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Chapter 2:

    Meanwhile, the BlueCritters also set out to find food as their father commanded. Having no idea of EvilGreg's malevolent intentions, the Critters were as ambitious as ever.

   BlueBerry slowly trod along with a dazed expression on his face. Thinking about strategies to acquire food busied him so much that he didn't even notice where he was walking. BlueBerry trudged along a narrow path on the edge of the mountainside. Suddenly, the sky turned black and everything seemed upside down as the wind gusted over the top of his head. Plop! After having a few moments to recover from his fall, BlueBerry realized he had walked headlong into a deep it!

   "Now I'll never get home. Everyone will be mad at me for being so careless!" moaned BlueBerry, as he sobbed in frustration. After his hysterical crying receded, BlueBerry decided it was best to calm down and look around to see if he could find a way out. He got up confidently and looked around . . .

   Instead of finding a way out, BlueBerry saw mounds after mounds of freshly frozen food! There were strawberries, blueberries, carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, leafy vegetables, and so many more varieties of food that BlueBerry couldn't help feeling hungry.

   "Boy, this looks good! Maybe Daddy and everyone else won't be so mad at me after all! But all the food is frozen within a huge ice block. How am I going to melt that?"

   BlueBerry observed the bonanza of food and found a shiny blue diamond near the big block of ice. Now, this blue diamond was no ordinary diamond - it was the cause of all the food being packed into a block of ice - but Blueberry didn't know that. After a moment of consideration, he decided to inform his brothers and sisters, wherever they were, about his discovery. Since the pit was deep and it was getting cold without the warmth of sunlight, calling to his brothers and sisters for help seemed like the only reasonable choice he had left.

   "Cherry! Strawberry! Lemon! Peach! Help me! I'm stuck in a big pit full of food! Come help me out!"

   BlueBerry continued to holler until his siblings crowded around the pit to see what the commotion was all about.

   "BlueBerry? Is that you down there, BlueBerry?" yelled BlueStrawberry.

   "Yes, it's me! Help me get out of this hole! Look, there's food in this place, lots of it. But first I have to get out - it's getting really cold down here!"

   BlueBerry's siblings found a sturdy vine nearby and carefully lowered themselves down the narrow hole, one by one. When all of them gathered at the bottom of the hole, they noticed the mounds of food BlueBerry had been telling them about.

   "Wow!" remarked BlueCherry, obviously speechless. "This food could last us an entire year! But look, it's all frozen up so we can't bring it home to eat . . . and what's this? A blue diamond? It's pretty, but we can't eat it!"

   Soon, everyone pondered in silence over what they should do about the block of ice, and the significance of the blue diamond nearby - if there was any. Once again, it was BlueBerry who broke the silence.

   "Maybe we should just get out of here and report this back to Daddy. He'll probably know what to do."

   BlueBerry's suggestion was warmly welcomed by his siblings. They concluded that, overall, BlueBerry was right about his saying, "Daddy will probably know what to do." BlueWizard certainly was very wise, which was typical, due to his age and amount of knowledge he had accumulated over the years.

   BlueBerry and his siblings climbed up the vine and out of the deep, dark, and cold pit. As they reached the top, the sunlight greeted them and provided warmth - an element that the bottom of the pit lacked. The Critters rushed home, all of them excited, anxiously awaiting their father to inform him of the good news.

   Back in his study den, BlueWizard heard the loud calls of his children outside. He slowly put away his Book of Potions, then rose to attend to his eager children. By then, BlueBerry's siblings had caused quite a commotion outside. BlueWizard ushered his excited children inside, and calmly sat down to hear what they had to say.

   "Father! BlueBerry has discovered an abundant source of food! There is a narrow trail on the mountainside south of our village. It is in a deep pit along the narrow path that BlueBerry found fruits and vegetables of all kinds - enough to last us a whole year! However, there's one small problem. All the food is frozen into a block of solid ice, thus preventing us from bringing it back home!"

   Hearing this, BlueWizard suddenly became very interested and lifted his head, urging his children to continue.

   "Not only is there a frozen block of ice containing food in the pit, there's also a blue diamond near the whole thing. Father, do you know a way to melt the ice?"

   BlueWizard immersed himself in deep thought for a moment, then responded.

   "Yes, my children, I do know a way to melt the ice. if I'm not mistaken, this pit is mentioned in an ancient legend passed down to me from your earliest ancestors. I will now pass down this legend to you, the next generation."


Chapter 3: