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Faraway Place

Chapter 1:

  The campfire flickered as the autumn wind blew across the field. The eerie hooting of a night owl filled the silent air. As the storyteller silently approached the children, a look of curiosity washed over their faces.

   "I will tell of a time long before this one, of a generation much older than you and me. Listen carefully, and let the spirit of the ancient ones guide you."

   The storyteller paused for a moment while the children obediently sat down in comfortable positions.

   "The legend begins like this . . ."

   Deep in the forest in a faraway place, long before mankind had evolved, lived a tribe of peaceful creatures. These creatures, though small in size, had a heart of gold and an intelligent mind. They were called the BlueCritters, or simply just Critters. The head of this legendary tribe was the father of all Critters - the BlueWizard. BlueWizard was an old Critters who had lived for almost 400 years, and was a wise creature that practiced the art of magic. Though BlueWizard was a powerful Critter that could protect his children from harm efficiently, he could not fight against the powers of nature.

   And so it happened that a serious drought had befallen the forest where the Critters dwelled, cutting of all previous means of food supply. The scorching sun baked the land until it cracked, and burned the trees to a stump. It shone upon the meadows of grass and flowers and withered every plant. The once plentiful springs of water were now a dirty patch of rock and debris. All the creatures in the forest, except for the Critters, had either died or left for elsewhere. Not a drop of rain had been seen since the drought had moved in. Knowing that survival was crucial, BlueWizard called upon all his children to gather around.

   "My children, this drought has claimed all of our food supply, and the meager victuals we have stored is running out. I order all of you to spread out and try to find other means of food in this forest! Report back to me if you have found anything - you are our last hope of survival!"

   Among all his children, one stood out more than the rest. His name was BlueBerry, and a clever being he was! BlueBerry, a small and cute Critter, was one of the last born to the Critter Tribe. Although BlueBerry seldom spoke, his mind was always thinking, and when he did speak, his innovation surprised everyone. BlueBerry, upon hearing his father's decree, was silently planning a way to easily and adeptly find food.

   In the forest where the Critters lived dwelled another creature. Unlike the Critters, this creature is not as friendly as you might think. His name, EvilGreg, was chosen by the Critters to distinguish between the two species. EvilGreg was just as old as BlueWizard, though not as wise. Nevertheless, he also practiced magic, and with every new spell he conjured up, he became more powerful.

   Now, EvilGreg had a wicked apprentice known as SesameKitty. SesameKitty was a stray cat that got lost in the forest, and unfortunately fell under the influence of EvilGreg, now his master. SesameKitty was a natural when it was necessary to think up evil schemes, so EvilGreg took advantage of the fact and brought him in as an apprentice. EvilGreg was aware of the drought and its effect on the food he would have feasted on in the past. Not knowing what to do, he desperately asked SesameKitty for advice. SesameKitty, who was expecting a question like such from his master, slyly replied,

   "The drought has driven away all the animals, and therefore all the food we once lived on. However, don't forget that the Critters still live somewhere around here! You wouldn't mind boiling out adversaries for some delicious Critter soup, would you?"

   EvilGreg, nearly starving from the thought, happily agreed to SesameKitty's idea. With high hopes of finally finding food, the master and apprentice set out to find the Critters.


Chapter 2: