my IMAGINATION (I doubt I have any left by now, I'm almost thirteen, I'm so old, I could die) and IMAGINE that I'm having a GOOD TIME. **Hey maybe it'll work! I'll try it sometime . . . =Þ (Big thank you to SUICIDEGOOSE for lending me that happy face)

    Here's an amazing trick for you to do, engraved in code: *#** !(($# @#&(*(** @#*#((&$( @#(&$(#$&# $(@(  (#()@#)(*$)# #**#&(&(%@(5(&w*(_

    Here's a hint to the trick engraved in code above: USE YOUR IMAGINATION.

Under the sea . . . wahza, is this under the sea or above? *

February 17, 2000

    Ok ok. This entry is not gonna be interesting, just to warn you beforehand. I'm trying to figure out this HTML stuff, previously I used FrontPage to do everything but now something got screwed so I hafta figure this whole PeaPod out in order to keep up with . . . the *sigh* news. So. Not to make this too boring.

    Umm, this HTML is confusing me. This is just a bunch of letters and symbols and stuff, erg, don't be surprised if something got bombed. Oh yea I still hafta change the Top 10 Songs, don't I? (Or did I? I don't remember.) Four day weekend coming up!!!!!! YEEHAAAA!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yea. This is a tidbit late but SAT scores came back to those who took it on January 22! Wowie, I did très, très mal!!!! There is this one dude who got a 1300, and he's only 7th grade, much like me!!! Which only belittles me even more.

    More stuff will get updated soon. (Soon, as in maybe this four day weekend coming up.) Today I got piano lessons (!!!) so I won't be able to get much (if anything) done. Bienvenue à la vie, mon amis.

February 18, 2000

    I am not getting the hang of this!!! Now I hafta *sob* read this through junk and pick out all the codes and analyze all the data and values and trash and words and ideas and fonts and . . . so much more. Why can't the stupid laptop just WORK?!?!?!?

    Did I mention that I'm not getting the hang of this??? Here, I'm gonna try to change the font name and size. If this doesn't work, please find a way to tell me. *Hopefully the e-mail links still work* Okey here goes: TTEESSTTIINNGG.

    Jeez, I hope that thing worked. The size was supposed ta be bigger, the font was supposed to be that Comic Sans MS font, and the color - was supposed to be changed. In response to yesterday's messed up entry, we got SATs back and stuff like that. Oh! I just remembered that I hafta post report card grades up. I'll figure out how to do that in a while too. If only I could find that huit cents page livre!!!! Bye for now.

February 19, 2000

    What can I say? Chinese School. How good can today be? The weather is definitely not being nice to me, I hate gray, dreary days like such. My whole family except me is sick now, everyone except me is acting grumpy and crabby and mean and nasty, probably with good reason. Lunch had no taste to it, since I got yelled at moments before I sat down to eat lunch. That was cuz I forgot to set the table. (Exactly)

    Chinese School was interesting. Besides the fact that I did not pay much attention to the teacher's boring lecture about "...How to compose a well-written and detailed composition...", I discovered several other things.

    1) I forgot to dry clean the traditional Chinese outfit I wore for the school performance on ... the 12th? Yes the 12th. That was boring. So now continue reading and awe yourself. (Or maybe not)

    2) There's an Indian dude in my class, 7th grade in Middle School, knows Chinese pretty well, and got a 1460 on the SATs. And he did better on the verbal section than the math section by 60 points. All you math ppl out there can use this bit of info and solve for X . . . wut he got in verbal, and wut he got in math. Oh wow, and there were a whole bunch of other kiddos who got 1300's, 1400's, et al, but they're all 8th grade or above. I have gone solo. How do you get that smart?!?!? Well, I conversed intelligently w/ that Indian dude, and it turns out that A)His parents spend lots of time with him after school, mostly helping with homework and other educational sum and substance, B)He reads a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot. A lot, as in abundance, prolific, and habitually. No wonder. Is the secret, then, really to spend all your time reading? To have your parents teach you so much stuff that it's more like being home-tutored? Blah!!!

    Oh well, I guess you can't have everything. If you wanna do well on the freakin SATs, most likely you gotta work for the thing. I have another intelligent question. Who in heaven came up with this SAT thing?!?!?!?!? What was he/she/it thinking?!?!? "Hehehe, I'm gonna invent this Standardized Achievement Test and bombard America by burdening the lives of millions of pre-teens and teens!!!!!" Whoa, that is way EVIL. Heheh, there's nothing much to do, I'm so bored I think I'll go - I think I'll go --- I think I'll go voluntarily play piano and do Chinese homework. Wowzie, thas such a FIRST. =)

February 23, 2000

    It's only 10:12 on a Wednesday night. So I'm up updating my site. This is very odd. I was in the middle of doing Science homework (Mini essay type discussion questions, somewut annoying but rather simplistic in nature.) and suddenly had an urge to make myself appear as a zombie tomorrw in school, so I connected to the Net and here I am. The reason I might not be talking/typing my thoughts smoothly would be attributed to my headache. Stuffy nose. Lack of concentration. Constant (Well not constant constant.) coughing. Drooping eyelids. (What do you want from me? I'm no energetic robot!!!!!!) Argh, school requires us all, as students, to rise early and fall late. Fall, as in sleep. Not stumble or something. (Jeez . . . COMMON SENSE!!!!!)

    I find staying up late to be quite amusing. Not that 10 o'clock on a school night is late!!! Nonono, thas not wut I'm saying. Anywayz, I'm gonna experiment and see what'll happen to me tomorrow with a combo of lack of sleep, the initiation of a cold or the flu, (!!!) headaches, etc. Well, at least I'm not totally mad at myself because . . .

    I made the Jelly Roll roll again for the Second Marking Period!!! How freaky/easy/stupid/sensationnel is that. (?) Not only did I get a measly scrap of thin, easily crumpled paper as recognition for the Jelly Roll, I also got two other scraps of thin, easily crumpled paper, filled with spacing and typing errors. (Who types this??? The typist probably but who???) One for français, one for Writing & Research. (I'll never forget that class, that Writing & Research. Caused tons of shito to be burdened upon me. Sux. Big. Time. 'Specially if you tried to do a good job and LIVE UP to your "smart" name.)

    Last note, truly irrelevant to Jelly Rolls and sum and substance like that. Kid Rock's Only God Knows Why is gittin' to me. Now I have a sudden urge ta go buy 't, the CD o' Kid Rock's. Y'all know, Devil Widout a Cause?


February 26, 2000

   {Zzzzzz ... Zzzzzz ...}Argh! I'm fallin asleep again . . . oh, the massive teeth pain. The orthodontist tricked me! He said I'd be done in a few months a few months ago, and now he's saying I still have a whole year to go!!!!!! He said I'd have a whole year to go a whole year ago!!!!! None of this is making sense to me. U?

   Chinese School was not fun. Everyone was sick. Cold, flu, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, and other unknown illnesses!!!! Deity! Even I'm sick. Deity, that is not funny . . . Deity, deity is NOT gay!!!!

   Deity. The next orthodontist appointment was supposed to be April 8th, 2000, but fortunately, I convinced my mom that I didn't wanna spend April 8th, 2000 in New York City dying of teeth pain!!!!!!! Those of you who know why April 8th is so important, good for you. Those who don't . . . DIIIEEEEEEEEE . . . how dare you FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Oh well, I hafta go to dinner now, have a nice day =)

February 28, 2000

   Wooohooo!!!! Small Ensembles is such an awesome lil band!! Heh, this has got to be the niftiest band I've ever joined!! The director, Miss Fedyna, is a really cool teacher. This is not like regular band, where people get screamed at and receive detention for talking when they shouldn't be. Well, if we talked too much, Miss Fedyna would probably shush us, but hey, we aren't that bad!! Btw, I'm only speaking for the girls. The three guys in lessons . . . I dunno about them, they were practicing outside, in the D wing. Heh.

   If you're not in Small Ensembles, even if you're not in Middle School yet, I strongly encourage you to join when you do get a chance. However, if you can't play an instrument, I also strongly suggest that you learn to play something before you join, cuz those who can't play instruments won't be much help to a music band will they?!? Heh. Anyhow, today was one of those better days for me, considering I didn't arrive home boiling and bubbling and in a state of turmoil. The other thing, my parents are not home, nor is my sister, so I have absolute freedom. N64, here I cooooommmeeeeee . . . I don't think N64 sux, if that's your opinion. I won't criticize you for that, but does anyone else think Zelda64 - Ocarina of Time on N64 is an awesome game???? I will never get sick of that game!!!!! I could play it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and . . . . . . . . February 29, 2000

HAPPY LEAP YEAR'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Well, today was a freaky day. Unannounced, the math teacher administered the 7th Grade Annual Math League contest, for me, third period. Oh, did I do unsatisfactory for my standards . . . you know wut pisses me off most? Not the fact that I didn't do as well as I would have liked to but . . .

   Ok, so wonderful, I never have anything positive to say. Ok, so I can't take a joke sometimes. Ok, so I'm not the typical genius girl you'd expect me to be. Does that really make a valid statement about who I am? Who I was? Who I will be? I'll leave you with that thought. Cheerio.

March 1, 2000

   Wahoo!!!! It's March 1 already. I have safely made it three months into the new Millennium . . . time goes really quickly. I can still remember when I got home on New Year's Eve and opened my Christmas presents. Pretty soon, summer'll come. Then I go to eighth grade. (Uh oh . . .) In eighth grade, I get to take this high school test thing which places you in a suitable high school around this time of year. The reason I'm going UH OH is because . . . um, I have no good reason. Has anyone noticed that I do NOT have high self esteem??? Besides Privy MM, who still thinks I have high self esteem. Like, psssh, that's only when I get 100s on French tests. And all I do is peel off the sticker. Then Privy MM screams in my face, "You have HIGH SELF ESTEEM!!!!!!! (Pointing his finger at me accusingly)"

   The only thing I have left to say that does not withold a negative connotation is this: I just realized how YUMMI Jelly Donuts are!!!!!!! My goodness, whoever would've thought that Dunkin' Donuts Jelly Munchkins would hit it BIG wid a Strawberri like me?!?!?!? Heh!!!!! . . . I must be so piqued that I'm going nuts. Tomorrow's a whole new day . . . =)

March 3, 2000


   YES YES YES YES THIS IS SO AWESOME THAT IT CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! OMG, I can't believe I got deux place out of all the freakin' seventh graders!!!! Trailing one point behind the prestigiously intelligent Lemonberri, I improvedfive points from last year!!!!! (Yea, ONLY five.)Whoa, you have NOOOO idea how happy I am. Most ppl wouldn't give a @#(* about placing deux, but this means that I secured a reservation for me at the stupid Place!!!!! Once again, I can hang out and be happy at that place while they hand out more paper to my friends than me . . . but I DON'T CARE!!!!!! 'S long as I made it . . . HEHE!!! I could've sworn I was gonna cry when the math teacher announced it third period today . . . I could've sworn my heart was gonna jump out of my ribcage when the math teacher proceeded to say,"Mrs. Wilson would like to acknowledge those who scored particularly low, and there was one such rabbit in our class that made it . . ." Awww, shito, maybe I'm a failure after all!!!!! Ok ok, if you think I'm getting over-reactive, just, PLEASE, try to UNDERSTAND the position I am in! After months of being repressed by everyone who knows I'm not stupid, they finally shut up today!!!! Today wuz like, the BESTEST day of me life!!!!! =)

March 4, 2000

   ARRGGHHHHH . . . I spent practically the whole day updating my site!!! I must care about it a lot . . . I've been updating it since around noon, and now it's almost 6 PM!!!!! Oh JEEZ. Well, at least I updated a lot. (I think!!!) I once again figured out how confusing HTML can be when you have five HTML files in the process of being edited open on your Desktop, along with an AIM window, a word processing document, your own site, a separate MIDI player, and a million MIDI files needing to be renamed!!!!! If I hadn't forgotten the ".mid" after those MIDI file names, it would've saved a lot of trouble. I encourage those of you who are working on your sites at this moment or will be in the near future to ALWAYS check your code before saving lots of files, especially lots of separate files.

   Well, I added lots of new MIDIs, and I'm in the process of adding more. I updated Dear Diary, killed something on my main page, subsequently recording the changes in the Wut's New section. The Ten Commandments of a Teen thing was the thing that got killed on my main page. (I added the Multiple Kandi pic and by accident deleted the Ten Commandments by mistake. Ooops.) Fortunately, I had another copy of the thing, and so I'll post it somewhere on another day. Hehe, I'm more tired than I thought. Chinese School was not as interesting as last week, mostly because even more ppl were sick, acting grumpy or not talking normally, if at all, and other stuff to be complained about. Maybe a few cans of Coke would help . . . hold on, lemme barge my way into the pantry and see if there's any Coke left.

   Zut alors!!!! No Coke left!!!! BARK, BARK BARK!!!! LOL, I dunno what that was. Probably a rarely shown version of me when I'm frustrated, tired, yet awake at the same time. Oh well, guess I'll find a way to deal with it sooner or later . . . BTW . . . I'm thinking about adding a separate page or pages with stuff on Zelda - Ocarina of Time. I tried to do this whole Visual Basic 6.0 thing with Zelda - Ocarina of Time over the summer of 1999, but I wasn't interested enough, screwed, then gave up & quit when school began. (It hasn't ended yet. Dammit ....)

   So now, I'm probably gonna do something with it on my site. Probably will add a summary thing, character info, pictures, stuff, and more stuff. I dunno yet. I hafta make an outline first, and see if this will work or if Tripod will run out of space for me. Ha. Then, I'll retreat to another site building place. And link stuff together . . . oh, JOYYYYY, I have skills, pure SKILLS I tell U!!!!!!!! (I also need some sleep and time away from this addictive computer.) This is all making sense now . . . oh yuppz yuppz YUPPPPPPZ I already have some Zelda MIDI on my MIDI page. Rite now, you can only access it thru the main page, but laterz, I'll have it on the left bar thing. I doubt it's a frame, so I'll allude to it as the "Left bar thing" from now on, that is, if you don't mind. (Why would you?) (And you won't. 'Tis a command. Hehe.) Oh, now it's 6 PM, I hafta do work now. Yes, I know, it sucks to be me. (Not all the time though, so HA.) I'll try to update tomorrow, time permitting, of course.

   Plz don't be appalled by my abnormal behavior today, you gotta understand how it's like to be sitting here in your room updating your site for six hrs at a time on a nice, sunny, pleasant Saturday!!! Bye, have a nice weekend!

March 5, 2000

   Sorry, can't talk for long today. Already ditched church to update site and do HW at home, so now a pang of guilt is washing over me. Um, the first biggie was that I re-posted the Ten Commandments of a Teen thingamajig, it's now linked under the M&M pic on the main page, or that unidentifiable greenish blob thingie. Do not ASK me why I picked this, I merely uploaded the nearest picture I could find installed on my computer. Why it's installed there in the first place, I dunno, and I don't think I will wanna find out in the near future. (Unless requested. *Groan*)

   I'm thinking about dividing the Dear Diary 2000 section into monthly pages since I had no idea I would type this much. But if I do, it probably won't be today, will it? You can check. And I think I added some more MIDI and Muzik in my Muzik & MIDI Stuff section, which IS linked by that M&M picture on my main page. Argh, from now on, I won't keep on repeating where everything is. I think it's time that you can discover things by yourself, heh. Oh man, I really wanna go outside and just jump around, I can't stand being cooped up on such a nice day anymore!!! I guess I'll be going now, bye.

March 6, 2000

   Lalalala Lalala . . . kz, I am finished! Well, I wasted today just like any other day, I think I am getting addicted to the Net . . . NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Note that today is the Sixth of March!!!!! Somebody's birthday today!!!!! ***If U really wanna know who this girl is, you can check out my RU A Friend page . . . it's got her name on the chart thing!!! Heh heh. OK, it's TeddiBerri's birthday AUJOURD'HUI!!! TeddiBerri, the cute (Not my opinion) lil sister of Lemonberri is turning either 8 or 9 yrs old . . . I'm guessing 9, but I'm not sure, so blyeck!!!!! Anyway, I don't feel like updating stuff today, so be HAPPI w/ wut you got here!!! And plz, SOMEBODY sign my GUESTBOOK!!!!! I'm striving for 100 entries. Hehe, maybe it's possible, maybe it's not, if you sign the guestbook, you might find out!!!

March 9, 2000

   YEAA!!! Oh well, it's only Thursday. Today there was a Pep Rally, which meant that most of sixth period and all of seventh was cut out!!! Furthermore, the GEPA's that 8th graders take this week have screwed up everybody's schedule, meaning the regular 6th & 7th period are now the 7th & 8th period!! Haha, in sixth period (Social Studies - GALLO) there was a sub (Mrs. Israel .... HEHEHEHE!!!!!!) and nobody listened to her, so it was basically chaos. Bla bla . . . the Pep Rally wasn't especially interesting, and it was hot and muggy and crowded and UNCOMFORTABLE all at the same time, but as I always say, we miss class, so BAH!!!!! BTW, Jazz Band rules again!!! I doubt too many ppl were paying attention to them, but nonetheless, they were really awesome . . . AS USUAL!!!!


   I think I have added a new link called Zelda Gallery on the main page. Hmm, it's only on the main page so far, some other day I'll change the HTML on the other pages. Fine fine FINE I know I should have used frames, but too late now!!!! Or is it. Hehe, wutevA. If you have any comments or suggestions or similar issues, consult moi. (Rather, my e-mail. You'll find it somewhere on the main page and on every page. Go figure.) And also: YOU GUYS G2 SIGN MY G-BOOK!!!! IT'S GETTIN' LONELY APLENTY. Bye, I have piano lessons and big projects to start.

March 11, 2000

   It's 6:22 PM, my mom is screaming at me to go downstairs and eat dinner, my sister is bugging my mom to death, and my dad . . . who in (@*#&$(*#&$(@* knows where he is right now, probably sleeping. I have a Science Symposium Progress Report due this Tuesday, I haven't started, and wut's worse, I can't even find the right material to carry out the experiments essential to the composition of my Progress Report. A Language/Arts Report due on Wednesday, requiring me to analyze the similarities and lives of Felix Mendelssohn and W. A. Mozart, and I don't even have any books on them. As such, my life feels like it is about to end, this crud is interfering with the other subjects in my life, and to put it bluntly and with brevity, I am screwed.

   I feel like bashing someone in the head . . . .

March 13, 2000

   HAHA, so I made it home today from Small Ensembles. Hehe, MAN!!!! The busdriver is so slow. As always, mostly anything after school that has to do with music is a big FAVE of mine, (I really luv musik, in case you haven't noticed?) so I didn't mind. Waaahh ... I haven't had dinner yet. (It's 8:11 PM rite now, according to the computer clock, which I suppose is still functioning correctly.) One thing worth mentioning today. Actually, one thing is all I have time to mention. At lunchtime, I got to run up from the first floor to the third with my bag, binders, lunch & all, only to enter, who other than, MRS. GALLO'S room!!!! For some queer reason, I decided to try out for the Nationals in NHD. (Go figure.) I did NOT die of torturous reasons the night before this thing was due only to throw it out, so I'm trying for the Nationals. NO DOUBT that I will NOT make it, but hey, I get to miss Chinese School again!!!! However, my parents or somebody has to drive me to some place in New Jersey, faraway, on April 29th 2000, which happens to be a Saturday. Lalala . . . uh oh, I just realized that my parents would find out that I went to the Nationals . . . and if I don't make it . . . ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The pain I put myself through . . .

   Ok, so for those of you who are up-to-date on my schedule, there's a Science Symposium Progress Report due tomorrow, I have just finished it!!!! YEAAAAHH!!!!! GIRL POWER . . . kz, that's enuf. I'm so tired I could just hop (Yes, HOP.) into my bed right next to me (The computer is next to the BED . . . make any sense???? Heheh.) and fall asleep. I know that can't happen or else I'll be in big trouble, so I'm listening to Britney Spear's Baby One More Time on her single. Ooo the downbeat is sooo keeping me awake . . . BANG BANG BANG . . . BANG BANG BANG . . . maybe next time I'll get some sledgehammer music and blast it in my ears, see if that works betta. Anyway, I still have a big L/A report to start, due on Wednesday, so I'm gonna hafta read some books now on Mozart & Mendelssohn. (Two famous composers.) I really really REALLY shouldn't be on the Internet when I still have tons of work to do but I thought it might be, um, THOUGHTFUL to write something before I blow up, never to return. (Eww, nasty nasty!!!) Hehehe, wish me luck!!! Course, unless you are malevolent and cruel and inhuman . . . ;)

March 15, 2000

   Did not get to update Dear Diary yesterday, sorrie. My damn (Oops bad choice of descriptive wording) schedule was jammed pack, I blame most of it on Language Arts, which I am totally crazed over because my classmates have ALREADY picked out lil nitty-gritty details that I did wrong. Wrong format, wrong zip code, wrong this, wrong that, etc. So. I'm expecting at least a D+ for my HARD WORK. (Yea right, I started and finished the same night, the night before the thing was due. Go me.)

   Since that is nothing to be proud of in my opinion, I won't even talk about it anymore. Thinking 'bout it makes me mad, not to mention writing about it. Oh well, very pwetti day today, won't you agree?? Hehe. Oh, if you're going to CTY, e-mail me and tell me which session and destination you're probably gonna go to, kz? Thx a bunch guys!! (There's a separate link for E-Mail on the left side bar at the very top.) If you haven't signed my guestbook, I hope you don't mind signing in, it only takes a few minutes at max!!! (At least it should, unless you're crazy like that LEMONBERRI and type in whole stories like she does . . . HEHEHE I'm only j/k Lemonberri, I know you know, o' course.) If you've signed it then . . . plz sign it again!!!

   I am developing serious mental problems over this certain person, I must get rid of them before this disease gets the best of me . . . tomorrow is the last day of this week!! Not much homework today, at least it seems that way because stupid Language work is gone!!! Handed in the report today . . . oh I forgot, I'm not supposed to talk about it for my own sake. (And your safety.) And did I say something about being happy for B when he made the Mathcounts team??? I read over this thing, and I don't see where I indicated that I'm actually happy for him. (Ahem ahem - BLUEBERRY, you know who you are!!! LOL) So thus, you can't taunt me about that!!!!!

   Gotta go for now, I'm planning on cramming in all my junk work today, finishing up my unfinished businesses in piano tomorrow, then spending the whole day sulking at home on Friday, St. Patrick's Day (GWEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!! I meant green. And I'm OK.) since it's supposed to rain or sumpin' similar. Bucky beavers . . . . bye!!!!

March 16, 2000

   Day before St. Patrick's Day, last day of school before the three-day long weekend!!! There's nobody to talk to, nobody to fume my anger to. Today in Math Club, we took the LAST Continental Math League, and it was so seriously depressing for me that I won't even talk about it. All I'm hoping is that everyone else didn't get first place even though that's evil and too much to ask, but truly, if everyone else gets first place, I would lose my marbles and cry hysterically when the results came out. Why is it almost every time I come home from Math Club and just bombed a contest that I feel so terrible inside? I mean, is this yet another indication that I hold too high of an expectation for myself, or is it just that I want me to do well? I dunno. Any insight toward this, you can talk to me about it, though I don't guarantee I will take it well. =)

   Ewww . . . it's so gloomy!!! I can't remember if there's any homework, so I won't do any. There's piano lessons today, and I haven't practiced in the longest time. Furthermore, I failed to convince this one person to go to Lancaster 2nd Session for CTY, so now everything sucks and is ruined for me. For some reason, this reminds me of one of Arbai's short-sleeved shirts with the print, "My Life's In Ruins." Somebody has gotta convince me that I don't hafta be the star in math to succeed in life . . . first off, somebody tell me the point of life. Hey, maybe we can connect this to math, and the answer would be "Undefined" (Null set . . . HEHEHE!!!!) Hmmm. Of course I should not consider myself stupid straight out because I know I'm not, but compared to those good ones out there, yep, I'm stupid alright. Hey, for now, I'll just listen to some music and try to calm down, by tomorrow I'll probably forget.

   I know there are ALWAYS those of you out there who feel just like or similar to what I feel right now, word of advice to you that I can't seem to apply to myself. EVERYBODY HAS THEIR WEAK AND STRONG POINTS, SO DON'T QUIT ON IT IF YOUR FRIEND CAN MAKE ALL THE MATH COMPETITIONS AND YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides of which, if you were good at everything, life wouldn't be perfect, it would be nasty, actually. Course, I've never been there before, so I dunno, but I'm making an educated guess. First off, the issue of jealousy would be brought up. Second off, a lot of ppl find that when they are good at something, many times they forget to be modest (Either purposely or unintentionally) and act selfish and conceited and such things. Third, no one has proved that life revolves your Middle School math competition (Or so such thing that you're sulking over, for me, it's math.) results, so just chill and enjoy the peace while you can.

   Oops, I gotta go, muh dad is coming and obviously wants to occupy the computer (for some unreasonable reason no doubt) so I hafta leave. I hope I can write back tomorrow. Don't worry about me, I'll figure out in a few hours or days or overnight that everything is alright and I don't hafta die just because I bombed a math contest. ¿Won't you agree? **Peace**

March 17, 2000

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

   Well well, what do you know, it's St. Patrick's Day again!!!! If you're wondering, no, I'm not Irish or anything, but I decided sometime that no matter what holiday it is that's celebrated & recognized by almost everybody, I'd put it here. Oh man, March already?! Pretty soon the lil buds and leaves and green stuff =) will be popping out and summer's gonna be here!!! Whoa, awesome. It's a little after 6 PM rite now, and I'm surprised the sky has any color to it besides gray and white and cloudy (Hey, cloudy is not a color, is it??) (Why am I asking you??), like it was this whole day practically. At one point in time today, I even thought it was snowing, but I guess it all melted upon reaching the ground since I see no white outside. Gween cookies, cakes, yumm . . .

   Yuppz, I purposely made this font color green, and I wonder why I did?? Hmm . . . anybody like I Turn To You by the one and only Christina Aguilera? It is such an awesome song!! Though turning to some guy in times of need might not turn out pleasant at all times, it's probably worth a try. (I've never tried it, probably never will, hehehe.) Woohoo!!! I could've spent the whole day online and updating my site, but I didn't. I spent most of it watching videos, however, I wasn't really paying particular attention since the video was kinda boring, so I booted in an interesting book and started reading it. YEA, I can read!!!

   My piano teacher is very funny. I will tell you about her later, maybe tomorrow? I dunno, sometime before April, and that's all I can definitely state for now. Do you play piano, and if so, is there an audition arranged for you this April 2nd - some Princeton thing??? Plz tell me!!! I'm auditioning at around 2 PM, so if anybody has an audition time around then, I'd really like ta know!!! (What don't I wanna know?) (OK I do NOT want an answer to that.)

   YAY YAY YAY YAY I get to do Chinese homework now!!! JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY JOY PURE JOYOUS ECSTASY!!!! Did you know that Ecstasy is a name of a drug?? I didn't know that beforehand, somebody told me when I was going crazi one day and people were asking me "Are you on drugs?" True to my nature, I said yes, and started naming them all. So this person comes up to me and says, "Ecstasy" and at first I thought Ecstasy as in exhilaration? but no, it turned out to be some drug that makes you hyper. HAHA well, figures. Bye bye, have plenty of work and chores I neglected to do today.

March 18, 2000

   Pwetti!!! Yucki, Chinese School wasn't very interesting, but hey, it's so nice out!!! Except for the fact that I can't go and enjoy this pwettiness, I feel awesome!!! I updated little itty-bitty details of this site, I think the changes are more visible on the home page than anything. (I killed the two annoying pics, the Kandi & the GreenGoop thing.) So now, most pages have links to the Zelda Gallery, the Musik page, and the Commandments page. No time for more updating, I'll see what I can do next weekend. =(


March 21, 2000

   Of all the days to be dull, damp, and dreary, today has got to be one of those times!!! Sure, I've got plenty of work (I only got home about twenty minutes ago) to do, plus I gotta dig out 7 or 8 bucks for a friend cause I stole her gym shorts. =)

   (AquaG, sound familiar?! Heheh!) Well, tests and projects scheduled this week, mostly LANGUAGE. (As usual ... shito!!!) Ah well, that's another project due this week I haven't started yet. Ewww!!!!! Tomorrow is a C-Day, meaning Junior Engineering!!!! Eww eww eww . . . Lemonberri you know wut I'm talking bout, rite? Good . . . hey, and B doesn't hate you!!! (Talking to Lemonberri here.) B never said he hated you, he never said he didn't hate you, he didn't say ANYTHING, so chill and quit screaming that you don't care, even if you really don't!!!!!! Oh well, Lemonberri, you'll just get mad at me for saying this, jeez, why do I even bother to try and tell you. (Hmmmm. Cause I'm hoping you'll listen for once!!!) I won't be able to update for awhile, and if I do, no big changes. Language is really drowning me. Does anyone else think that practically memorizing Agatha Christie's mystery book And Then There Were None will convince MIT or Harvard or Yale or Princeton or Stanford or some Ivy League school to pick you?!?!? AGGGHH!!! No, I'm not saying it's a terrible book or something, personally I think it's a pretty cool book, but it sure is causing me lots of trouble. (O that's so FUNNI.)


March 22, 2000

   Agghhh!! My own voice is scaring me now. I screwed up the answering machine today while listening to the message, deleting every single message, even the important one that dad was supposed to hear. (I didn't even take notes on that one . . . oooops, let's just hope he doesn't find out.) Anyway, I found the recording button (finally!!) and started recording for some reason . . . don't ask. Mostly, I was imitating other people, but when I replayed those messages, it sounded so horrible I just HAD to hear what my real voice sounds like. Dangggg!!!!!!! I sound like an anthill!!! Well fine, the ant, since anthills don't talk. (Right?) MAN!!! How do you guys manage to live with someone with a voice like me?!?!?!? Hmm . . . and how come my voice doesn't sound the same when I hear it with my own ears???? It sounds otherwise FINE to me when I hear myself talk, but sounds terrible on a recording machine, which is supposed to give a pretty much accurate clip of what your voice sounds like. Mine happens to portray an ant's . . . jeez, now I'm reduced to insulting ants . . . also, B does NOT like me, for those who think so. I mean, you're very much entitled to your own opinion, however, how can he like me with a voice like mine?!?!? It would be like he's talking to an ant!!!! I'd scare off any guy with a voice like mine. =)

*In reality, I'm hoping it's just the recording machine, not my voice. Hehehe.

March 23, 2000

   Awwwggghhhh ... it's almost midnight and I still have to do all my homework ... spent my entire day (From the time I got home) starting & finishing my L/A Journal which is due tomorrow, had a big interruption by going to piano lessons and lived through the hour lesson, where the teacher talked on the phone and slept more than she paid attention to what I was playing. (Good) So now I have a finished L/A report, and I can't find the stapler. (Deemmit!!) I have homework in more than three subjects, and another subject's homework that I have to do tomorrow at lunch. I'm really tired especially after banging around the piano during the piano lesson, (Really long song, requiring lots of strength, which I did not quite have today when I got home) and did I mention it's almost midnight? Errgghh do not be surprised if I ruin everyone's day tomorrow by acting miserable and zombie-ish or something. *yawn* I can't bring myself to stop typing this entry . . . ok, G'nite . . . wait no I hafta do homework!!!!!! NOOOOOO.........

March 24, 2000

   YEAH!!!!!!! He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not . . . HAHAHAHAHA!!!! . . . Whoa, am I going crazy or what.

   Hehe, don't even bother guessing who this is I'm talking about, if you know you know, if you don't you don't, it's one way or the other. I already said too much today on AIM, so I won't say anything here - it's so beautiful out today!!! I gotta go do something fun outside, I probably won't update much today, maybe tomorrow? Dunno!!!! And there izza birthday announcement coming up . . . .


March 26, 2000

   Coooool, my friends are so awesome!!! Thanks you guys who dropped by on AIM and e-mail today, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Anyway, just to say that I really appreciate wut you said, even though you might think it means nothing, it actually means a whole LOT to me. You guys are the best!!!

   I know ZeroIQ got a dedication for his BDay on the main page, but I forgot to put it on this page because I didn't know it at the time, (I only found out like, yesterday, from his bro!!!) so here it is . . .


   Now that March is well under way, and Miss Liu's birthday (As well as Jeff's) is coming up SHORTLY, (as in TOMORROW) spring is definitely coming, which means lots and lots of birthdays from lots and lots of my friends!!!! I always have tons of fun this time of year, heh heh. Oh, g2g now, still have work to do . . . planning a birthday bash for Blueberry by bombarding her locker and decorating the crud outta it with some friends . . . =) I hope it goes well!!!

March 28, 2000

   Under the constrained amount of time I have to write here, I gotta tell you about some stuff I updated. If you've noticed, which you should have, I got a cursor for my main page, and only my main page so far . . . SURPRISE SURPRISE, it's a strawberry. Well, school is OK, I guess it could be better but I've seen worse . . . BIG piano audition this Sunday, have not practiced in ages. Privy WET is causing me a heartbreak, so I'll ditch him and leave him out of the picture for awhile. Ah, no more time for details, I'll just leave it at that and let you PONDER about the ending . . . if there is one that is.

March 30, 2000

   Hmm . . . hey, why is committing suicide looked down upon in this world, least that I know of? Oh well. Committing suicide does not seem very smart at the moment, though deemed necessary by a girl with a nickname of Strawberri . . . bah, go figure.

   Yay, I suck at math!!! This is cool because all my other friends rule at math, and since I'm the only sucky one . . . eh . . . hehehe. Ok, wuteva. Oh yea, Language Arts class is so pissing me off because my grades are typically unfair and inaccurate. I get a zero for a test grade I think cuz my parents didn't have time to bring me to the public library yesterday and let me check out a few required books, so today I get blamed, receive a zero, and still hafta make up the damned work. Life is totally unfair, I tell you.

   I am way pissed at myself. (Don't ask) I think following your heart is wrong. (At the moment) And guys are not worth it. (Also at the moment AND under the circumstances I have been given.) They'll only cause you pain and put you in a position where you can't move on, but can't back up either. Oh, so this is my problem. Ha, no wonder my academics are falling so drastically without me being hooked on drugs or anything. (Like I would do that.) (NO, I wouldn't.)

   Hey, I still got piano running for me. If it isn't still running for me, then I will surely lose it and become a crazy lunatic who runs around and complains about how stupid she is . . . . . . whoooops, hafta do HOMEWORK (The root of all evil - ALMOST.) and figure out how I improvise my piano lesson tonight. =)

   I believe I (am gonna) update(d) some stuff in MMS, the Language Arts section, but I'm not 100% positive because I'm writing this before I'm updating anything else. Hehe, smart, eh?

April 1, 2000

April Fool's!!!

   Hehe, I can't believe it's April already. I still remember April of last year, and without even knowing it, just about a year has passed. Gee, I guess I kinda lost track of time somewhere along the way. (Only SOME time, no biggie, eh?) Ah well, for those of you who don't know,

April is my month!!!!

   Won't you agree? In any case, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then just forget it, because I am sick and tired of reminding people. Hey, I wonder if my parents will forget!!! Being so busy and infatuated with their own little schedules and events and appointments and stuff, I truly wonder if they will forget the time when the time comes. LOL, that would suck. (Really.)

   Aggh, the Chinese Midterm was sucky! It wasn't too hard because I didn't do too terrible, but since I didn't study adequately, I didn't know some of the words. And since the teacher does not review most of the test's content, I had no idea what to study for. Yay. Whoopeee . . . oh err, gotta practice piano now, God knows how terribly I'll do tomorrow on the Princeton audition. I mean, it's not like I suck or anything, but if luck doesn't come my way and I screw up the two pieces, then bah, I lost my chance. Which means I gotta practice extra hard today. This leads to the conclusion that in order to practice piano downstairs, I cannot sit here and type stuff upstairs. So. Git it? GOOD, I knew you would! ;)

   And is it just me, or is making every other letter a different color (And at times, different fonts) a painstaking process?! Refer to earlier on in this entry to see what "every other letter is a different color/font" is. If I were still using FrontPage on the laptop, it would be soo much easier, but no, those days are over. Gone, past, dead. Obsolete. Bye bye.

April 2, 2000

   YAY, I'm so glad the piano audition is over. Now that the year has started with the Princeton audition, it will be followed up by another TV audition thing at the end of this month, another 2 auditions (or so) in May, and a Carnegie Hall test in June.

   I think I did pretty well on the audition, my platforms didn't slip off the pedal . . . =) . . . and I didn't screw up at all. I played some Rachmaninoff song as my main piece, and a little 2-page accompaniment - Preludio by Bach. (I forgot which one.)

   I didn't expect to see anyone I actually knew there, except for some of my piano teacher's students and my piano teacher herself since people like Fuzzy and B all auditioned in the morning today. But, BLA, I saw someone I did NOT expect to SEE --- Tofu!!

   Not only did I SEE Tofu there, something else occurred, totally out of the ordinary. He also was to audition for Judge #6, and if that weren't enough, he was RIGHT BEHIND ME in line. Meaning he gets to listen to me play when I audition. And I don't get to listen to his songs when he auditions because I'll have been done by then. According to a recent e-mail from Tofu, he appears to be extremely freaked out, doubting that he saw me there . . . Hehe, what other girl would call him Tofu?

   I'm totally glad that I didn't mess up. Especially because my piano teacher was pissed at one of her better students, who didn't do so well. (My teacher helped out with . . . something, so she got the privilege to steal glances at her students' outcomes.) And Tofu, you weren't the only one who was freaked out. (I hope you didn't mess up because of what happened!) I was so surprised at your unexpected arrival right behind me in line for Judge 6 that I almost messed up my Rachmaninoff piece, which, if I had screwed up on, would've ended my life and gotten me an Honorable Mention or Fair. (By the way, those are considered not-so-great outcomes.)

   Ah well, I guess I'm just glad that it's over. Now I gotta focus my concentration on the schoolwork that's due tomorrow and this week. Hey, it's almost Fourth Marking Period . . . whaddaya know!!! Iggaroo, the only thing I'm concerned about is my hair. 'Cause of the hair-do I wore today to the audition, my hair is now all curly. Haha, as if fluffily thick (Or puffy, as my friends call it) hair weren't bad enough, now it's gotta be curly. Heh, I had better sleep it out tonight . . . kz gotta go, I'll write back later, as I always do.

April 3, 2000

   Warning: Short entry today.

   There is news that I fell for B in my grade. Mostly because of what my friends are saying and passing around to each other and confirming with each other. So bla. If I fall for B for a few months, that's my problem. Besides, I know my limits, so if you want B for yourself and can't bear seeing him talk to any other girl besides whoever you are, you can just tell me, and I promise I won't "steal" him from you. All you hafta do is ask. **This isn't directed to anybody in general, as I said, this is directed to "Whoever you are." And yes, you may have noticed that I'm getting a little edgy on this subject. I'm avoiding any extreme words, you should be glad I am.

   A few days late, but no big deal. Our grade-7 6th period Social Studies Seminar class placed second in the state in Law Adventure Day! WOOHOOO . . . GO CLASS!!!!!! We get to perform somewhere sometime in May (Early May, I believe) and we're missing some school, so it's fine with me. Just wanted to say Congrats to all of you in my 6th period Social Studies class, and that there's always next year for those who tried but didn't make it this time.

   IOWA testing starts tomorrow, I'll try my best to wake up a few minutes earlier and eat more breakfast. For quite a few months now, I haven't bothered to gobble down any breakfast before the bus came, and today was an exception because the bus came about half an hour late. Even so, I only drank some orange juice, heheh. So good luck to those who aren't even IN 7th grade yet who are talking IOWAs this week. And good luck to those who are just . . . taking it in general. I think it's relatively important to 6th graders, your entry in Middle School is impacted by it a LOT. I think . . . YESSS Spring Recess is only about two weeks away!!! I'm gonna use that time to sit home and ponder about everything that has happened. Fine, it sounds dorky or whatever but hey, ya gotta do wut you gotta do. And there is NO malevolence or ickiness behind those words. Just insightful thoughtfulness. (Hehe)

   Oh, yea, I know I put that this was a SHORT entry, but I guess I get carried away every time and end up writing a little more than SHORT entries. And I certainly hope you enjoy (Or if not quite enjoy, NOT DESPISE then) reading it, LOL. Agghhh piano calls for more practicing, I'm pretty happy I did well, but there's a downside to it. (The downside is not very meaningful and shouldn't even BE a reason, but it is.) I can't tell you what it is, I have enough rumors going around having to do with me and B that I don't need another one down the grapevine. OK, have fun with the rest of your year!!! Be sure you're extra nice to your friends cause I didn't treat them that special this year (I think) so they ended up passing rumors about me . . . AHEM AHEM . . .

   HEHEHEH . . . J/K!!!!!!!

April 4, 2000

   IOWAs are so easy now that I have SAT experience flowing through me. Today we tested on the subjects of Social Studies, Science, Maps and Diagrams, and Reference Materials, not necessarily in that order. Social Studies was OK, mostly because a lot of the stuff on there we learned this year in Social Studies class, and is still fresh in my memory. (Yay!!!) Science was on the same level as Social Studies, except for the fact that some questions I did not understand. But I think I did pretty well overall. Maps and Diagrams and Reference Materials are two stupid tests that I usually do poorly on, but think is pretty easy. So, hehehe, I dunno if I am able to get a very high score on those two tests. Wuteva, especially since I didn't get lots of sleep anyway. My sister woke me up sometime late in the night, pounced on the bed, and that was the end of my sleep. Of course, I fell asleep later but had horrible dreams. (Due to . . . go figure.)

   I don't know how to put this nicely, but I'd like to request something from those of you who are taunting me about the B issue. I'd like to get the point across that however you feel about him, however hopeless you think I am, whatever crud you're imagining right now, I would like to ask you to not tell me about it. Because I know better than to stagger after you and lecture you about the guy/girl you might appear to have some interest in. And I know very well how to take care of myself; if you don't share this opinion, then it appears it is your problem, not mine, and there's no need for me to know about it. Sorry if I seem really mean, but I feel like I'm being treated like a little kid, and I don't like that feeling, especially not THIS WEEK. Kz? Thanks for listening to me *whimper* (hehe Tofu) screech about this, and I'd seriously appreciate if you didn't talk to me about this entry, if you'd just keep it inside of you and know that I put this here for you to read. You guys know who you are. =0

April 6, 2000

   Ahhh, good ol' sunny Thursday. The last day of IOWAs. Piano lessons. (eww) I guess the 6th graders are taking COGATs this week, IOWAs next week . . . heheh, I remember last year during this testing period . . . it was absolutely NETHERWORLDISH because of all the pressure and stuff. But hey, I ended up in pretty good classes in Middle School, so all U 6th graders who are reading this, don't worry about it. Just do your best and you'll get the results.

   Two Days Until A Good Friend's B-DAY!!!! This friend was always there for me when I got ditched by my other (so-called) friends back in late Elementary School, (4th, 5th, 6th grades) is always willing to listen to me complain, and will never EVER get tired of me. And her 13th birthday is this 8th. Although everyone may forget this friend's birthday and just let it pass, I know I won't forget - I won't ever forget it, unlike what a lot of people do to me, 'cause I know how horrible it feels. :(

   Heheh, if you're in a good mood and I've kinda brought you down into da DITCHES, I apologize deeply!!! ;) Well now, I kinda hafta do the rest of my homework now (They give homework during the IOWAs, dammit!) and then take out some time to play piano since I have piano lessons today. And don't think that just because a really big piano audition is over now that I can get away with not practicing. 'Cuz once the Princeton audition is overwith, lots more come up. And they just increase EACH YEAR as my piano teacher discovers more and more (meaningless) auditions and things for me to waste my time on. If things continue like this, I'll only have a few years left to live -- HA! {I'm kidding, for those of U who take me WAY 2 seriously.}

April 7, 2000


   You know that really good friend of mine whos B-Day is tomorrow? Who, out of all the ppl in this world, could it be . . .

   It's ME!!!! Heheh . . . wut were you THINKING?!?!? LOL, wutever you were thinking, I forgive you, 'cause I didn't expect many people to remember that my birthday was this Saturday. Things turned out quite different . . . I know it's been pretty long since I told the day's events, but since it's a Friday, Birthday Eve, I'll take the time to update you.

   It started out in the morning, at the locker area before homeroom. My faithful friends who have GOOD memory were bombarding my locker with decorations and stuff. It looked awesome, except I would NOT like to discuss what happened to the locker decorations afterwards . . .

   I got lotsa very cute prezents!!! An awesome Polo bag from Blueberry, a necklace & two CDs - M2M and Vitamin C - from Lemonberri, Mandy Moore's So Real from Peach, 2 very cute bracelets (Tiffany? Dunno) from AppleBerri, a red thingamabob from my sis KiwiBerri, a little origami autographed by the ONE and ONLY Fuzzy Yen, a box of fresh mint Tic-Tac's, courtesy of OrangeGurl, $$2.00 in cash from Kathy, (Heheh!!) innumerable cards - some neat and enveloped in envelopes, some not - many promises to bring my prezent on Monday, and TONS of "Happy Birthday"s. Hehehe, you guys already did more than I expected!!!

   Awww, I'm so touched!!! You guys are DEFINITELY DA BEST!!!!!!! I will make sure I NEVER, EVER, FORGET U ALL!!!!!! LOL, I never thought the 13th one would be da bomb!!! I LUV YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! (You guys know wut I mean by that . . . haha, at the least, you better!)

April 8, 2000

I'm oFfIcIaLlY 13 YrS oLd!!!

   I turned thirteen at 8:48 AM this morning, and I slept right through it. =) Later, I had to wake up for Chinese School, which I guess was OK because everyone was nice. I wonder how they found out it was my B-Day unless they remember from last year - LoL!! - The weather forecasts all said it was going to rain today --- but no, it's AWESOME out!!!! Hehe, the birthday cake hasn't made its way home yet, and I doubt it will today, but I don't really care. I got the Destiny's Child CD - The Writing's On the Wall - from Steve the "Palm Tree" . . . heheh!!!!!! Anyway, I really wanna thank him because he is just so thoughtful. He stuck my present in the mailbox, then emailed me and told me to get it 'cause he had to go somewhere. Along with the CD, there was also a one page letter (Equivalent to the card), a waddle of unused tissues, (Equivalent to the wrapping paper-HAHA-I know wut you're thinking!!) and a $20 bill in case I wanted to get the Limp Bizkit CD, which he failed to acquire, and came home from the mall *huffing* every inch of the way. (I think)

   Have you EVER met a guy like him?! Man, Palm Tree, you are totally BeYoNd WoRdS!!!!!!

   Well, it's really warm upstairs right now and I don't feel like updating (sorri) or doing any work (YEA!!) , so I think I'll slack off and . . . go play some N64!!!!!!!! Buh bye, and have a GREAT weekend!!

April 9, 2000

   The weekend is almost over . . . NOOO!!!! And have I been hallucinating, or did it snow today?!?! Ah well, I see that the snow is melting and stuff, but that is alright. It snowed in April!!!!! I know exactly what that means. (Be prepared for childish views.)

   That's a belated b-day greeting to me . . . from none other than God Almighty himself!!! Yea, I RULE . . .

   Anyway, I had an AWESOME weekend, thanks to all you guys who contributed!!! I just got back from the ortho appointment in NYC, it was snowing there as well, and that kinda sucked with the crappy air conditions and smoking ppl and a lot of ppl and big winds and cars and stuff. But hey, I lived through it. (Mostly) Ohhh . . . now that the fun is over, I hafta do work and play piano and die of agony and torture - all over again. But then again, I have lots of motivation to do it. =)

   LUV U ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

April 14, 2000

   Friday, a nice, pleasant Friday, and it went well besides. But when I got home I got screwed up because of the Social Studies Law Adventure Day group thing, where the group consisted of me, Lemonberri, and Fuzzy. Wow, le professeur de classe Social Studies shall die soon. Ah well, after I went nuts over trying to organize the group together and do some work, I decided to doze off for a few minutes on my bed. Turns out I slept for four or five hours, until past dinnertime. And I still feel tired. And it felt like the world was ending - don't ask. I think I may be getting sick. Now that my parents and sister are over their sicknesses, it's now MY turn to get sick . . . JOY. Listening to Vitamin C's Girls Against Boys right now, I'm hoping the lyrics will revive me. Heh, I especially like this song because in the context, they have a French speaker say, "Girls Against Boys" in French!!! How awesome is that?! And since I know that LA FILLE = girl, and le garçon = boys, all I hafta figure is the against!!!!! Hah. Oh. My head is hurting like the netherworld and I can't update anymore, I'm sorry. I believe I'll write more tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better. *sneeze* Bye.

April 15, 2000

   Today was and shall be incomprehensibly painful. I have lost all ability to write, as well as my common sense. Henceforth, I shall write no longer. Mayhap tomorrow I will have finished all my ineffably dumb homework and have time to update. Mayhap tomorrow will not be so incomprehensibly painful and hopeless, as today was and shall continue to be. Wickz.

April 20, 2000

   Everything is so boring around here. I thought Spring Recess would be loads of evil fun, but NOOOO, it's not. I sat home yesterday and today and read two books. Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone and Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. Damn good books they are!!!!! Who said they're only for little kids?!? Just because it might be reading level 5, doesn't mean a seventh grader - I meant Strawberri - like me can't read them!!!! And to reiterate my point, they are AWESOME BOOKS!!!! You must read them . . . as matter of fact, I'm so intrigued that I might even start flaunting my typing power *cackle* and type up all three books in the series. (After I finish reading the last book I bought, that is. They were a little over ten bucks each, but it's worth it . . . not like I paid for them anyway, heh heh.) It might take awhile since I don't feel like starting today, but I'm gonna start typing the first book sometime late this week . . . hmm, tomorrow perhaps, if I haven't completely died of exhaustion. Take today for example. I woke up, thought it was seven in the morning, glanced at my clock, and LO AND BEHOLD, it beamed back 12:06 PM at me. This caused quite a commotion because I didn't sleep very late (1 AM) so I jumped out of bed and attended to regular morning chores . . . bla, bla, BLAAAA. Fortunately for me, no one is home at the moment . . . parents are at work *chortle* and my sister is at . . . SCHOOL! *more chortles*

   This means I will set the house on fire any minute, considering my mother trusts me NOT to touch the stove and kill something. Haha, they think so lowly of a thirteen year old. I'll show them what 13 yr olds are REALLY like. (The fruity ones anyway) (Ooops I take that back)

   The reason I may seem abnormal is because I am bored out of my head, as the first sentence of this entry explains. Vaguely or whatnot, I don't care, I hope the point got across to you one way or another. Ahh - piano lessons today. *shudder* I wonder what the teacher will do to me. I haven't practiced in about a week, mainly because I didn't attend lessons last week. I convinced my parents that I had a huge stomachache (which was not true) and that my head was hurting and other stuff (which *gasp* WAS true)

   Happy First Day of Passover to all my Jewish copains/copines. Especially that Nimrod dude that I know from somewhere, I don't remember - *evil cackling* - HE MADE ME SAY THAT. (LOL .. J/K, Farmer Bob) . . . God Almighty, I'm so bored that I feel . . . tired. I think I'll be going to bed now. (after about 11 hours of sleep) Hopefully, I'll be in the mood tomorrow to start typing up the first Harry Potter book. Ok here, not to make issues worse, the book starrs this guy named Harry Potter. The author herself is NOT named Harry Potter. Her name happens to be J. K. Rowling. (A name way cooler than mine, in my opinion, of course. I can imagine a book with my name printed at the bottom - T. W. He. Haha, that'll get ppl to buy it alright.) May I remind those of you who have never read the Harry Potter series (shame shame SHAME!!! U MUST READ THEM. Imagination doesn't get any more vivid than that.) that although these books are said to be for "little kids", they are still quite long, since they take me a whole day to read. Thus, don't expect me (Even with Strawberri's cursed typing power) to type up a whole book in a day or so. I'm starting with chapters . . . as a matter of fact, I doubt I can even type a chapter in a day. My life is not revolved around typing others' books onto my website. Oh yes. And to avoid getting Sued, Etc., I hafta figure out a way to credit everything to the author and the publisher and so forth . . . you get the idea. Did I mention I was going to sleep? G'nite, then. Have a fun vacation, for those who do and are, anyway.

April 21, 2000

   Too busy updating other parts of the site to say much more. I updated MMS a lot - the Report Card section as well as added a new section, exclusively for Social Studies' NHD. Then, I decided to be more realistic and give up the thought of typing all three of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Besides, I doubt anybody would read it =). Anyway, my last message of the day . . .

Happy 13th Birthday, Peach!!!!!

April 23, 2000

   To start off Easter, I'd like to introduce you to the messages by saying Have a Nice Easter.

   I'd like to follow up by saying DIE EMAN!!!!!! and wishing him ill for awhile, until I stop being mad at him for no reason at all. For more information on why I'm acting this way, check my ^@*(&^*&%!^*#*^ guestbook.

   And to conclude today's topics, I will state that my life sucks horribly as of right now and if everybody keeps on tormenting me, I will take action upon my thoughts to drink poisoned soda. Yum/Yay. And I have never used so many curses in guestbooks (Jeff's site) in my entire life until now. And I will firmly declare and stand by my point that Terry the *beep* *beep* started it . . . there, that should cool me down . . .

April 28, 2000

   OH ME GOD!!!!!!!!!

   I am experiencing a total nervous breakdown right now. Spring break was extremely freaky for me. I was bored the whole way. =) I left all the work to be done during the last few days, and my weekend is jammed pack with both a Social Studies competition and a(nother) piano competition!!! Plus, I have GOT to get going on Science Symposium . . . it's supposed to be due in May and I have NO clue what day. It better not be due the first or second week, cuz there's NO way I'll be done by then . . . . HELP!!!!!!

   About the Social Studies competition, which is tomorrow. It's this National History Day thing, I dunno, I dunno, I dunno. All I know is last year, ten MMS students out of 17 possible rankings in all of New Jersey won an award at the competition!!! 10/17 ... pretty good, huh? The top three ranks of the Historical Paper category were won by MMS students; Julie Wu snatching an awesome 1st with her Smallpox: From Inoculation to Eradication paper. Then goes Randy Tang with his Fiber Optics: Our Way Into the Future paper. And the last one was Anand Krishnamurthy with his paper The Effect of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA on Society, which I think was inspired by Mr. Van, the science teacher. I know Julie and Anand are both in S/E high school right now (hehe, figures) . . . dunno about Randy. Whoaz. I'm SOOOO gonna make a fool out of myself there.

   Though not to worry, because I know that if I hadn't gone in the first place I wouldn't even have had a chance. And hey, besides, I'm only in 7th grade, and Julie was in 8th. =) If only I hadn't numbered my Works Cited entries incorrectly ... *grrr* I was stupid and possessed no proofreading skills, thus I numbered my entries from 1 to 2 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5, when altogether there were actually 6 entries. BOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

   Oh well, at least I can get some peaceful rest in a dark corner of the competition place. I'm trying to assure myself that it's gonna be - *shudders* FUN - and if I don't believe then that's my problem. Ooops g2g now, the chicken soup (to heal mind, body, and soul) is bubbling all over the place. Wut a mess . . .

April 29, 2000

   ...home, sweet home...

   About the National History Day competition, I would just like to say that this is definitely an out of the ordinary event. Freaky, almost. When I arrived ten minutes late, I couldn't find the right building, couldn't find my teacher, couldn't find any of my competing classmates - only Sidhant was present at the moment. Not very helpful, but anyway. (*Raising hands in surrender* I've nothing against Sidhant! Really!!!) Then, I ran around the University for a few hours, from about 9:45 to 11:45 AM. I tell you, there is NOTHING more interesting than carrying around loads of bags, your jacket, and just running around a totally foreign and confusing place far away from home, with absolutely ZILCH to do. No motives, whatsoever.

   MMS students were searching about the campus area (and the parking lot, I suppose) looking to catch a glimpse of Mrs. Gallo, le professeur. They were not successful. It was only about, oh, three hours later did le professeur actually show up. And to think I was the one who got lost on the trip to Paterson!!! Which, btw, wouldn't be my fault cuz dad wuz the chaffeur, so bla.

   Of course, having nothing to do, I found pleasure in doing irregular things. This time, it happened to be spending my cash (I brought about $80 and tried to spend as little as possible .... and succeeded!!) by buying bags of chips (...notice the plurals...) from nifty vending machines, which were kind of crappy because they would not let me buy Doritos Cooler Ranch chips!!! Altogether I only bought 2 bags of chips (aww) and spent only $1.10 (AWWWWWWW). However, I only ate one bag, because I was stuffed up on breakfast. (No details given - my apologies)

   LUNCHTIME!!!!!!! YEAAAA!!!!!!!! I happily dined on a medium size (I think) Strawberry Smoothie. It was pretty good too, considering it didn't cost over 5 bucks!!!!! Yes . . . that was my lunch . . . my whole entire lunch. Not bad for someone who has a habit of living on non-nutritional foods (Or junk) most of the time, huh!?

   After finishing my nice lil Strawberry Smoothie, I went to see Junior and Senior group/individual exhibits. Most of them were quite nice . . . not just boards with pretty pictures or decorations on them, either. Some had music hidden somewhere. Some had real artifacts scattered here and there. And a lot of them had awesome pictures - primary, secondary, replicas, stuff like that. They were awesome.

   Then, of course, comes the Awards Ceremony to recognize the individuals (and groups) who were deemed noteworthy by the judges. Not that only those people were noteworthy . . . it's this whole competition thing, as you probably know. *Gag* The people (descriptive eh) started out by embarrassing chosen rafflers with door prizes. You know, door prizes. Nothing special. Dumb, really. I was unlucky enough to be one of the unlucky ones who got called up for a prize. (...ROT AND BURN!!!) Some Desk Atlas thing from Nystrom. (Where?!) Ok wutever . . . it was free . . . I'll stop fuming and making fun of now; onto the results!!!!! This is gonna be interesting . . .

   Ok. The RESULTS. *GaG* I went not knowing what was in store for me, but I was positive that I wouldn't make it to the national level for the Junior Paper category. (Only 1st and 2nd place get to) Guess wut. I WAS RIGHT!!! Go me . . . I was caught between joyous ecstasy and - JOYOUS ECSTASY! Either way, I'm happy. No more extra work, but no disappointment either (Even for me). You're saying, So wat, you didn't make it to the Nationals for your term paper so, so wat? Perhaps you don't know what really happened. I made 3rd.

   The 3 places in the Junior Paper category were, once again, scored by three MMS students. The 1st and 2nd place winners are all 8th graders from MMS' Social Studies Seminar class .. Keep up the tradition, guys!! ~~ Regardless of the outcome, I firmly adhere to the belief that everyone who participated is really cool and deserves lots of applause because they took the time and effort to proceed from a classroom environment to the state level, and for those lucky (& talented) enough, the National Level. So however crappy or well you thought your project or dramatization was, just know that you deserve a lot of admiration and praise. =)

   Oh, by the way, today is Kathy Y's 13th B-Day, just wanted to say Happy Birthday before I leave and prepare for tomorrow's piano competition. Heh, yea, two competitions in a weekend. DOH!!!

April 30, 2000

   Last day of Spring Break. =(

   I am in terrible, terrible condition. My platforms slipped twice during a crucial pedal period during my song at Beth Chen's house for the . . . TV piano competition thing today. I did poorly, I'm sure. Since my teacher said only one student is allowed to be a winner from each teacher, I did not get it. I had twelve days (or more, dunno) to do all my homework and projects and stuff, and today being the last day, I have ALL my homework and projects and stuff to finish, and I'm not finishing it. Instead, I'm on the Internet and IM and yapping away. I am sooo strange, aren't I!!!!

May 1, 2000

   Ahhh . . . *sniff* the joys of entering MMS for the first time after Spring Break are absolutely ineffable. [adj. - incapable of being expressed or adequately describes.] This explains my feverishly hyper personality this morning (Vague hints may be traced throughout the day) for those of you who were unlucky enough to have met up with me.

   If I am not mistaken, not only is today Jessica A.'s biological birthday, which provokes this phrase: "Happy Birthday!", it also seems to be Mayday!!!! I remember around this time two years ago, (In fifth grade, when Mrs. Adams was still around in Defino Central Elemen. teaching the Project Venture kids) when Central School's 5th grade Project Venture class had a whole celebration for Mayday . . . there were sample foods, {Stale bread - YEAA!!!} performances, songs, everything. Too indescribable to describe. I'm gonna cry. :'(

   Before I die of dehydration, I'd just like to say that not many eminent editing will be done this month, and if there is, don't yell at me for "lying" here. Since May is almost always a busy month for me, and as this year appears to represent my agony best, I've come to the (crappy) decision that I can't dissipate [v. t. - to waste] all my time updating my website. Unfortunately, some pressure has been exerted from my parents (grrr) and I may not update for many days, even weeks or (a) month(s). This is just to let you know that if you happen to come here and see an update twenty days old, not to complain about it at school. Do understand that I try not to center my life around the Internet, and cheerio.

May 4, 2000

   The weather is turning warm again!!! This means a variety of changes - among the worst of the negative changes are bumblebees, spiders, and other assorted species of bugs and stuff. Which I prefer not to have hang around the porch of my house. I can't even get in my house without shuddering =(.

   About the Pen-Pal trip on Tuesday. These 2nd graders are in Fairhaven, some sort of public school that has Kindergarten, grades 1, 2, and 3 in one school, and grades 4, 5, and 6 in another. Or maybe it was a little different, well I forgot. I had fun that day. The kids were . . . wonderful. The teachers were . . . normal. The schedule was . . . cool. Recess was awesome!!! (No kidding) I haven't had recess in about a year, and same goes for all other MMS 7th graders, I think. My pen pal, whos name is Bethany Glandt, turned out to be a shy little girl. Quintessentially, (Stupid SAT word, this is why I did so poorly, because I didn't know what quintessentially meant on the verbal section...!!! Well, now I do.) Bethany is your average dirty blonde girl. Except she has a lot of CDs. Stuff she shouldn't be listening to. She had a nice chat with me about her brother Geoffrey having a MAJOR crush on Britney Spears. I pity . . . pity . . . pity . . . . Oh btw, I must say that le fromage garçon was ESPECIALLY thick and annoying that day. ;) Hahaha...

   Then, yesterday, we had our Social Studies Law Adventure Day trip. Oh . . . it was funny, I tell you. I was an attorney for the plaintiff side, defending the complaining people who wanted a particular nuisance (A baseball field) removed. In the end, no schools voted in favor of the plaintiff side. They all voted for the defendant side - which was to keep the baseball field and not have it removed. All except Marlboro Middle School, that is. They felt really bad for us for the fact that we had to get "humiliated" in front of a big audience and stuff, so Marlboro Middle School acted out a tiebreaker, with one more vote for the plaintiff side (YEAAA!!!) than the defendant side. Thus, our plaintiff side got a ratio of about 1:8 votes, and not in favor of us. =)

   Nothing else today, basically. All the Jazz Band & Show Choir [or something] members are in Florida right now, enjoying themselves, getting a nice tan, eluding work from Middle School. Clodhoppers!!! They should take us all. They are biased, I say!!!

   I have piano lessons, which sucks a lot. I must get some material for the Science Symposium, for now that I am positive it is due in exactly fourteen days, my head is pounding for me to get something . . . started. Not done, started. A Chinese Speech Contest this Saturday, but I'm planning to memorize a short poem and get it over with. I have no intentions of adding more agony to my already agonized life. My cerebrum is fusing with my inner ear, I swear. I can hear it. And I must declare that I am so excited!!! I am getting a new friend. The sad part is, I had to spend my year's allowance. =(

May 5, 2000

   The weather is scaring me!!! It wasn't very warm yesterday, yet today, it was like 80º outside! The heat caught me by surprise when exiting the school building to board my afternoon bus home. Whew!!! Good thing I was wearing shorts.

   Really drowsy right now, I didn't exactly feel like updating but I thought I might update anyway. Yep, with nothing to say. Oh yes. Let's bore you with my schedule!! Tomorrow, I was supposed to have a Chinese Speech Contest. When I got off AIM today, I ran around and around until my energy level was depleted, so I decided to read the HTML book. Then I decided to close my eyes and alleviate their strain for about a minute or two.

   I fell asleep for a few hours. My drowsiness is killing me. This cannot be . . .

May 6, 2000

   *Blubber* I'm MELTIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!! I cannot believe it. It's so hot up here in my upstairs bedroom. I think it's about 100º, and that's because I can't turn on the air conditioning. =( Nobody else is hot around here!!! This is CRAZY!!!! Oh, well, I'm sure that if my sister woke up from her nap, she would agree with me, but nooo, she's ASLEEP. In this heat!! She's ASLEEP!!!!

   I think I did something with this page, at the very top. For easy reference since this page is extremely large, (Can u tell?) I added something called "anchoring" to this page, where you click a link at the top of the page and it brings you to a specific section. Though I'm not sure if it works . . .

   I got a 3-year medal for the NJMTA High Honors performance aujourd'hui!! That's so cool. Some people got 10-Year Plaques, but I have officially lost hope to get a 10-Year Plaque for the sane enough reason that I will be in college by then!! The farthest I can go is eight years, which is 7-Year Trophy. But I wanted the 10-Year Plaque. *whimper* Oh well, I shouldn't care that much. If I had started to compete earlier for NJMTA; see, I started playing piano at age 5, so if I had competed in NJMTA every year after that, this year would have been my 9th year, and even before reaching high school, I would have gotten my 10-Year Plaque!!! (I have faith in myself that I would get either Honors or High Honors, not Honorable Mention or a Fair.) So anyway, I hope my high school years allow enough time for me to compete in NJMTA. I really want the 7-Year Trophy, even if I can't get the 10-Year Plaque award. And yes, it's fair to say that I take this quite seriously.

   At the actual performance thing, I saw just about nobody I know perform, except for Michelle Yen. (Fuzzy & Guzzy's lil sis) Everyone played quite well. APPLAUSE EVERYONE!!!!!! Argh it's too hot to think now, bye.

May 7, 2000

   Jeez. It's too hot up here. Even with the air conditioning on, it's still 90º. I know from a built in temperature gauge thing; it's a nifty little device that tells time & date, controls A/C & heat, measures temperature, etc. Quite accurately too! Anyhow, I don't know what I updated, all I know is that I updated something. I'm gonna add stuff to the Zelda64 Page too, maybe not today, because I FINALLY got my Science Symposium project started by going out and buying the materials - YEAA!! I got about 24 ft. worth of pipe lining, and it only cost in the single digits. (Parents were extremely overjoyed, though the whole idea of spending dough wasn't too pleasurable to them.) And if I do update the Zelda64 page sometime this week, the Zelda MIDI that used to be on the Music Page will be transferred there instead. Hurray! Life is piecing back together.

   I had my 2nd TV Channel 34 competition today, and I screwed it up badly. After all my (15 minutes) of practice today and yesterday, I pressed four wrong notes in a crucial F# minor arpeggios section of my song. Thus, I seriously did not get it, considering last time I didn't screw up at all and got beat out by a fifth grader. =) Skills...

May 9, 2000

   O Creator of the Heavenly Bodies!!! Please make sure the annoying clodhoppers of our school die. They have become too aggravating, posing as nuisances to the enjoyment of life and property of the average member of the community.

   Yes, I had to say that. I do not know why. Please do not inquire any further, I will only become madder. Also, I would like to request that whoever passed the rumor that I moved to Session 1, Lancaster for CTY 2000 JUST to be with B, to please step up and receive his/her/its rightful doom. Because that is SUCH a lie. This stupid issue has stupidly gone too far!!! And if I ever find out who told him [the use of pronouns is helpful in this situation] that I changed to Session 1 (Originally Session 2) just because I wanted to be with him, he/she/it will absolutely DIEE!!! [Please note that DIEE!!! is somewhat stressed . . . forcefully . . .] If I did change sessions FOR somebody, it would have been FOR Lissa, who HAPPENS to be a FRIEND of MINE!!!!! (Said seethingly) (~Words in ALL CAPS are FORCEFULLY STRESSED!!!!!! Words followed by !Exclamation marks are ALSO FORCEFULLY STRESSED!!!!!!!~)

   I am to retire to the dinner table under parental enforcement, so I must retire to the dinner table now. Have a wonderful evening. EXCEPTION!!!!!!!! An exception occurs to the person who told HIM that I moved to Session 1 JUST to be with him. Because I wish this PERSON (Or in less formal terms, B*ST*RD) MUCH ILL.

May 13, 2000

   Too tired and overwhelmed with Science and Chinese and Piano and Stuff to talk much, I'm trying to type in code for the winning Law Adventure Day entries. Meanwhile, I'd like to shout "Happy Birthday" out to DIV N., 13 Aujourd'Hui!!!

   Also, about that Monkey-Spanker controversy that was started some . . . weeks?! . . . ago, check my guestbook for the latest news. I have NO idea whether this guy is for real or just another hypocrite that's drunk and has nothing better to do except make me crazy, but the evidence is kind of overwhelming.

   Jeff N Eman, you *******!!! What the hell do you think ur doing, posing as Terry Chern?!? Was that amusing for you?!?!? (Guess so, lol.) I guess you have no other incentives for life than to sit around accumulating *** all day while falsely depicting Monkey-Spanker as a *******. ******, if he hadn't said anything, I'd be hating him until the day I suddenly become smart and make S/E . . . and then somehow get the truth out of him!! Anyhow, I suggest you two stop your ******** before I am forced to take any action. JEFF! I'm especially shocked at your ********* behavior!!! I never thought you were that type of person! Haha, obviously, now I know better than to think well of all 9th grade boys, eh?!

   Before I blow up and die of anger, then attend Div's party which I will ENJOY (AT LAST!!!!!!!!) I would like to reiterate something. Jeff N Eman. ********!!!!!!! [And for everyone else who is reading this, which means anyone besides the Two ******** I indicated previously, please excuse my unsuitable language, and just know that I don't usually use so much profanity in one entry.]

May 14, 2000

   About my entry yesterday. The 2nd to last paragraph as well as the last paragraph contained a tad too much profanity, so I substituted some asterisks for each cuss or bad word. For those of you who read it, I am sick of convincing ppl that I'm usually not like this, so basically I'm giving u the freedom to think wutever you wanna think. Onto another subject ~~ Da party was SOOO awesome!!! I didn't stay for the sleepover part, but that was ok, because it was fun. Ooo and the mint vanilla chocolate chip ice cream was so good . . . well actually I forgot the flavor, but there was mint, there was vanilla, and there were those little Krunchy Chokolat things.

   Remember B, everyone? We had a really fun convo on AIM today. Within most of that conversation, I was typically burning and subsequently melting of humiliation. I have never let something as stupid as this get to my head, nor did I ever let something like this get away with annoying me. But this time I'm letting it go. Because. Friends are supposed to be there for KEEPING secrets, not for telling them to ppl whom they think "won't tell", cause the truth comes out eventually. This message is exclusively for Berry. Berry, just wanted to thank you, thank you for telling me so many lies the whole entire way. The truth kept on coming to me, even after you said that this should stop. I agree. It SHOULD. And of all the people I had hoped wouldn't find out about this at all or even get mixed up in these crazy notions of mine, B himself told me. =0 Guess it wasn't just Miss Hu after all huh.

   I'm sorry Palm Tree, for not talking to you much today on AIM, (I even forgot to say au revoir . . . ooops, that is totally unlike me) but I was having so much fun talking to U-know-who that I got mixed up and forgot all about you. I know you don't mind and all, but I apologize, and you have my word that I'll never NEVER! do it again.

   I have no idea why I thought everything would work out, because it didn't. It's all part of my naivete, I guess. For some queer reason, I ended up in the wrong school at the wrong time as the wrong person meeting the wrong people. Whoever thought my decision making skills were this poor =( is right. I was supposed to get things done today: Finish my Science Symposium, finish my Language, finish Chinese, practice piano. Instead, I got NOTHING done today, and I don't blame it on anyone but myself. I forgot how to say "I gotta go" today on AIM talking to certain ppl, so I killed about three hours doing nothing but talking and receiving mostly one-word responses. Not to mention, I'm still wasting my time writing here . . . g'bye.

May 15, 2000

   Badduh BING!!!! Definitely a cool way to start off the week. Highlight of the day!!!!! Piano auditions today after school until 4:15 . . . OK fine, they weren't JUST piano auditions, there was singing and stuff like that too, but mostly I only paid attention to the piano auditions =). I must say, the piano was EXTREMELY poorly constructed. It sounded like it hasn't been tuned in a few . . . centuries. Or decades, whatever. Well anyway, one of my first notes, which was supposed to be fff, or really loud. Unfortunately, the corresponding key on the piano didn't play as desired, if at ALL, however much I banged on it. (Which really *wince* hurt my fingers) Demmit, I was really pissed at the piano since now I'm used to playing on at least a baby grand. But they forced me to play anyway. Grrr...

   Something strange is happening to me. I actually got butterflies in my stomach right when I sat down on the . . . seat . . . and tried to warm up. It was really freaky because I almost never get butterflies - not after excruciatingly painful experiences like the annual Carnegie Hall Guild Auditions and NJMTA competitions, etc. Hehe, N Frankfurter thinks he's been through a lot? Talk about a lot ~ lol. Well I must say, on average, everyone did very well at piano auditions. I think all of the ppl who tried out made it . . . not too sure though, but I have faith. Let me see who was there . . . hmm . . . besides moi, there was Miss Liu, Miss C. Lin who is GONNA teach me Chinese Yo-Yo soon (& will probably fail cause I suck so bad - HAHAA!), Miss A. Lin, B and his bro Frankfurter, (hope u don't mind the nickname, you can thank Miss Chung for it.) Fuzzy, Destiny, (Yo-Yo ~ I meant . . . agh) and Jay. Oh yea!! Jay auditioned for violin, not piano. In my opinion, he's really good, basically because I haven't heard many violin players in my lifetime yet, and otherwise because I'm not in the mood to insult him or anything, even though he taunts me about U-Know-Wut, which by the way, will lead him to his rightful consequence . . . *evil laughter*

   Agghhh!!!!!! I'm such a bad girl. I really should be doing homework now. Tomorrow should be a good day, I see no tests quizzes (Pop quizzes maybe, hopefully not, but definitely no quizzes scheduled) or major activities, n whatnot. Plus the results of piano auditions come out. If I don't make it, not only will I not get mad about it like I usually . . . do . . . . but I will confront the "judge" and force her to put me in . . . hehehaha ok, I'm kidding. For those of you who are um, ignorant. =0

May 16, 2000

   I am SCREWED demmit.

   If you don't know why, let me mention two words, which will surely trigger your memory if you are in Science Seminar. Science Symposium. Okay, so not only is my word processor making chart-creating a complicated, mind-fuhkin process, my printer is absolutely DEAD and my roller coaster . . . it DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!

   I wolfed down my dinner just moments before I am typing this, record time too, four minutes for rice, stuff, and soup. ~~ I spooned in the soup ONLY so I could just swallow the rice and stuff, no need for additional chewing and wasting time. Okay, so now I have all my homework to do, I spent my entire afternoon working on this demmed project which is due Thursday, am still not done, and now I have very realistic notions of staying up all night. Tomorrow is reserved exclusively for playing piano. I need to memorize four of ten songs for Carnegie Hall Guild auditions on the 31st. And for those who were at piano auditions with me yesterday, yea, all ten songs are about the same length as that Rachmaninoff piece I pulled off ;) Ooo record entry-writing time: 1 minute 6 seconds.

May 17, 2000

   YEAA!!!!!!!! I just finished building my roller coaster w/ my dad lending a skilled carpentry hand!!! I put on the finishing touches by sticking on some beads that had fallen off from some of my bracelets, and added a green background with "fresh" red strawberries. (Print-outs on paper, of course.) AGGHHH!!!! I am done. I am tired. I drank another two cans of Coke, which is definitely keeping me awake. But oh!! I should be sleeping now. Just wanted to tell you guys. It's almost midnight, but I finished the ROLLER COASTER!!! Wait 'till you guys see it tomorrow . . . it's like, half a second but lol . . . well if it doesn't work, then I'm screwed, but I tested it several times and it does work. Gotta haul it downstairs and get prepared for tomorrow. Ah demm. It feels like summer already . . . *sniffle sniffle* *crash into the project* OWW!!!!!!!!

May 18, 2000

   Well, before I plop down on my bed and sleep until dinnertime, I'm guessing that my Science Symposium Roller Coaster Physics project wasn't too sucky. Too many people are illiterate these days. At least five times I had to answer ppl's questions about "What IS this??". Not that the roller coaster didn't look like a roller coaster - it did. (Really.) And besides, I put "Berri Coaster" as the name right in the center . . . neon blue against light green. They should have SPOTTED it!! All my friends' projects were so cool! They looked fairly adequate compared to the 8th grader's, and all the written stuff was good. =) And for Lemonberri - I am NOT just SAYING that!! I really thought yours was cool.

May 21, 2000

   Am tired. Was compelled to actually SLEEP at the sleepover. The party was ok. We went to this tennis place, where I somehow saw Frankfurter and his bro there. It was extremely freaky because I did NOT expect them. Still am tired. Am compelled to do some docker lecorations (lol) for Lemonberri tomorrow. I forgot about French extra credit until today, but I'm not doing it, I don't think. My average is way odd, and I don't believe that I'm stupid enough to screw up some other tests or quizzes, which will ultimately defeat me cuz it'll bring my average down.

   Ok. Now. If PhantomEcko is not Ben, and if it's Victor Wang, he (Privy TKL) will absolutely PERISH from the face of the EARTH!!! Tricking me into thinking it was Ben is NOT nice!!!! Well of course, I don't really care if it's nice or not, but it's nasty and extremely bitchy besides. So Jay. Thanks for telling me it was Victor Wang. I didn't bother to listen, but if this certainly is a conspiracy, then ALL OF U will perish. I shall see to it myself that you guys get impaled on sharp, wooden sticks. YAY!!

May 22, 2000

   I seriously do not have time to write anything today. Nay, it is not homework. It's LANGUAGE homework. And Science and Social Studies and other subjects, including piano. But I certainly have enough time to find some cool scripts. I hope they work. Meanwhile, I will advertise somethin . . . heheh . . .

Happy birthday à CiTrOnBaIe!!!!!!! Now ur TROIZE aussi . . . YEAA!!! Wait until Lissa is TROIZE . . . I'm gonna go nuts and keep it up for a week!! LOL well actually, that might put many lives in danger, so maybe I'll tone it down and just be hyper for about ten minutes. That way, only about two people will get hurt =Þ. Oops gotta go, have a blast, Jen.

May 23, 2000

   Annoying language arts project. It's so aggravating. And irritating. Not to mention, I'm not even done yet, and it's already *yawn* sleeping time. And this is only the beginning of Middle School. Imagine what High School will do to me . . . Sweet Dreams.

   *Later this day:* It is past midnight. I have successfully accomplished the tedious task of finishing my language arts project, due today, no doubt. I am crabby and in the mood to complain. Maybe I should sleep now . . . oh but no, I still have a Science essay, French quiz studying, Language quiz studying, (demm L/A die!) and Social Studies reading to do. I refuse to do any of it. I'll think of excuses. Today. LATER today. Remember, it is past midnight . . . .

May 25, 2000

   Much joy has spread across the surface of this . . . place . . . we call home, but none has come to me. Why?!?!? Why I ask! OK so maybe 76 is not an ideal grade for me, but that doesn't mean the world is ending. Or maybe it is. Ça depends.

   Burning an effagy of le professeur d'arts de langage proved to be of zilch use, so now I resort to making a voodoo doll model. I will need lots of stuffing (hehe), some sharp utensils or whatever (notice the adjective 'sharp'), and some of her hair (At least she has hair - now I'm just being mean, ignore me). I must cancel the demm piano lessons. Without doubt, I project no trace of hesitation in saying that the teacher will surely yell at me to death across the phone. I have not practiced in one week. Wow!! That is bad. My National Guilds Audition is the 15th of June, and I have not memorized half of my 10 required songs. Of course, by now, the other half of the 10 songs that I did memorize, I have forgotten. *Gulp* One week of not practicing can do unbelievable damage to your memorization . . .

   I am glad to say that there is no Chinese School, and what's better, we've got extended weekend. MEMORIAL DAY!!! Oh yea. I'm gonna sleep all day =). I have a French project due tomorrow, which I must start & finish. Have any of you noticed a pattern here regarding me and school projects? Haha. I hope none of you have a habit as bad as this one. But I must admit, it's kind of fun to wait until the last minute and then stay up all (or most of the) night starting and finishing it. It's very exhilarating, to be able to drink five cans of Coke in a short period of time.

   I must also go to the library. To borrow some books. To find some poetry. For Language Arts Class. Da. I am done. If I talk about Language Arts Class anymore. I will. Burst.

   Good night to all mes amies out there . . . PARTOUT!!!! Heheh, French is totally cool.

May 27, 2000

   Bon après-midi!!! Buena tarde!!! It is a wonderful Saturday, the beginning of a relaxing (ok yea right) long weekend, and no one fit to talk to is on. Y'all disappoint me!! Let me down!! Disappointment!!! Hear me?! D-i-s-a-p-p-o-i-n-t-m-e-n-t-!-!-!-!

   In actuality, loneliness is none so bad. Here I am, trying to do L/A work, and there is nobody to disturb me. How wonderful is this ... ? Not many chances to work all alone, undisturbed by myself, these days. What am I saying. I blame this on my piano teacher. 'Twas she who forced me to attend the piano performance today. I didn't even want to go. The ol' hag forced me. Booo.

   I will try to update MMS and the Zelda Gallery this weekend. Do not kill if I don't update them. On Monday, I'll most likely be out shopping the whole day (More dresses . . . yay . . . AGHH!!) and won't have much time to myself. Which sucks. Everything sucks. Except for everything else besides everything. Au revoir/Adios.

May 29, 2000

   Today is . . . MEMORIAL DAY!!! Woohooo!!! Well, pardon me, oh gracious readers, but I don't really have a logical clue as to what Memorial Day celebrates. Something about famous people and good deeds and . . . stuff . . . .

   I am très happy!!! Mommy bought me three très mignon dresses for A Night of the Arts this Thursday. I know, I know, I usually hate dresses and gag or faint at the sight of them, especially at the knowledge that I hafta wear them, but these three are just sooo mignon!! Though I can only wear one to A Night of the Arts. People might freak if they see me keep on changing attire during the hours I will be there. And we don't want people freaking, now do we.

   I have calculated my L/A average so far. The letter grades put together are rounded to be about an 89. This cannot happen. I refuse to receive a B+ for Language Arts the last marking period of 7th grade. 7th grade was supposed to be easy. And it was. Except for this one class. Language Arts. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huffing angrily*

   I hope everyone likes the Mystery and Poetry pages that were added into MMS - links are at the bottom, as always. I especially like the Poetry page, which isn't exactly finished, but I still luv it. =)

   I foresee a certain, painful death ahead of me. Because A Night of the Arts is on Thursday, I will have to miss piano lessons AGAIN. My teacher is beginning to think that my life is occupied with dating boys (Hahahah!!!!! Hahahaha!!!!! HahahHAHAHEHEHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! ... I'll stop ...) (But it's so demm AHAHAHAHAHAHAAEHEHEHAHAHEEHEHAHAA!!!!!!! Oh. Ooops. I shouldn't be mocking adults ... AHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAAA!!!!) and inappropriate stuff like that, which is why I'm "losing interest" in piano, not practicing, not attending lessons, etc. Demmit, why can't it just be that I have too much work to do?! Why does it always have to be social life?! Dating boys?!?!?!?!? HEHEHAHAA!!! If any guy dares to get between me and piano, I'd just as soon beat them up & ditch them downtown somewhere. Not that I have the capability to beat up a guy. Or maybe I do, some of the weaker ones, not the strong ones. And New Jersey doesn't have a downtown, does it? Well, New York does.

   What a lovely day. Too bad nobody is on. I mean, what is with that?!

May 30, 2000

   The most thrilling feeling you can get is to sit at the foot of the flagpole of MMS on a sunny day like this, in solitude, tanning in the sun, watching your friends leave by car and waiting patiently (or not) for your bus to come and pick you up. I mean, it's not like I couldn't find another way to get home. This is the latest I have EVER!! EVER!! gotten home. Like, 5:30. Good thing I don't have much work to do today. Staying after school was très amusing. I know B is expecting me to fume or curse at Fartbag or whoever, but I'm not. I am not in the mood to fume or curse . . . sorry for all of you expecting me to out there. =) Well, OK, I added B's entry to that Survey Page, which you can access through the Home Page. However, I must say that Fartbag's scaring me with that HUGE rat was not very nice. And for that, I will despise you for some time. LOL.

June 2, 2000


   This is fun. Prior to writing this, I was having fun warning myself on AIM. I warned myself up to 40%, Arbai warned me up to 90% under my demanding requests, (heh) and B added the final touch by warning me up to 100%. He was only supposed to have warned me up to 95%, but I guess things got a little . . . out of . . . hand.

   A Night of the Arts last night wuz très cool. It didn't rain or anything, so the weather was perfect =). My piano solo was OK, I guess . . . I didn't really screw up or anything, so I'm fine with that. However, I must complain that the piano was extremely crappy. I am used to baby grands or grands, good sound quality, resonance, tuning, etc. The bench was like, way too high. And plus, it was WoBbLy.

   Everyone was awesome!!! Piano & violin players - both solos or accompaniments - Frank Wang, Ben Wang, Abby Lin, Jenny Liu, Jay Chu, (and his ma) Greg Yen, me, and Chris Kim. Basically, appearing in that order, too. I mean, there was other stuff inbetween, like trumpet/clarinet/sax stuff and singing. And maybe other stuff. I forget. Highlight of my day? My piano solo. B forewarned me that the piano bench was too high and wobbly. But it never occured to me that um, the piano bench was THAT wobbly. I mean, jeez, it's a performance!!! Tune the demm piano and fix the demm bench!!!

   Also, another thing that angers me is that Fartbag [Chung] (hehe)had the nerve to literally shove B into me. Today I heard that Fuzzy dared Fartbag to do it. Fuzzy!!! The audacity!!!! No birthday present for you ;). Oh yea. Speaking of Fartbag, something really weird happened yesterday. I was standing in the little crevice between the wall and the piano in Mr. Romano's room, watching Fuzzy play. I think it was Fuzzy. Yea . . . Anyway, we're all talking and saying stupid things (Them, not me. I was being a good lil girl. LOL.) All of a sudden, Fartbag fell off the desk he was sitting on, head first, flat onto the floor. It was all like, head down, feet in the air. Demmit!! That must have hurt. This was before the 'shoving incident'. So I guess the 'shoving incident' can be attributed to this 'I like falling to the ground head first' accident. Hehe!! Accident indeed. Later, Fartbag was being a chienne and telling everyone that I pushed him. Well, if I truly HAD pushed him, he would have to be really weak for an eighth grade guy. I mean, it's not everyday you see 7th grade girls push 8th grade guys off tables. Very cool ;)

   Alright, a hot Friday afternoon, I am in the mood to play Zelda on N64 again. If you're asking why I never got sick of this game, am not sick of this game, and never will be sick of this game, it's because Zelda64 is a really awesome game and I would never think of getting sick of it. 10.5 days left of school!!! YAY!!! Oh yea, and I'm not updating Top 10 Songs today. Tomorrow, I have Chinese School (yuck) and a Johns Hopkins Award Ceremony thing. *groan* I wanna stay home and sleep!!! &^!*@&^! that's enough fuming for today. WiCkZ n have a great weekend.

June 3, 2000

   I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

   I didn't pay attention during Chinese School so now I have no idea what's on the Final Term. Life is boring & dull for me, and dull and boring for Lemonberri. My dinner was too spicy and now I think I have heartburn, which sucks because there is no proper medication at home and my parents don't believe me. I have to play piano but I can't because we have a guest and I loathe practicing and screwing up (Which happens only during practicing. Thus, you will almost never see me screw up in public. I have gotten used to it. Adaptations do happen ...) in front of guests. I should do my Social Studies essay (Essay usually indicates "Five page paper") but I don't care about Napoleon!!!!!!! And I don't have interest in things I don't care about!!!!!!!! And I don't understand things that I show no interest in/care about!!!!!!!! Therefore, I can't comprehend a single thing about the life & doings of Napolean Bonaparte I. Why should I care?!? SSS {Social Studies Seminar} est très mal.

   And on top of all this, I lost interest in playing Zelda - Ocarina of Time. The fishing pissed me off big time. Damn fish!!!!!

June 6, 2000

   I deleted that stupid entry that I posted on June 4. For those of you that read it already, hahaha, I hope you enjoyed it. For those who didn't read it and want to, too bad, and consider yourself LUCKY. That was the dumbest entry. Nothing today. Everyone was half-asleep at school. I blame this on the weather. I tried putting my hair down, most people didn't mind it and actually liked it, but a selective few kept on annoying me and bugged me to put it back up. I mean, thanks, I appreciate that.

June 7, 2000

Once again, I shouldn't be updating anything, but I am. Hours ago, I got home from Math Awards Cer. How fun. My friends got all the awards, while I crammed in some pieces of paper. You know, that kind of feeling really sucks. Now I'm stuck at home, parents yelling at me because of all the awards everyone else got. Tons of homework, yet to do, big French test to study for. Sound familiar? Typical day for me. Haha!!! And I thought I could make S/E and stay in it for 4 years. If I'm like this in 7th, I will die in S/E; several people have already testified to that. What is happening? The world is coming to an end. And, that feeling sucks TOO.

   Enough grumbling. Well, I hafta be going now, but before I go, I just wanted to say Big CONGRATS!!! to all you people out there reading this who got an award tonight. I know you guys worked really hard for it (Heh heh) and that's really cool, considering not everyone gets to participate in something like this. Bla bla bla . . . in short, you guys are all awesome. The day when you guys go to MIT and Harvard or wherever and I get accepted into Brookdale, please remember to pay tribute to me. Because I'll need it, big time. ;)

June 10, 2000

   Weather ... hot ... dehydration ... need ... water ... thirst ... heat ... sun ...

   For those of all who always wish me ill and stuff, I wanna tell you that yes, I am dying. For those of all who are my friends and stuff, I wanna tell you that no, I am not dying. =)

   Besides being Chinese Final Terms, which I surprisingly =0 did quite well on, IOWA results also came back. No ... I didn't do too bad. Yea, my scores could have been better. But what's the point of getting all 99's??? I think getting all 99's suck. Because then a lot of people will start mocking you and calling you a 'NERD', etc., and make you feel left out anyway. Nope, I'm not posting these IOWA scores up ... whaddaya think?! They're mine!!! And I will only share it with you if you are my friends. Otherwise, no exceptions will occur. I haven't checked scores with all my friends yet - too lazy to call them. And Lissa, I don't know your phone #...!!! Must acquire it from you before the end of this year ... lol. OK, from among maybe the four different ppl's scores that I know, Lemonberri. Lemonberri, once again, stands out and makes a statement.

   "I'm a g-e-n-i-u-s," says she.

   Hehehe. She didn't actually say that. But when you hear her reporting all her scores - I mean, it's kind of obvious that that statement is implied, unintentionally of course. Like, her scores were sooo near perfect (all 99's) that it's not even FUNNY. I tell you, she's an alien from outer space .... g2g, the alien might be trying to find ways to kill me now. (j/k Lemon; and u know it! I know you know it. You know I know you know it. Et al...)

June 11, 2000

   Quite a nice day. Except it's too hot. I got IOWA results back from yet another person . . . smart, smart, smart, SMART!!!!! Hehe. This time, it was B. *sigh* Just another person who did better than me . . . two more 99's. I must say, is there anyone who didn't do better than me? (Probably. Like that girl down the street . . . heh heh heh. Sorriez, that person I'm talking about. U know who you are.) OK, so enough about IOWAs. This was the last year we took it . . . I mean, I did improve from last year in terms of the number of 99's received, but . . . when you hear the results from other people who did SOOO much betta, it does make you feel . . . umm . . . *frowns*.

   I dunno if I'm in the mood for updating . . . I would be practicing piano, which I seriously need to do, but my dad and my sister are taking a nice little nap downstairs, where it is cool and everything, while I stay up here. However, I could just as well go downstairs and play piano, which would wake them up and I could practice, but then again, when have I EVER willingly volunteered to do something like practicing piano on my own. Haha.

June 12, 2000

    ... First of all, I would like to say that some Korean guys are just sooo damn stupid and lame and ignorant. Not only do they . . . ok bla, you don't wanna know about this. I. Will. STOP!!!!!!!!

   OK so the weather. (Wut bout it) IT SUCKS!!!! Humid and dark and dumb, though I seriously doubt weather can be accurately described as "dumb". Well I was going to close the upstairs bathroom window connected 2 my parents' bedroom and all of a sudden this wind blew in and went hyper and said like, "Hey! *sniffle sniffle* This smells good!!!"

   . . . DON'T ask.

   **Happy 13th Bday Fuzzy. You definitely pissed me off after school. U 'lil fool **

June 14, 2000

   Horrible day today. Woke up too early, spent most of the day in a stuffy car in stuffy weather and congested traffic. The rest of my day was spent eating soggy fries and chicken nuggets from McDonald's & screwing up my piano guild auditions. The only good part? I got that Teenie Beanie thing - umm, specifically, Lips the Fish or whatever - but that got soggy along with everything else so I despise it. Can I say something else?

   Horrible day today.

June 15, 2000

   After school . . . Pizza . . . Soda . . . Courtyard . . . Frisbees . . . Screaming . . .

June 16, 2000

   Too nice to write anything. Sorrie. =(

June 17, 2000

   This is gay. I am at some &@!(&*(!@&#(*&@ person's house. And this is gay. Lemonberri? =Þ You'd enjoy this party thing. You'd be beating up all the guys . . . heh heh heh. These guys . . . um, about these guys . . . one of them said something like, "Lay off the Prozac" - "Are you on Viagra??"

   OK, first of all, mes amis, WHAT THE !!!! IS PROZAC®/VIAGRA®?!?!?!? (Now I know, thanks to the guy who said this to me. I had to search it on Yahoo. Woohoo.) Bla . . . these pimps(?!?) are reading everything I am typing. The damn backspace is too small and I can't use it well. Ils sont très penible!!!!!! Aghh!!! I am leaving. Will e-mail you all lata. Bye bye guyz/galz.

June 19, 2000

   Once again, the time has come when yearbooks are distributed and whole hours are spent ushering people in a line to sign each others' yearbooks. I had sooo much fun being the center laughingstock today at Brookdale for about a minute or two. The attention was overwhelming and I felt soooo loved ;)

   Actually, I hated it becuz it was really dumb. My . . . . FRIENDS . . . . would not stop bugging me about something that I hate being bugged about, and my NON-FRIENDS were bugging me about it too. I have been bugged by this situation for a matter of months now!!!!!!!!!!! AGGGHHH!!!!!! Well, come to think of it, it's nobody's fault but mine. It is my sincere belief that I started the whole thing. Therefore I cannot blame others for bugging me about it. Heh heh.

   Alright whatever, tomorrow is a half day and then three something months of summer VACATION!!!!!! Yay!!! But of course, I have three weeks of CTY @ Lancaster, taking a Math course which, from what I have heard, requires tedious concentration, candid intelligence, and outright patience. I lack all 3. Oh well.

   Oh yea ~ Blueberry!!! Once again I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. =( I truly did NOT know it was you!!!! Honestly. And I apologize for my bitchy behavior. You may throw rocks at me if you wish, lol. (But keep away the sharp ones!! I dun need more scars.)

June 21, 2000

   School is officially out!! Actually, it was officially out yesterday, but anyway. The 8th grade graduation was somewhat fun, actually, took the breath right out of me. Soooo pretty!! Soooo grand!! Soooo . . . . um, whatever, just know it was nice. I am totally not in the mood to talk. Fuzzy, have a nice time in Taiwan. All my friends, I love you, I love you, I love you, have a nice summer, bla bla bla, Laurissa and all those going to Lancaster 1, I will see you there this Sunday unless I get lost and stumble upon some primitive privy and fall in, which I will . . . I am confused, lost, dazed, befuddled, oblivious - everything but clear and conscientious. I can't spell. I am a stubborn lil fool, and I can't spell. Yay! Hehe, if you're asking, "What's with HER today?!?!" it's mostly because I woke up SOOO late that 1) It's not even funny, 2) I felt horrible and I still do. I miss everyone and it sucks because today is the first day of summer vacation, still have months to go.

   That spider. It still won't go away. It wasn't hanging around today blocking anyone's path, but it was THERE *shudder* and I dare not get ten feet near it. Even though the ceiling is up THERE *shudder* and the spider is THERE *shudder* with it, I hate spiders, I despise spiders, I am deathly scared of spiders and don't call me a WUSS because I am not a wuss, it's only because I resent the sight of spiders . . . they have eight legs and are creepy and this one is especially big and and and . . . *ahem* Some of you told me to hit it with a baseball bat. Ummm . . . I appreciate the advice and well-meaning (yea .. RIGHT) but um, NO, I'll stay away from playing baseball using a spider. I gotta go now, must organize stuff for CTY. Wherez that damn alarm clock . . . ooooh I meant, GOOD alarm clock, that wakes me up when I don't wanna be waken up and doesn't wake me up when I hafta be waken up. Or is it woken up. I dunno. My grammar sux too =)

June 24, 2000

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!

   Tomorrow is CTY. I haven't even started packing yet, and my parents/sister aren't home because of sis's Kindergarten Graduation thing, which I decided not to attend for obvious reasons. And yes, this is definitely it. The fear of the unknown has utterly taken OVER me!!!! Gotta clean stuff up, cram them into the suitcase which I cannot find at the moment, play piano, e-mail everybody, do the laundry so I have CLEAN clothes to wear at CTY, and find a bunch of other stuff. And I thought single night sleepover preparations were tedious. Ahaha. Oh . . . I also hafta bring my CD player and all my CDs . . . lots of $$$ so I can cater each night =) . . . trillions of quarters for laundry costs . . . and my Chinese pocket-dictionary . . . and my whole set of overdated encyclopedias . . .

   Kidding, kidding. Anyway, I can't understand how people actually READ these entries that I so diligently type up. But since you are, wish me lots and lots of luck!! I have no idea wut's gonna happen @ CTY, especially wid the course I'm taking; heh heh heh. If you e-mail me at my peacegurl87 account, you might get a bit more information on this sleepaway camp thing. OK, I should get busy now with luggage. If Fartbag or B forget to bring their (or others') rat(s), I swear I'll . . . um . . . yell at them?! Wutever. Just know, I'll be gone for three weeks, no updating, no nothing. Don't miss me. =(

   Hehehaha!! Like you would.

July 16, 2000

   Heya everyone. Have you noticed something?

   I'm back, lol.

   CTY was really cool, the best three weeks I could ever start off my summer with. I dunno where to start . . . so I won't, not today anyway. My teeth do hurt from both orthodontist appt. this morning and also from eating too much candy for the past session. I bought around $50 worth of candy total, and many people can testify that I basically lived on candy throughout the 3 weeks in CTY. Lemme just assert, before you leave thinking that I'm the nut that I am ;), that I have learned sooooo much, and not just math either. First of all, there's the social stuff, like . . . bla, I'm not telling ya. Then, that sprinkle-cones are soooo good and make you sooo hyper!! And that eating candy for meals, or skipping meals altogether gives an empty feeling that damages your health lots but also helps you lose five pounds per three weeks. However, I don't recommend it. Right now, I am dead tired and my complexion is horribly pale and I look dead. Which got me in bigggg trouble w/ parents. Just know that, everyone I met there whom I will probably never see again, I will totally miss you. I will so keep in touch!! I g2g for now, so later.

July 18, 2000

   I stubbornly refuse to majorly update my website. I am aware that it needs lots of renovations, which is solely my opinion and no one else's.

   I was intelligent enough to sign myself up as a counselor for my church for a week, (Fortunately, that's only five days. Yea ...) this is my second day and I utterly resent some of the disgustingly annoying, stupid, stubborn, annoying, and annoying children there. Anyway, I get $102, and because I spent too much dough @ CTY, I need to get some of it back. A suggestion made by parents. I'm planning to spend it all shopping =).

   I know, I know . . . I am great at saving money and spending it wisely and stuff like that. When I grow up, I plan to put half of my money (from begging on the streets, of course) in the bank and let it rot/get stolen by some wise ass thief and spend the other half on none other than . . . CaNdY!!!!!!!!!!! Specifically Skittles and other delicacies. *drools*

   Bye, need to attend to suicidal sister, who is currently trying to get cars to run her over in the burning hot streets. Oww my feet.

July 20, 2000

   Zup Zup Zup People!!!

   Lemonberri the Great® called me a little less than half an hour ago from CTY, Lancaster PA, Session 2. She seems to be having fun . . . calling me from the bathrooms. (Ick) Is she a crazily awesome gurl or what?! Oh yea, for those of you who think I'M addicted to candy, listen ta this. Lemonberri has already bought $$20 worth of candy, and the first week isn't over yet!!! Talk about spending money wisely ;Þ hehe. Have a BLAST and SPEND SPEND SPEND @ Turkey Hill, Jen!!!!!! Ya know, the bookstore does have its limits when it comes to candy.

   Funky piano lessons today. I haven't had piano lessons in awhile, say, a month - give or take a few days? Well anyway, judging from how bad piano lessons can get, today's was cool. The teacher dumped tons of archaic piano books with small music scores printed on yellowing sheets (I think they're supposed to be that yucky color too. Stupid distributing corps.) into my bag and instructed me to pay for those books as well as the ones she was gonna order for me. Seriously now, how many songs does my teacher think I can handle?!?!?

   I foresee a prolific (abundant) and busy year in the musical section of my life. Come fall and 8th grade, add some math competitions (Though I doubt I will make any), school projects (Anything to do with Language Arts and I suddenly get a 103º like Ricky at CTY '99), Autumn Goodbyes (Britney Spears .. heh), odd jobs (Yea, I do those), wasting time on the Internet/AIM like I did in 7th (Staying on into the morning was da bomb), and more work (What work?!), I will surely die (Die?!).

   Need rest . . . tomorrow is the last day of my counseling over annoying ANNOYING!! children in church, so I'm getting lots of rest to be ENERGETIC!! and a good EXAMPLE!!! toward the annoying ANNOYING!!!! children. I will never pursue a teaching career when I grow up . . .

July 23, 2000

Today is a special day

I dunno why.

So I'll sit here and ponder

'Bout that 'til I die.

July 25, 2000

   Fuzzy is back from Taiwan!!!! Good survival skills, boy!!!!!

July 27, 2000

   It is my non-superstitious belief that all hell is breaking loose. My Sunday School teacher wants us to memorize this gigantic passage and I refuse to do so because my brain needs rest . . . REST, I SAY!! Not memorizing more passages. Gaga. I shall skip.

   Also, I think Fuzzy has grown a bit over the summer, and now shot up to 5' 2.5", I think. He says ". . . about 158 cm" and after my valiant attempt to convert that into inches, it appears that Fuzzy is only one inch away from being the same height as me!!!! That's it. I'm taking that drug that makes you taller. (If there actually is one. My mom doesn't think so, but I haven't asked doc yet) Who cares if there's a risk for . . . heart failure or stroke or whatever?!? I refuse to let Fuzzy become the same height . . . . or TALLER than me!!!!!! The very idea . . .

   I hear from one of my CTY RAs that Lancaster, PA Session 2 has officially banned FRISBEES!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I dunno what I would have done during quad time without frisbees, and now these KRA-Z staff people have banned frisbees for these Session 2 peeps, like Lemonberri!! I hope the Ultimate Tournament is still on though. Now THAT wuz fun. ;) {hint hint: . . . Ricky!!}

July 30, 2000

   NEVERMIND. Fuzzy is NOT back from Taiwan. I repeat: Fuzzy is NOT BACK FROM TAIWAN.

   Too "depressed" to write anymore. Confusion is rearing its atrocious head at me. This humid weather is bringing out the frizzies, in my hair, for all it's worth. I could dump the whole bottle of gel on, comb it through, and still have my hair frizz out all over the place. Yeeuugghh!! What a mess.

   Neway, the weather is getting the best of me, so off I go. Into the rain right after a shower, splash here, splash there. And congrats to Steve Ho. For the swim meet. Thing. And all those places he got. And thanks for being the only one who hasn't pissed me off in awhile. Let's hope you stay this way for next year .

August 3, 2000

   Ho ho!! August already. Yesterday was the first time I went swimming in a LOOOOOONG time . . . perhaps a year or more. I saw some of my old friends there . . . s'matter of fact, I didn't even recognize Jay Chu even though he was talking to me from a few feet away. When I did find out who he was (Jay screamed, "It's ME!!!!!!! JAY!!!!!!") I dove under the water surface, which only messed up my hair since it's rather long and tanglable (cute word), so I acted normal from then on.

   Well, today I spent half of the day shopping. I was forced by mother to shop around for stuff for my little sister's birthday party on the 13th at a less than pleasant shopping atmosphere . . .

   I also went nuts and bought really cute stationary thingamajigs, and used the excuse of, "I'm gonna mail all my camp friends with this" to get my mom to buy it. I was supposed to pay for it, but I guess she forgot . . . anyway, it costs less than five bucks altogether, so WaTeVeR. I saw a huge ten pound bag of Skittles (or maybe it was a bunch of small packages within the ten pounds) but it was a totally rip-off in terms of cost, and however I tried to convince my mom to buy it for me, she wouldn't relent. Looking back, maybe that was a good thing. Perhaps I have gotten too . . . enthusiastic . . .

August 5, 2000

   Jeffie and Steve Ho are moving to Arizona before school starts. Life on the bus ride from home 2 MMS is gonna SUCK big time. My head is still in shock, I need to have it wear off before I snap at more innocent, unsuspecting people . . .

August 7, 2000

Never say I love you

If you don't really care.

Never talk about feelings

If they aren't really there.

Never hold my hand

If you're gonna break my heart.

Never say you're going to

If you don't plan to start.

Never look into my eyes

If all you do is lie.

Never say hello

If you really mean good bye.

   Hey ~ shoutouts to my CTY gals & guys, especially Amy Chen at this moment . . . I can't thank you enough for being there in the kitchen with me after those 5 dances . . . Remember all those things I said. Please don't cry over a guy anymore, cuz a guy that's worth it won't ever make you cry. I know ~ totally easier said than done, but if you try over there in Livingston, I'll try over here in Marlboro. =) Luv ya

August 10, 2000

   Happy 15th Birthday to Eman C. Ma . . . hah hah.

   By the way, the 'hah hah' was added on just for the effect. No meaning is . . . intended . . . And also, if you ask Eman himself, he'll deny that it was his birthday. He'll try to pass himself off as either a victim of amnesia or a really ignorant teenager. Hehe. {WutevA}

August 15, 2000

   Ummm . . . I finished primming up the Zelda - Majora's Mask page. Check near the top of my homepage for the link if you haven't dug around and found it already. Also, I know I should have said this on the 13th and that I'm two days late but . . .

Happy 6th Birthday to My One and Only Biological Sis!

   However annoying you may be to me at times, I hope all your wishes come true . . . but only if they don't involve killing living people, reviving the dead, and things like dat. ;)

August 21, 2000

   Nothing new with me. Steve and Jeff are moving this Saturday, according to what they've been telling me.

   I also hear that the Chinese team competed in California for bla and bla last weekend, and scored home a third place. Along with the trophies, the recognition, the joy, and the cash. It really is too bad I'll never get a chance like this . . . these are the genius peeps who competed in CA, in NO particular order: Virginia, Jerry (Jerry!!!! Nevermind), and Yo-Yo Brothers . . . FINE, Ben and Frank.

   Well, I'm sure too many people have said this already and you might be getting sick of it (or not, if you really enjoy your 15 minutes of fame), but CONGRATULATIONS and get 1st place next year!!!

August 28, 2000

   Hey all you MMS people ~ your long awaited moment ~ **NEW** schedules!!! ~

   Aiight so I think I posted the new and HOPEFULLY TEMPORARY schedule up on my MMS page ~ duh ~ and I am hot and sticky and the A/C is not on. And my good friend Lemonberri is in Quad Land she's not in my quad demmit!!!! And her schedule is screwed up and she has really sucky D Lunch, while I have C, so I'm hoping that when they revise Lemonberri's schedule she will be in more of my classes, my lunch, possibly Quad, etc.

   And then a lot of my other girl friends didn't even GET their schedules yet!! The absurdity of these schools . . . OR the quality of the postal service . . . ha ha. And anyway if any of you are reading this and just got your schedule, call or email me!!! I can't be the ONLY one in the ISOLATED FRENCH QUAD!!!!!! AGHH!!!!!! Of course I understand this is temporary and can be revised, like it always is for the cross-quaded peeps. Very much like me . . .

   So whatever, just check out my MMS page. Right now I'm not in much of a mood to make that page pretty or anything, so it's flatout schedule, schedule, schedule. And it's really too bad Steve Ho moved away. I wanted to see him get strangled by Mrs. Buck!!! Heh. (J/k Ho-man.)

August 29, 2000

   Called more of my friends. Blueberry, Peach, and Fuzz are in Quad K. Steph's in L. Div's in I, WITH ME!!!!! FINALLY!!! And she's in a LOT of my classes too =Þ (lucki me), Sarah's in L =( and I guess she's really bummed about that. Dan L. is in J. Ryan Lee (7th) is in F, just like me last year, and I hope he doesn't have Mrs. Buck . . . That's all I can remember for now.

August 30, 2000

   Steve Lin, Quad L. Lissa, Quad K. Zack Brower (is that his name?) is in my quad but I don't know him that well. Bummerz . . .

September 4, 2000

   I'm not listing anymore people and their quads. Just know that, the ones that I really want to be in my quad, are not. This does NOT apply to any guys. Demmit!!!!!!!!

   School's in two days. One, if you don't count today or the day school starts itself. I dunno, but perhaps I'm already screwed even BEFORE I go back to school. Imagine what it'll be like when school starts, gets in full swing, and teachers burden us with loads of homework!!! Imagine the possibilities! POSSIBILITIES!!!! Lord, what am I to do?!

   As yall know, Jeffie and little Jeffie .. I mean Steve .. are in Cactusland right now. School has already started for them, the unfortunate souls, and they get to go to the library to use a computer. The other day, I caught Jeff on QuickBuddy on a library computer ;) Hahaha, they're so lenient in Cactusland, I can't stand it!! Well, I miss you two guys a lot, you two were about the 2 coolest people in this development! Well, besides moi - (heh) - I'm sorry to say, but I foresaw a great school year in the future (2002-3); where Jeff would be in 12th, I'd be in 10th, and Steve would be a freshman. And the high school?


September 5, 2000


   Now that I got the street trash out of my head, I'd like to say that my piano teacher is ruining my life. Today's schedule was packed full. From a comprehensive clean-up of my room, which my dad deems as his working room and throws paper with comp jargon everywhere, to updating this wild, overgrown place a bit, to spending some time on AIM, there was absolutely no more room to do anything else.

   It was at this tight joint that my capricious PIANO TEACHER announced that "I will come to your home today at 4:30 for a surprise piano lesson!!!!" The annoying part is, she said this over the phone with actual zeal and enthusiasm. I swear I would have thrown up if I hadn't hurried and said farewell.

   Alors, goodbye to all you who visit this Garden of Strawberries. May you find that this place will not be updated as often as the year progresses. However, this will only be valid if I change my personality. May you also find that I get a sudden urge to update some days, causing me to rise (roll) out of my bed and update at midnight. How I love doing that!!

   This is later today. Around 8 PM . . . I just looked out my window, and saw 13 planes cruising the vast sky within my eye's glance. No, my eye is not freaky, it's just that about 13 planes were in the sky that could be seen at once outside my bedroom window. Has anyone seen this before?!? AND I'm sorry I couldn't put up the CTY page today. I don't believe I can tomorrow, unless I'm crazy. I put off studying my Algebra I today, so I'm leaving that all for tomorrow. Talk about waiting until the last minute!!

September 7, 2000

   I'm stupid.

September 8, 2000

   I'm not stupid.

September 15, 2000

   My relocation to the high school for m-a-a-t-h has been confirmed. Not only will I not be in the same classes as my other friends who are already in HS math, I won't be on their bus at all. As a matter of fact, I'll have a bus ALL TO MYSELF!!!! It's great to know that I'm causing the school a bit of trouble because they have to pay for special transportation JUST FOR ME!! Ultimate effervescence.

   I walk in Pin Su's footsteps. I will never be a smart as him, but it's still good to know that he did have the same math teacher as me when he was in 8th grade. I was also informed that Pin got the highest overall score in his class . . . and it was a B. That isn't ideal for me . . . but I can't do anything about it. Another thing is that I miss my lunch each day. Guidance couldn't do anything about that. Basically, what that means is, I have less than ten minutes to eat lunch on the bus each day, which does NOT appeal to me at all, so I'll probably skip altogether. I won't die, for those of you who care, I'll just get a lot of stomachaches from now 'till the end of the year.

September 18, 2000

   HS math is cool. There are "dumb" juniors (11th) in my class. And my class is rather small, maybe 15-20 people. None of them are too stupid, though some know not the meaning of common sense. The teacher is OK. I don't really know him. He hasn't given me a hard time. Yet. I don't have much time to describe the whole thing today. And another thing. I kind of resent Lissa/Fuzz/Jen/whoever it was who gave away a majority of my charitable Creme Savers® and then ate 1/4 of what was leftover. I will torture yall this entire week. Did I mention I didn't eat lunch??? Actually I did, but it was one of those tiny cereal bar thingies. I managed to eat half of it when I got back from high school, then ate the rest during 8th period Health class when Mrs. Mina was assigning seats and chaos was still in session.

   PS: It's been quite a day today.

September 28, 2000

   Didn't update in TEN days. Wow, I am getting better at this "Don't update if you don't need to!!" business. I'm so proud of myself!!

   Alas, here's something memorable for all you dudes & dudettes to cherish for the rest of your time [on this earth]. I got yelled at by Mrs. Gallo (*&!@*&!@*$&!@*&^#*!&@^$*!#) in SS class today for "not paying attention". Later, I got reprimanded by some of my guy friends (... you [guilty] ones know who you are...). So. I thank you "guilty ones" for giving me a good scolding in semi-accented Chinese. I admit that I deserve it. Your yelling at me keeps me in check ;þ

   Mommy's nth birthday today!!! Happy nth birthday mom!!! XXXOOO from your less annoying daughter, and perhaps your more annoying one too!!

October 1, 2000

   It's October. I'll update Top Ten some other time. Not today, though. Shoutouts to Ricky for lying to me again, and for me falling for his lie ;Þ

October 4, 2000

   Bla. All that I will say is, I feel mighty optimistic today!

October 12, 2000

   Tri-M. Jenny is the good ol Prez. !!!! I didn't know dat! Jeez. It was funny though, if you were there, remember the "Repeat after me, members."? Heh.

   Shout outz 2 my Jazz Band To-Be Roommates for the Virginia trip (which we so EAGERLY anticipate) and don't be hyper, girls! I won't be able to stand it, heh.

   This is extremely late and I'll daresay that I did it on purpose, but here are da people who have serious SMARTS & GUESSING SKILLS (lol) and made the CBA TEAM, in no particular order: Ryan, David, an Asian Chinese guy I, think, Lemon, Aqua/Water/Photo/Hahaha, B, Fuzz, & OshKosh/Akashie/Lucky-Guesser.

   CONGRATS 2 U ALL!!! Yes, yes, even Akashie, whom I find extremely irritating. As is Fuzzy. He got me in trouble in Science class today, that fool. (There was a sub. A mean, nasty, blockheaded, incorrigibly serious sub.)

October 18, 2000

   Nasty weather out. Nasty movie we watched in Health today! Lucky for those of you who had BAND LESSONS and missed that nasty movie. Euck!! Also there was a nasty spider in the mailbox and I couldn't check the mail because I was expecting the nasty progress reports since I will receive nasty lunch detentions starting tomorrow from nasty Mrs. Nick due to the fact that she is already nastily pissed off at me.

   Umm, Open House last night was interesting. Especially the S/E lecture, where sophs accuse each other of having "inability to focus.". LOLOL. Eddie & Dave gonna have fights!! Ooo . . . good day, now. Sorry if you think I'm annoying Matt . . .

October 24, 2000

   I dunno how so. But today, my high school math teacher Mr. Eason never showed up to class. Like, I spent the entire period staring at the wall. Which was being scribbled on by all the other enthusiastic and ungodly kids in my class. Erm, other than that, nothing special really happened today . . . Oh my God, I so suck!! I forgot to say Happy Birthday on the 19th to Steve Ho waaaay over there in his time (AZ, man!!) . . . so . . .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   (I left out the "belated" part cuz it looks bad in big bolded letters) We all love you and all the best while being a teenager! Hope you liked my present =) (Don't worry, I know you did.)

October 28, 2000

   Yay!!! I dunno why I'm so "buoyant and crazy" today, but I am! I think it has something to do with eating candy in Chinese School. The teacher made a dumb move by giving all six classmates of mine (ALL SIX!!!) a huge load of candy. Unfortunately, there were no Skittles. The candy wasn't that good (Twizzlers were the best ones) but it was still candy, so I guess I'm a bit "buoyant and crazy" today.

   Moreover, it is somebody's birthday today . . .


   OK y'all, I'd like to welcome Lissa to the wide world of teenagers. Her party @ Great Adventures tomorrow is gonna ROCK like anything!!

   Apart from the birthday news, I have news of my thoughts towards my math class. I dislike it. Not only is it a "regular" Algebra II class, my math teacher barely ever comes to class. Yesterday, my mom had to ship me to MHS at 11:45 to attend my math class since MMS had no school. Therefore I had to go to math class when I could have had no school altogether, like every other 8th grader, even my "abnormal" HS math friends =(. Sux # 1. Then, a strange substitute informed us that "Mr. Eason is not here today", put the stupid assignments on the stupid board, and stupidly began ranting and raving ENTHUSIASTICALLY (that's the most stupidly annoying part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) about his CAR. Sux # 2.

   There were other sucky things, such as my mom's car breaking down 3/4 of the way home. My annoying sister and my frustratingly venting mother at the time increased my already high intolerance of negative feelings, leading me to wolf down half a bag of my sister's candy corn while my she whacked stuff at me and screamed ~ "Momma!!!!! Tian eat all my CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE MEAN!!!! SHE BAD BAD TIAN!!!!!!!!!! I HATE BAD BAD TIAN!!!!!!!!!!!" I had an unusually interesting day on Friday =Þ

   Majora's Mask was supposed to be shipped to my house yesterday, but since the delivery dude came to our house when nobody was home on Friday, I don't get to have my cool N64 game until next week, probably. =( Wah, wah, wah. (Snow, Lemonberri!! LOL!!)

October 31, 2000

   Happy Halloween.

   **drops down dead on the floor**

November 8, 2000

   I hate this.

   Time after time, shocking news hits me like this huge 14 million billion trillion gazillion volt fence. Virginia & Eman becoming the first S/E "couple" in such a LOOONG time. Ricky Chung getting AIM (Isn't e-mail enough for the boy?!). And now, high school applications. *faints dead away*

   OK, so, my procrastination has gotten the best of me. I really don't deserve to go to any Specialized Learning Center. Procrastination sucks!! I don't have the common sense to do my high school applications early. How about college? Haha!!!!!! YEA RIGHT. I could just stay in line w/ Marlboro. There's nothing wrong with it! I could just mingle with the japs and make new friends and be the best in my class . . .

   BUT NO!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO WANNA GO TO S/E!!!!!!!! I am such a nerd, I can't understand it!! Not that you S/E peeps and to-be's are nerds. Y'all are awesome. Truthfully. It's just that I don't want myself to be like that. It's all about money. I resent that. However, it's true. . . . what AM I talking about.

   Screw all the applications! I am such an insecure fool that I can't stand it. Just now, Ben says on AIM that you hafta include stuff about clubs. So he's got the brains and the bro and lots of info. (Hey it rhymes =0) Then I go to the trouble of changing the entire layout of my application just to add in a few clubs and add a little this and that. INFLUENCES, PPL!!!!!!!! I have wasted about fifty sheets of paper. When talking to Jay, I only screwed up about 15 sheets. Now it's FIFTY. (And counting...)

   YOWZA!!!!!!!!!! (jumps onto the bed tearing out hair) . . . . . Good thing it's a long weekend *faints dead away*

November 14, 2000

   Howdy! *laughs airily* Lemme update you on how well my high school applications went. May I sum my emotions to this day toward it up in one word? Thanks. "DIE"

   I wouldn't bother to update today, but maybe I will. Some of my friends have been desperately requesting that I update this . . . for those of you who did, here's what I have to say. PATIENCE!!!!!!!!! lol~OK, I will TRY to update before Christmas comes. Especially before the New Year comes. Trust me, if anyone is reading this, I'll update a LOT more before the holidays and the snow comes in. (Snow, Lemonberri! SNOW!!! Uh-oh, déja vu again)

   Dun have much to say. I understand that I have recently acquired (successfully, without too much jibber-jabber) gei-gei's, jei-jei's, dee-dee's, and mei-mei's. Also, I think I also might have a few brother-in-laws . . . and sister-in-laws . . . courtesy of that newly-matched couple in S/E. *sigh* *shaking head disapprovingly* But anyway, I just wanted to say HI to my relatives, even those that I have never met and don't want to; vice versa.

   Yuppz . . . now I even have Mrs. Gallo's class updates. Haha . . . she, interestingly enough, cussed without warning in class today. 'Twas so funny!! (Actually, the funnier thing was that no one reacted audibly for at least ten seconds) She was really kinda ticked off at the short essays the majority of the class wrote for a diagnostic quiz at the beginning of the period, and started lecturing us on what Social Studies Seminar Class really WAS; in hopes of getting us to be more mature (impossible), intelligent (impossible2), responsible (impossible3), and less bummed (impossible228392874923874675). Here is a short excerpt, to the best of my memory.

   ". . .Some people come into this social studies class believing that all you have to do is THINK. *dramatic hand gesturing* They think that all you have to do is form CONCEPTS. *more hand gesturing* But . . . you cannot have any concepts without basing it on FACTS!! We are here to learn FACTS!!! Real, solid, historical, and to a certain degree verifiable - FACTS!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT PUT IN THIS CLASS TO COME UP WITH BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!" Hehe, I found it rather amusing and certainly very lively of her. Nice teacher =Þ *pats her on the head* (LOL!!!)

   For those of you who like to hear about my pitiful endeavors to actually like my math class, here's some more news. My teacher didn't come to class today. AGAIN. (Fortunately, there was a substitute. If a sub was not present, I certainly would have hid in the bathroom for the remainder of the period due to the various unpredictable actions of my rowdy classmates, those fellow japs, frosh, and junebugs.) By now, I am used to it. Big deal . . . I mean, there's a chapter test this Friday, and who cares if we all fail, right?! Who cares if he's not in to review with us, right?! Right.

November 17, 2000

   I'm having a bad day. I had a worse day yesterday, but I'm still having a bad day =(

November 21, 2000

   I saw Ruth Ellen Howard inbetween 6/7 period in Marlboro High School today =)

   I guess she wasn't sure if it was me, because I didn't see her at all. She was behind me when she called out, with a questioning wave in her voice, my name. Instinctively I turned around, stared, and gasped,"Ruth Ellen!!!!!!!!!!" It was a rather distinct moment, hehe, if you would put it that way. I had just turned a corner off the main A hallway on the second floor . . . and I skipped all the way to my classroom on the E side. I even talked to that guy Robert, whom I believe is a mentally, ah, UNSTABLE junior, lol. He reminds me of me when I was in 5th grade.

   But anyway, today was a funny day =)

November 30, 2000

   Holy Skittles! This whole week has been weird - odds and ends piecing together . . . and everything . . .

   I actually got about 6.5 hours of sleep last night!! That is awesome, considering that I slept for only 10 hours over the course of the previous TWO nights. If you're not a math person, divide 10 by 5, you should get a quotient of 2, (I hope) and that is the amount of sleep I got per night for the previous two nights, in hours, of course =)

   As I sed before, all these half days!! This week has been awesome - not much homework and slacking off in class. While on my way to Science class 3rd period today, with Jen, Lissa, and Fuzz tagging along, we saw the 8th grade Vice. We all said hi to him. Except me, who was too full of vim. (I ate breakfast this morning, so I needed to burn off those calories . . . heh) I went a step further and exclaimed cheerily, "What's up!!" Damn, everyone got a kick out of that. Later on, even me, when I realized what I had said. (Heh. Heh. Heh.)

   Skipping down to 6th period. After 5th period L/A, I had nowhere to go, so I ran around the hallways aimlessly, looking for people I knew and then waving to them, while they stare back in utter confusion. ("Why the hell isn't she going to class?!?") Fortunately for me, I met up with Charlene in the downstairs D wing . . . asked her where she was going, and then followed her into her class. It was band lessons, by the way. I wouldn't have entered if it were another class =) Anyway, Mr. Goley was conducting band lessons and looked rather surprised when I strolled on in and announced that I was gonna join them. Charlene just laughed her head off while I patiently (heh) explained to Mr. Goley why I wasn't in class and what I expected from him *big smiles*. I swindled a sheet of flute music to play on the piano for the 26 some minutes in the period. It was fun . . . all the poor sevvies kept on staring at me and asked over and over again, "Why is SHE here? Is she part of OUR band now???" Poor Mr. Goley. I guess he got pretty sick of explaining it to everyone after awhile.

   Mrs. Gallo sed that her 7th grade students ARE NOT GOING TO DO LAW ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT'S THE MATTER WID YOU SEVVIES?!?!?!?!? LAW ADVENTURE IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!! I am going to have to yell at Cindy Chung tomorrow, at the Pep Rally . . .

Around 8th period, I wandered downstairs, into the 8th grade locker area . . . and found Lemonberri at the locker!! She was stashing stuff into her bookbag, which looked surprisingly full of stuff, and even crumpled up sheets of stuff! I mean, since when has Lemonberri become so DISORGANIZED?! (ROFL) Anyway, Laurissa and Greg stopped by a few minutes later, and while they were, perhaps, still 50 feet away, I put mah hands in the air, waved them around in an eccentric salute, and said rather loudly, "Fuzzy, hun!!!!!!" LOL, you should have SEEN the look on Greg's face!! It was so hilarious, I was tempted to say it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . *fades away*.

   Anyway, it was then that I decided to cut gym. Like, who cares?? They didn't take attendance yesterday anyway. I, however, being the lovely little worrywart as I am, was a bit anxious. Lissa, Jen, and maybe even Fuzzy had to comfort me and say that nobody would notice, would care, etc. I felt slightly better, so I accompanied them on their merry way to the library to pass their free period. (I already had mine 6th period . . . didn't you notice??) I saw my Language Arts teacher, my former Language Arts teacher, and even the principal. Scary thoughts . . . *shudder*

   And then I had to get shipped from MMS to MHS for math class again. 'Tis unfair . . . anyway, I conveniently forgot to sign out in the main office in hopes of avoiding a lecture from the secretary dudette. On Tuesday, my mom made the mistake of going into the main office, signing me out, and actually conversing with the secretary dudette. Then the sec. dudette rambled on about how I didn't HAVE to go to the high school. Great Czechs, it's not like I WANNA go! But if I miss out on more class, what am I supposed to do on the quiz tomorrow!! Fail it!? Never in my life.

   In math class, I somehow managed to share a Kit-Kat bar with the abominable junior, Robert. I was like, staring at the Kit-Kat bar (What?? I was hungry!!! Don't look so ACCUSINGLY at me . . .) and Robert inquired, "Do you want some?" and I nodded dumbly and said thanks. He presented the single Kit-Kat bar left to me (It was one of those four packs) and I had some trouble taking it out, so eventually I ended up taking the whole package. In high school, it's cool because you can eat anything (even chew gum) without the teacher caring. Speaking of high school, the test is this Saturday. Perhaps I will do some reviewing now. Cheerio, me hunnies! *~glances around to see if Fuzzy is near~*

December 2, 2000

   I LIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I have survived this day!! I'm sure most of my hunnies out there (the 8th graders?) did SOOOO well on the high school testing. I don't feel much like lying right now . . . I'll tell you right now that I had to guess on some of the math problems (Forgot which ones) and I got one verbal wrong so far. (Naturally, the numbers can only add up from here ...) So, anybody still think I am smart? Heh heh. (I thought not. At least I'm not scared to admit it . . . all my pitiful hunnies out there who are scared of admitting these things!! 'Tis perfectly normal to mess up easy things!) (btw, in case u haven't noticed, "hunnie" is my newest word; though you must be flexible to conjugate it at times.)

   Umm . . . so . . . now that I've gotten you all to say inside of yourself, "How could she be so STUPID!!!!" as I know many of you are thinking, lemme enlighten you further and say that I have lost all hope for getting into S/E. =Þ Right and lovely.

   Instead of feeling empathy for myself, I've decided (through mom's vehement lectures in the car) to get on with it and do my best with the High Tech one. No doubt I will screw that one up too . . . ahh, perhaps I AM a normal girl like I always wanted to be. I'll just go to plain Marlboro High School and mingle in with the japs . . . wear glittery purple eyeshadow with matching shades of CK's newest tube-tops (not that they're allowed in school) and leather pants . . . waltz along the halls with my fellow jappies . . . slather on tons and tons of Tommy fragrance each and every morning . . .

   In reality, I'd gladly eat all types of sh*t before I resort to something as japp-i as that. Also . . . BEN or ANYONE ELSE, if you even as much as IMPLY on Monday that the test "WAS SOOOOO EASSSSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!" I swear that I will stare you down with my evil glares until you melt, and then throw chairs and rocks at what remains!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Right after testing, I rushed home to get a bite, slip into a slinky green, and practice some more in prepation for the piano competition I went to next. I saw Lissa there!!!! Lissa hun, you looked stunningly MARVELOUS!!!!!!! (Jay Chu!! Where art thou?! LOL) Where was Jason?! He is soooooo cute!!!!!!! (lol! Yes, I'll shut up now. Just, DON'T HIT ME!) The good thing about piano competition was, I didn't mess up. However, b/c I went so late, I doubt I made it even though I never messed up. Just awaiting the news now . . .

   Lesee, what do all you hunnies want for Christmas? Tell me. If you don't, or if I decide I don't wanna spend that much on you (hahaha), I will just get you something from the mall - me gurlz; and something from my candy drawer . . . MAYBE - me guyz. But for Fuzzy Hon, he gets FIVE HUGS and a KISS. *smirks, watches in glee as Greg's facial expression starts to twist and then he runs away in fear, shrieking that Tian is madder than usual*)

   NOW I'm tired. My anger has worn out. Tomorrow is a whole new day.

December 5, 2000

   Aujourd'hui, c'est FRICKIN SCREWED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   *ahem* I forgot how I say that in French, thus, I used English substitutes =)

   Utter humiliating in math class today. We started recursive functions, which are actually really easy, but I didn't understand when the teacher first introduced it. So he took me step by step, and even then I screwed up. To think that I am supposed to be the SMART one!!!!!!! Ga, ga, gagagagagaga!!!!!!!! *tearing out hair* Well, n+1=0. What's n? -1. (It is, don't argue with me!!!) So instead of saying the correct solution of -1, I stared at the board, screwed something up, and piped, "1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dear Lord, the embarrassment I suffer . . .

   Because of that, I could not give Mr. Eason the teacher evaluation/recommendation forms. 'Elp me, 'tis a living daymare this supposedly nice day! Oh, I JUST can't wait until MIDTERMS . . .

   I haven't done any of my homework, and piano lessons are today!! I need counseling. Any of you hunnies want Christmas presents, you gotta tell me or else I'm gonna give you a whack on the head for Christmas!!!!!!

December 17, 2000

   I am so terrible at updating and everything else!!!!!!!!!!! Aghhhhh!!!!!!!!! It's driving me nuts, the way stuff is falling apart!!!

   Umm, for those of you who still have the patience to wait for this page to load (heh heh heh), life is whacked up!!!!!! Starting from yesterday, which I designated as a special day b/c it not only was the last day of Chinese School for a couple of weeks, it was also the official day to go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING for all my friends!! *cough* I mean, friends AND acquaintances. *gloat*

   It is funny how I spent so much money. It is also funny how empty my wallet is. It is also funny how pissed off my mother is at me. It is also funny how things got so bad that mom and I couldn't even tell dad that we actually went to the mall =)

   Surekha's 14th birthday party yesterday!!!!!!!!!! OK, her actual birthday was the douzième (at least I think dats how u spell it . . .) but due to my extreme languishness at updating, I kind of "forgot" to specify a message on the 12th =) Sowwie! I know you'll forgive me, cuz you got the present anyway, heheh.

   Laurissa, don't hurt me about the RU My Friend? page. I changed it, dear, I changed it, DON'T HURT ME. If you do, I will flush your Christmas present down the toilet as I promised. =) Of course, the only thing that will do is clog the toilet and cause it to overflow. Oh, the unpleasantness.

   Um, I haven't finished any of my homework and I still don't know what to do for NHD as a topic. Last year, my topic literally came to me in a dream, as corny as it sounds. Argh, nowadays I can't remember my dreams as vividly as before, so there goes. I've got nothing else to say, I'm a bit cold and hungry and I'm not functioning too well. Until next time . . .

December 19, 2000

   First and foremost, my most current concern of the day is the fact that I no longer possess control over my Strawberrial Guestbook, dearest!!!!!!! This sucks so much!! I am fully aware (intended for my friends who have been, to my great annoyance, NAGGING me about it!) that Ricky and consequently Ben posted two messages, one after the other, which are actually pretty amusing but hold less than pleasant intentions ;) I mean, I can understand where the "fruity" came from, strawberries with whipped cream and all, but I recall yet another meaning of "fruity" somewhere in a deep, dark corner of my little noggin. When I do (or hopefully do) regain control over my guestbook, you can be sure I will add many LONG comments to their short ones. (Aye-ya-ya) (OK, I am just kidding, nobody come apologize to me for this . . .)

   Be glad, for those of you who read this (I am surprised that so many of you still read this, yet never mention it to me at school or elsewhere . . . sneaky little things, aren't yall?!) that December is almost over. I'm a bit relieved myself, and I dunno why. Winter vacation rules =)

   Social Studies trip to who-knows-where in Newark was actually pretty tolerable!! The bus ride was sooo awesome!!!! Bonding time w/ my girlfriends since I almost NEVER get to see them in school, not to mention outside of school, haha. Lemonberri, I am SORRY!!!!!!!!!! that I forgot to call you yesterday to gab about the upcoming trip, you know me, I was too busy meditating in my room. (heh) In the morning, we even got kinda lost and delayed on our way to the who-knows-where in Newark!! ;) LOL . . . so when we got there, different period classes got separated and some were even intermingled, bla, bla, bla. I forgot everything we learned, but that is ok! I know I learned SOMETHING. (I miss colored pencils!!!!!!!! *chuckles*) Lunchtime was cool. Ryan Perumpail gave me like this Pokemon gummy thing, and it was actually yummy despite its chalky and bland white color, hehe. I stole three gummies from Nimmy, and gave two of them away (GuEsS WhO!!!!). Actually, I was lying, Nimmy gave them to me, I didn't have to waste any effort trying to steal them =)

   The bus ride home was awesome too!! Although, for some reason, I thought it was a bit chilly, which is sadly irrelevant to the point I am trying to get across, and anyway, the point is that there really isn't any . . . I ended up using my coat as a crumpled-up blanket of sorts, and even managed to claim a sleeve of Lemonberri's coat!!! Shiny, black, coat!!!!! Feathers!!!!!!!!! LOLOL, I'm sorry again, Lemonberri, for pulling out those feathers. No hard feelings, hun =Þ Ah yes, I believe there are two things my girlfriends would like to hear me say. The first thing is, AUTUMN GOODBYE RULES!!!!!!!!!! The next thing is a little tribute to Lemonberri and the gazillion eons that I have known her, fights and all.

   Lastly, a birthday tribute! Yay ~ Happy 13th Birthday to Diana Shen!! My piano teacher's granddaughter . . . okz, welcome to our little world of teens, hun. =)

   I suppose that is enough writing for a day, I need to study for math now. Bye byez.

December 22, 2000

Snow, snow, everywhere!!!!!!!!!!

   Although this isn't the first time it's snowed, 'twas more enjoyable than the last time it snowed!!! It was flurrying a bit during the day, especially during 3rd period, when Lemonberri and Lissa and a bunch of my other hunnies made a "big deal" outta it!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Snow!!!!!!!!!!!! Heh heh heh.

   OK, I need to acknowledge all those who contributed to my hand sores and my hurt arms. If you have been observant, then you will have noticed my considerable struggle to walk around school without toppling over helplessly. If you are beyond observant; if you have HELPED me in my considerable struggle to survive without dying from all the extra weight, (presents, you country bumpkins, not pounds!!!) then God bless you!!!!!!!!!!! Especially Fuzzy, who volunteered to help me carry everything down to the buses at dismissal time. Thank ye, thank ye =) (Shoutouts to Lissa, Jen, and Jenny for helping me carry too . . . I think . . . give or take a few . . .) Now, I send best wishes and other nice irreducible content to my ladies who gave the gift of . . . gifts =)~~~

Laurissa, Jennifer, Jenny, Audrey, Dawn, Divya, Stephanie, Ruth Ellen, Katya, Surekha, Kuanie, Sheri, Cindy, Virginia, Winnifred, Sarah, Marina, Cathy, Annie, and Aileen.

   ~~~And my men~~~

Ben, Jay, Greg, Pin . . . that's funny, that's all the guys I can think of, hehe. Can u guess why??

   I am being ushered off the Internet, g2g . . . later!!!!!!!!! And thanks sooooooooo much, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! =Þ

December 24, 2000

   It's that time of year again!! Christmas Eve would be tonight, if I am not terribly mistaken. (If I am, blame it on the calendar.) I went to NYC yesterday, I dunno what the highlight was, but I loved the Christmas tree at Rockefeller and the honey roasted peanuts!!! Hahaha . . .

   If there's something I want you to do, something that's timeless and doesn't require too much effort (just an open conscience), it would have to be this: flip some coins or even a dollar bill or two to every person on the streets and the subways of New York City who have some kind of bin placed in front of them. The ones I saw were playing turnover cans like professional drummers, flipping the sticks around (Ben would be proud =) and playing like a pro (Jay would be proud =); another one was playing the Chinese er-hu so nicely. It feels really good to give them the extra bills in your pocket that you would normally use to buy candy, smile, and say "Merry Christmas," because they'll smile back and say "Merry Christmas to you too."

   That was yesterday . . . today, mommy forced me on my way to church (I wanted to stay home and go on AIM!!! *bawling*) and in return for her very un-nice action, I stubbornly stayed in one of the YUMMILY scented bathroom stalls (smelled like strawberries!!!!) and wouldn't come out. Hehe, serves mommy rite =Þ I know mommy got frustrated and now she's pissed at me for being a "rebellious, bad, teenager", but it's Christmas Eve and she won't be mad at me for long . . . so peace and chill out, hun!!!

   I had to open Pin Su's present early b/c he's going to Key West and won't be back until "next year", as he likes to put it . . . it's SOOOOO cute!!! Thanx so much!!! Hehe. Dinner . . . g2g . . . bye.

December 25, 2000

Merry Christmas!

   I woke up well before noon today to open presents!! They have been sitting alongside my bed on the far side of my room for a day or two now. I could only stare and wonder what was contained inside those layers and layers of wrapping paper . . . self control, people!!! Hehe. All the presents were so cool, thanks, everybody!!!

   So I'm sure all of you know of my anticipation for that fave N64 series of mine - ZELDA. Majora's Mask has been sitting in my room for months and months. I restrained myself from opening it . . . and I'm sooo glad I did!! (Restrained myself, that is.) I opened it and expected a cute little gray game like my Ocarina of Time game. But no!!! This one's PRETTY, hehe. It's gold and shiny and the front is 3-D and the pictures swirl around and make your eyes tear and head swim . . .

   So I'm marveling at this pretty little thing! I love it sooooooo much =) But the bad thing is, when I started playing it, it confused me beyond my wildest dreams!! Aye . . . the graphics are beautiful, the sound is . . . funnily creepy . . . and everything else is awesome. But I'm confused. Confused, lost, befuddled, et al . . . I dunno where I'm going, I dunno what I'm supposed to be doing, I dunno what everything is or who everyone is or why everything/one's there, or how, or or or or or . . .

   I did something you wouldn't think I'd do in a million years, not with Zelda anyway. I put the controller down, shut the power off, and left. Applause, please. =)

December 27, 2000

   Me in a partial bad mood today. Had to wake up kinda early. Piano lessons at 8:30. AM. Sucky. Cold fingers, annoying teacher. Banging on piano until hands hurt. More banging. Yuchhh.

   Sincere apologies sent out 2 Jay, I couldn't post a Happy Birthday message for you yesterday b/c Tripod Filemanager died and wasn't functioning!!!!!! I was sooooo frustrated . . . Happy Belated B-day, and welcome to our world of [sullen] teens. Teehee =)

   Napster cool!!!! Napster awesome, magnifico, yay yay yay! OK, I'm cold and lonely in the vicinity of my home . . . Things could be worse. (Right?) Um . . . Forever Young is a cool song!! And that I am not used to talking on the phone while still on AIM with ten people bugging me to talk to them! Daddy disconnected the TV and I can't play Zelda. =( He's so meannnn. *pout* OK actually, I THOUGHT he disconnected the TV because he did just that a few days ago, but today I guess he knew my sister was gonna watch TV, so he connected it again!! LOL, sorri for the false, er, accusation. So I got up to this other part, but I can't find a chicken guy and I got frustrated again, thus I quit playing. Aren't I patient?

   Nothing else to say. No girls on AIM today, all the guys on AIM I am sick of talking to b/c I talk to them 24/7 on AIM, so bye bye.

December 30, 2000

   For a reason unbeknownst to me, I checked my guestbook mere seconds ago, and lookee what I found!! Somebody who signed in as "Privy Wandering Eyes II"!!!!! Teehee, how very amusingly queer!! I can't believe I only realized. Maybe I should start signing my guestbook by myself again . . .? Heh. Well, me lazy and don't wanna update more, wanna sleep. But there IS one thing me not lazy enough to exclaim . . .

.«´¨`·.¸¸.SnOw, BaBy, SnOw!!!.¸¸.·´¨`».

December 31, 2000

   Before I start crying and rambling about why I don't deserve God's grace & all the things I have, I wanna wish each of you an awesome time watching that jingling ball fall down!! I hope that each and every one of you special little kiddies and hunnies will find joy, fortune, and success in the coming year =Þ

   You should all be relieved that we don't have to wait for this huuuge page to load anymore!! But keep in mind that if I keep up my eloquence in speech mannerisms in the coming year, (I assure you that I will, hehe) it won't be long before the 2001 entry will be reminiscent of this one. Just a fair little warning for those of you who are still doubtful of how much I am capable of writing. ;)

Happy New Year