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So, U R interested in finding out what I got on my report card huh? That is very sad 2 hear. Anywayz, the Report Card page will be updated exactly four times a year. Care 2 guess why, anybody??? If U think I am an idiot 4 posting up false grades, then don't come here in the first place!!! I didn't make U come here, ppl. Furthermore, let me make it clear that I do NOT spend my life on this website, it does NOT take a lot of time 2 make something like this, and . . . I forgot the rest. Oh well, I won't anger myself any longer by remembering any more stuff. Now - think, click, see, comprehend, and shaddup. Thank ye 4 paying attention, if U were. (*Note the spelling error in shaddup*)

1999-2000 (7th grade)