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Chapter 4:

    "If BlueBerry had not accidentally stumbled upon the pit of food, we would still be hungry now. All praise BlueBerry!"

   BlueWizard complimented BlueBerry, as did all his siblings. They prepared to set out for the mountainside, with BlueBerry leading the way. Finding the trail to the pit a second time was no hard task for the intelligent BlueBerry. He simply retraced his footsteps by memory, and eventually reached the pit with his father and siblings right behind him.

   "Now," declared BlueWizard triumphantly, "we must find a way for sunlight to reach the diamond." A moment of hesitation passed over the Critters. They realized that this task was harder than finding the pit, and required good thinking skills.

   Everyone, even the wise BlueWizard, turned to BlueBerry for advice. Shocked at the sudden attention he was receiving, BlueBerry managed to softly utter,

   "Let me . . . think."

   He considered his options, which were very few. His siblings, sensing the awkward position they had put him in, began to banter each other in hopes of relieving BlueBerry's pressure. BlueStrawberry teased BlueLemon, while BlueCherry threw a handful of dry soil at BluePeach. BluePeach, who cared a lot about her appearance, hollered at BlueCherry. Then, she complained,

   "Father, father! Look what Cherry did to me! Why, if there was a pool of water, I can just imagine seeing how dirty I am now in the reflection . . ."

   BlueBerry jerked up his head upon hearing the word reflection. Something in his head snapped, as BlueBerry slowly smiled a victorious smile.

   "I've got it!" cried BlueBerry, startling his father and siblings who were oblivious of BlueBerry's actions the moment before.

   "Since we can't force light down the hole, we'll reflect light into the hole!"

   BlueWizard and his children murmured words of approval, apparently impressed at BlueBerry's logical approach to the problem. Their spirits soared higher than ever with the thought of fresh food to eat.

   As it turned out, the Critters were not the only ones with soaring spirits. EvilGreg and SesameKitty also had high spirits as they neared the Critters by the mountainside. They rapidly approached the Critters, motivated only by the thought of an abundant food supply and scrumptious Critter soup.

   "We will have much food to eat, SesameKitty, so do not be discouraged. In addition, we will also feast on the Critters as revenge."

Death and Reincarnation

Chapter 5: