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Chapter 3:

    Legend has it that the Gods of the Forest placed all the food at the time in  a deep, dark pit somewhere in the forest. As a precaution to evil souls, the Gods placed the blue diamond near the food and cast a spell over it. The diamond would freeze all the food in the pit, and would never let it melt unless sunlight reached the diamond's surface. In addition to this spell, the Gods decreed that whosoever rendered selfish deeds in the presence of the diamond would freeze into a block of ice, which would melt when sunlight hit the diamond again. This punishment would teach those who were selfish to become modest and considerate. Having finished their duty, the Gods of the Forest left for the Heavens, never to return. The legacy of the blue diamond would be carried out eternally, until one of the Gods would reverse the spell.

   The Demons of the Forest, seeing that the Gods were gone, decided to steal all the food for their own use. Not knowing of the spell cast upon the food, the Demons traveled to the bottom of the pit and saw the block of ice. Trying to melt the ice became an obstacle for the Demons. They repeatedly set fire to the block of ice, but the ice just wouldn't melt. Finally, one Demon brought sunlight down the pit using the magical Light Lantern. They shone the sunlight on the blue diamond, and melted the food. Just as the Demons were about to take the food away, a cold gust of wind blew from the diamond and froze the Demons.

   The blue diamond claimed its first victim. All the Demons of the forest were frozen in the pit of food. As sunlight could not reach the bottom of the pit, the Demons remained frozen. The Gods of the Forest saw what had happened to the selfish Demons from the Heavens. Being kind and forgiving in nature, the Gods sent a messenger from Heaven to bring all the Demons out of the hole and free them from their icy imprisonment. As a last warning, they destroyed the Light Lantern so the Demons of the Forest would never be able to steal the food again. Once more, the messenger froze the food and left for the Heavens. From that time on, no living creature of the Forest ever found that pit of food again.

Autumn Goodbye.

Chapter 4: