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Hello. I assume U R smart so I am not gonna give any instructions 2 what U should do next. If U truly R a decent human being then this should be no challenge 2 U whatsoever. Bye.

Achievement Scale: Related Arts/Phys.Ed./EOP
100-90                  Excellent O                   Outstanding/Excellent
89-80                    Above average S                    Satisfactory
79-70                    Average N                    Needs improvement
69-65                    Below average U                    Unsatisfactory
64-50                    Failure I                     Incomplete
I                          Incomplete E                     Excused

1st Marking Period:

Teacher Subject Score Comments
Mr. Carrigan Health 49 Shows extremely poor  effort
Mrs. Cohen Creative Writing O Shows poor effort
Ms. Fierro Psychology O Shows no effort
Mr. Manziano Wind Ensemble O Seems dead all the time
Ms. Cook Math 44 Curses at the teacher too much
Mr. Vanbenthuysen Science 49 Never in class
Mrs. Parnell French 50 Speaks Arabic instead of French
Mrs. Gallo Social Studies 48 Smiles too much, too hyper
Mrs. Buck Language Arts 41 Tries to assassinate the teacher
Mr. Barcello Applied Technology O Attempted to 'saw' off my hair


Note: The Comments section in real life was extremely boring and repetitive so I changed all the comments into more interesting things. U hafta add a certain # 2 all the values in the "Score" section 2 get the real score, and I'm not telling U what that # is. I know this can lead 2 a mass confusion but hey, that's life. Those were the only edited parts, hehehe.
Another Note: U can't tell the difference between the letter "O" and the number "0" in the chart, and unless U have been 2 MMS and know its staff quite well, U won't know whether the "0/O's" in the chart above are actually O 4 outstanding/excellent or 0 4 a failing grade.
Third Note: There R no mathematical miscalculations above. None. Zip. Zilch.
Fourth Note: Every marking period the certain # U hafta add 2 the posted grade in order 2 reach the real grade will change due 2 complications between me and some most psychologically challenged Privies. So if the # this marking period is 2, the next marking period might be -2394823794827.
Fifth Note: Are U taking notes on this?!?!?!? I will be quizzing one and all of U sometime in the near future on the content of this website!!! If U get a 99.9999999999901% or below on this quiz, then U will receive the privilege of becoming a certified garbage dumper and will immediately be transferred from school 2 this most . . . rewarding . . . occupation. (Each question is worth .0000000000099 points. No bonus will be given. No writing utensil will be given. No test scroll will be given. No light source will be given. No time will be given. No cheating is permitted, otherwise U automatically get an extra 50 points on the test scroll which will not be given.)
Sixth Note: If U get 99.999999999902% or above on this quiz I indicate above, then . . . oh I won't tell U, figure it out by yourself.

2nd Marking Period:

Teacher Subject Score Comments
Mrs. Bertschy Health O Cracks others' skulls by repeatedly hitting with the hockey sticks
Mrs. Cohen Creative Writing O *Sob* Burned all the books I have
Ms. Fierro Psychology O Steals my homework passes every time we meet
Mr. Manziano Wind Ensemble O Resolves to drive me nuts
Ms. Cook Math 58 Claims that Social Studies is better than Math
Mr. Vanbenthuysen Science 60 Ceaselessly insists that DNA stands for Deoxyribose Nucleic Airheads
Mrs. Parnell French 61 Responds "Quoi?" to everything I say
Mrs. Gallo Social Studies 59 Claims that Math is better than Social Studies
Mrs. Buck Language Arts 55 Rudely imitates me by waddling while walking
Ms. Alpert/Mrs. Bruno Writing & Research O The final report contained of 2 (slang) words and a punctuation mark, "Dis sux."

3rd Marking Period:

Teacher Subject Score Comments
Mrs. Bertschy Health O Throws bricks at the poor scoreboard
Mr. Vanbenthuysen Science Inventions O Turned on the forbidden "shower"
Mr. Barcello Junior Engineering O Shoots rockets at my head!!
Mr. Manziano Wind Ensemble O Abducted my whistle several times
Ms. Cook Math -2 Befuddles my pupils by declaring 1+1=653!
Mr. Vanbenthuysen Science 0 Stuck a marble down someone's nose
Mrs. Parnell French -2 A tremendous drop in grades
Mrs. Gallo Social Studies -2 Aye, she steals me pencils from me desk right under me nose!
Mrs. Buck Language Arts -9 Frustratingly uses vocab words I don't understand
Mrs. Sanderson Art O Paints on the tables, the walls, even my precious rags