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Once again I find U at a place U shouldn't be at . . . blah blah blah, never mind. The entries R listed one by one in chronological order, from top 2 bottom. Basically, this page is a scroll down/up page and might get very boring so . . . U should definitely be reading this on a rainy day or something. Amuse-toi très très très très très très très très très très très très . . . etc. . . . bien. 

  1. November
  2. December

November 10, 1999.

 Today was the day before Veterans' Day, causing me to wear a somewhat patriotic shirt. The American Flag. 'Tis up to you to decide whether the American Flag is patriotic or not. Anyway, today is cool because it's the last day before a four-day long weekend! Hallelujah!!! In Science Seminar class today, I had an Airhead giveaway to people that I shouldn't have given anything. It was originally meant for Miss Liu but word eventually got out and more people were bugging me for Airheads. The teacher was wondering why there were so many candy wrappers in the garbage can.

 I also went shopping for an ugly piece of apparel that I hafta wear to a piano recital in a big place located in New York City. At the shopping place, I saw someone in 8th grade that I kinda know that I shouldn't have seen. And no, I'm not talking about a haystack. There was nothing wrong until I spotted this person and started pointing at him and yelled out his name, which attracted my mom and his mom's attention, leading to my mom showing everyone (Including him, the person I saw) the ugly piece of apparel that we had bought at the store. Dang, and then he started smiling his head off when I tried to hide behind my mom, which I now realize was a dumb move, but it's too late. And this guy is indeed in 8th grade at MMS, and passes me in the halls every day. I also see him at Small Ensembles and Math Club. Not B's bro, who perceivably hates me for some reason. (Ah who cares.) Someone else. Care to guess?????????

 BTW, the ugly piece of apparel happens to be a dress. I hope I have clarified that for you. Today I also got a Jessica Simpson Single Cassette. (Not CD Single. Cassette Single. Cassette is worse than the single but better than nothing.) OK, I'm going to busy myself at something else. (Like observing the weak points of the ugly piece of apparel so that I may tear it up to bits without leaving evidence. I seem very obtuse now, I know.) Bye!

November 20, 1999

    Screw it, **** and *** are both in 8th grade math now and more people like *** and ***** are probably gonna move up also! I truly need some medicine, an extra brain, and perhaps some more books?? Okay whatever, now math is messing with me cuz I have so much to learn lately (ie: Chinese, SAT review questions, rules, directions, French, radio song lyrics, drying the dishes without breaking them, etc.) and the people in my grade are absolute geniuses! Crab, I can't stand it! Alright I'll stop fuming now and say something positive. Hmmm, to start everything off, I am doing fairly poorly in school, I suck at piano, (Which is kinda faux) I can't write, I can't draw, I can't type, I can't come up with comebacks, I'm broke, I'm dying, I'm being pressured into various things, I'm losing my freedom, I'm losing my nerves, I'm losing my brain, I'm losing my books, I'm losing my belongings, I'm losing my intelligence, I'm losing my memory, I'm losing my eyesight, I'm losing my sense of smell, I'm losing my hair, (Which is absolute faux) I'm losing my height, (In other words shrinking) I'm losing . . .

    Of course I could ramble on and on. Ah, I just noticed that those things should've been positive. Oh well who in the netherworld cares. I suppose they are positive based on my past, present, and future experiences.

    I shouldn't be saying this but there is a certain crab in 7th grade at MMS who is mad at me and yet sort of smarter, and who is against me, leading to a bunch of privies who are annoying, insulting, yelling at, stalking, etc. me. Thank you for your, uh, patience? Or something like that? Whatever. It's 3:07 PM on a nice sunny Saturday but for some reason I feel messed up. Zut alors, blame it on somebody who you want to blame. Au revoir.

November 25, 1999

    Today is Thanksgiving Day! Not only is there no sun, humidity, rain/drizzle, it is also a Thursday. Well, at least it's a day off. And tomorrow too! I have nothing to do basically other than extremely boring chores which I will avoid at any cost, playing the piano which I am sick of and have been sick of for the past you-name-it years, chinese homework which I don't intend to do until the day it's due, SAT reviewing which I just finished doing but still have a long way to go, vocabulary words to know which I absolutely loathe because I can't picture myself as a nerd with a huge vocabulary, instant messaging people and pissing them off except the fact that NOBODY FUN IS ONLINE, watching TV which is dumb because my TV sucks, I don't have cable, there's nothing on, and my sister is watching something and will not give it up until the screen goes blank of natural causes. (such as power outage) Other than that, nothing is fun around here.

    I have heard of plans of vacationing to Disney World (Florida) in winter vacation?!? I don't wanna go for some reason. The only places I've been to in the United States since I was three years old was NYC, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maine, (On the way to Canada) and Canada. I've never been to Florida or California or Texas or Illinois or wherever these places are. Oh well. I must consider myself deprived of worldly things now.

    Awwww I found out who those stalkers that were bothering me on AOL IM were. Donkey-Kong and Godzilla II (I am Godzilla the Original, as known to my friends) SOMEHOW found out my screen name and started anonymously pissing me off a few weeks ago, but later I found out from a friend what their screen names were and so I started to piss them off too. Unfortunately I have extremely bad timing and pissed off D's cousin (Or so she says) who goes to MIT and stuff (One of those genius people who score 800/800 on the SATs) so now I am afraid to show my face out in public. Actually it's not that bad yet don't worry. I shouldn't be mentioning names but, hey, I feel like it. That's everything. I am trying to update stuff but something screwed something up which made something go wrong. Something is a very vague word but in this situation it's the most distinct term I know of. (Or at least think of.) Heh heh heh if you have any suggestions to improve (or screw) this website, please please please e-mail me!!! I have been so, what's the right word, fastidious about my academics lately that nothing else can fit into my schedule. Ahahaha! Report cards got issued yesterday!!! That was funny because so many should-be intelligent people got B- on lots of subjects and so many should-be obtuse people got B+ on lots of subjects. I on the other hand have decided to go for straight A+ (Ever heard of such a thing?) for marking period 2. Who in hell came up with the Honor Roll? I hear from eighth graders that you get a tiny paper certificate and probably a bumper sticker that says, "My child made the Honor Roll." Hmmm OK that is so memorable isn't it?

    Anyway if you go to the link "MMS" you will find an added section there: Grades I get for each marking period!!! Of course you probably think that I'm gonna change all the grades to 100 just for the heck of it but no, these are real live grades! Nothing has been edited except for maybe my name which you probably already know. This brings up the issue that I haven't exchanged my grades with any of my friends yet . . . something is happening - usually I would call them up right when I get home (Like last year. O that was annoying.) or else they'd call me and we'd exchange grades and yell at each other if we got an A- or something. Ahh the good old days . . . alright I'll clam it.

    I'll post up more stuff if anything particularly interesting happens. The Top 10 Songs of the Month are gonna be changed around December 1st so check that out. And you must vote!!!! Vote for any songs with any amount of votes!!!! However, please keep the number of votes below 99 billion because there will be no room to post that up. I do not do tedious amounts of calculation work just to update a website, thank you very much. Go to the "Bulletin Board" to see questions and weird information posted up. If you can answer them, please do because stuff in the Bulletin Board is usually meant to be answered. The "RU a Privy" link is pretty interesting, if you have the time go check it out. The "About Moi" page is a list, if you would call it, of . . . go figure. Also many links might not work due to my absolute stupidity and lack of time and effort to correct the mistakes I make while transferring files to the web-site provider place. Gyrh, bye bye!

    Dec. 1, 1999

   Oh, Alpha and Omega! Lots of people think this site kix ass but some think it's screwed. (Some also think I'm screwed. That's good to hear especially since their lifeline will be cut short by, oh, let's see, 75 years just about?) More people are signing my guestbook! LOL. I find that funny for some reason. Anyone for roasted chestnuts at this moment?!? Ten cents apiece, hot and fresh!!!

    To my annoyance, several (Or maybe just one) people (person) have (has) admitted to me that I am mentally challenged. Oh joy, just in time for the holidays. They (He/she/it) have (has) great timing, eh? Oh, btw I added new links to my "Links" page, changed some stuff around, and messed some stuff up. Care to explore? Since you are already here it wouldn't hurt to spend some more time discovering stuff. Which is why you are here in the first place, I grant.

    My Writing & Research topic is Phobias. If you have any cool stuff/info on Phobias please inform me! Also, if you have any nice, sincere ways to ditch your best friend, please tell me. I am in need of such information right now. And a big THANK YOU to the nice people who signed my guestbook and actually put comments in instead of blabbering about their own social life and needs. Ok, now the good news . . .

    . . . there really isn't any good news that could be posted here to be viewed by the public. Personal good news stuff is aplenty these days, but I am not sharing that wid you!!!

    I'm not pissed today since it was a half day and everything basically went smoothly. Yesterday, in my math class, we switched seats around and I ended up sitting in a whole different area of the room where whiners complain that they can't see over me, those jerks. Well, at least now I sit closer to the clock and can do a more accurate countdown. (30 minutes and 15 seconds; 30 minutes and 10 seconds; 30 minutes and 5 seconds; 30 minutes; 29 minutes and 55 seconds . . . on and on it goes) However, at this point the math concepts are getting harder for the less academically gifted, and the teacher is beginning to lose a lot of people who shouldn't be in high math, so ha. Thank you Mr. Smithouser (My former 6th grade math teacher who absolutely KICKZ @$$) for teaching us all those things the other 6th grade teachers didn't teach their students.

    I am aware that certain people (Maybe it's you!) are tracking down everything I say on this website and printing them out to show others while mocking me. I would like to say that I have nothing to worry about since all I hafta do is delete the bad stuff and deny that I ever put anything bad. Not that there was anything bad in the first place. If you are just one of my acquiescent friends who happened to have time today to surf by and check stuff out, you totally rule. Otherwise: Mix bleach with wine and drink. A suggestion made by one of my friends while on the net today.

    Maybe this entry was a little long, but that's OK. I'll stop here for now, since I hafta catch up on certain tasks. Have a great day . . . and somebody plz get me Savage Garden's "Affirmation" and Jessica Simpson's new album for Christmas or something! You'll get something back!! Deity, au revoir now.

Dec. 2, 1999

   I updated lots of stuff today. Almost every link there is, as a matter of fact. The only thing worth mentioning besides the fact that my friend also has a website up (I wonder why) at is the fact that I forgot to bring my house key with my today, thus leading to the event of being locked outside of my house with my bookbag, coat, (Thank God is was a heavy coat) and a temper. The dumb garage door opener ran out of batteries, hence it would not open the garage door for me, which is usually how I get in my house when the front door is locked. It was a coincidence, I say. Well, after awhile, I got bored of shivering on the porch while the wind blew in my face, so I went to my friend's house down the street, who gladly let me in to play Nintendo. Good thing I didn't have much homework.

    I didn't have breakfast and my lunch was Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yum yum - it has like, ten different added vitamins and minerals and CALCIUM!!! (Oh bother) You'd think I was anorexic if you saw how much I ate for lunch today. Well it was my fault basically. As I stated before, it was a coincidence, whether you believe it or not. Short entry today. Sign my guestbook and go to my friend Jen's site. It might be slightly screwed up but on the whole, it's cool.

Dec. 7, 1999

   My teeth hurt. It's all the orthodontist's helpers' fault. My teeth hurt. My teeth hurt. I am frightened. I am frightened. About nothing really. About nothing really. Oh btw my friend's website is not at anymore. Oh btw my friend's website is not at anymore. I criticized her site one too many times and so she deleted it. I criticized her site one too many times and so she deleted it. Are you getting sick of this repeating thing? Are you getting sick of this repeating thing?

    OK I'll definitely stop now - I think. OK I'll definitely stop now - I think.

    I really will this time. Nothing happened today that is worth (or appropriate to) discuss. Besides the fact that certain *ppl* angered me so, and they know who they are. I think I will just leave them alone for awhile and see if they stop bothering me like another one of them did. Trial and error is a perfect method to use in this situation, though it generally proves true to its name Trial and Error instead of Trial and Success. If anybody has spare time right now, e-mail me. I'm getting bored because nobody mails to me anymore besides LemonGurl. Oh well. I still have homework to do. Amuse-toi bien.

    Dec. 10, 1999

   Friday, the name of Robinson Crusoe's "slave" and friend in the book Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Read it. I can't say it's particularly wonderful but it's not boring. So. Tomorrow is Chinese School. O wonders of all wonders, mayhap I will be sick tomorrow??? Actually there's no chance of that whatsoever unless the Superior Being decides to destroy all Chinese Schools overnight, leaving desolate plains of land and nothing related to Chinese School in the United States!!! Hahaha I truly wish . . . hmph Quad F  has never gone on a single trip yet and Quad G, being the (supposedly) lucky quad, has recently gone to see "The Nutcracker" somewhere in a theatre located in New Jersey. Not that "The Nutcracker" was particularly interesting, based on stories told by my friends, however they got to miss most of the school day and actually had fun. (Not watching the Nutcracker, I assume. Probably eating lunch on the bus. Talking/screaming/singing???/insulting on the bus. Fooling around (Or running around, whichever you prefer) the theatre during intermission. Aww that sucks. I was in class with the rest of the . . . ppl.

    BTW Jazz Band and Wind Ensemble 7th & 8th grade last night. It was totally awesome!!!! Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome . . . I could go on and on but some things are better left unsaid. Geez the drummers went wild, though the rhythm was still pretty good. If you are in the Jazz Band of MMS, then the only thing I hafta say to you (If I haven't already) is that Jazz Band kickz major @$$!!!!! 

    Nothing much, but it just occurred to me (Yea, it JUST occurred to me. I'm kinda insulting myself here but that's OK because I don't really care anywayz) that I don't know my gym teacher's name. I've had him as a teacher for almost a month now, and I have NO CLUE what his name is. Hahahaha you can laugh all you want, as a matter of fact I know you probably are laughing your head off, as well as rolling around on the ground, trying to stop your hysterical actions. Gray rainy day, not much to do around here. I think I'll go do some work for once. See you guys in MMS!!!!!!!!! And if you have the time, e-mail me cuz my Inbox is really lonely. And when my Inbox is lonely . . .

December 11, 1999

   Hi, I forgot to mention something yesterday. On Friday the 10th of December, there were pictures taken for various clubs. Half the ppl (Or so Jen says) in Math Club didn't show up for the pictures. It turned out most of those ppl were in the band room watching T.V. and getting drunk. (Well, the drunk part is false.) I guess there was no announcing system for the band room that day so all those poor unfortunate souls missed the pictures.

    I always look bad in pictures anyway. Gyrh. As I say, there's always next year. Mayhap next year we will all be in the same band room with no announcing system that very day, watching T.V., getting drunk, and miss Math Club pictures again? We'll wait and see.

December 17, 1999

   O, today is a Friday! O hark, the angels sing, singing of the bad weekend I am about to have. Tomorrow (samedi) is definitely booked full for me, and Sunday (dimanche) is still unspecified. Today (vendredi) was an OK day, (Actually it was awesome for me) except that I still have a Chinese composition to write for tomorrow and a song to memorize for the piano performance, also tomorrow. And no, this piano performance is not important since I waited until the last day to memorize a piece. Oh heh heh do any of you do that? C'mon, be honest!!! Anyway, nobody is home so I'm updating my page clandestinely and without permission, (O bad me) and afterwards I will have to do some work. Does anyone have a 100 math average? I'm just curious. No particular reason. Oh hmmm, au revoir les amis!!!

December 19, 1999

   Oh awesome!!!!! The skit in Church was sooooo cool!!!!! Other than the fact that I tripped on the floor while getting up to perform and bumping headlong into a high school girl, everything else was awesome!!!!!

    But it wasn't my fault. They didn't let me rehearse on the stage and I wasn't looking in front of me. So I didn't notice that there was a step up ahead of me. So I tripped. And they (various people) were recording. Oh poo.

    Less than a week until winter break!!! Now I'm too excited, way too hyper, etc. Hmmm, I need some Coke to calm me down ... actually that'll make me even more hyper but, that's alright.

    I can live wid that. Oh yea, before I forget, you MUST visit this person's site, I won't tell you who. You'll - find out soon enough. It's at

   Fairly short link, eh? It's still under construction but I think it's pretty good. Do any of you want Christmas presents? Ask and I shall give! Well, it actually depends on how much $$$ I get before this Thursday ... you can try anyway.

    Rejection is good for you sometimes. Heh. ô¿ô.

December 21, 1999

   Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads!

    My rationed Airhead supply has recently been replenished by 200%!!!!!! Airheads! All to myself!!!!!!! Greedy ain't I. Countdown round . . . only two days until vacation!!!!!!!

    Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads! Airheads!

    Sorry, had one too many Airheads, sugar high, explains all the hype.

December 22, 1999

   Gifts!!!!! Krismas gifts!!!!! Krismas, I say!!!!! Nu Yeer!!!!! Nu Yeer gifts!!!!! Nu Yeer, I say!!!!!

    Today I am even worse than the previous day due to the enormous intake of a chewy and edible kandy known as "Airheads." There seems to be a chemical within this kandy that addicts the user to this product.

    Am I making Airheads sound like drugs??? Oh oopsie daisies. I'm so sorry for all the troubles and misunderstandings I have caused. Well, big day tomorrow. Quad F has their Quad Day which will utterly screw up my schedule. Also, tomorrow has been set as the BIG GIFT EXCHANGING DAY™ for many ppl and I. I will try to cram in as much news as possible before Friday since I am going to Florida for Winter Break. No groaning or complaining since this is the first time I have ever gone, and probably the last time I will go. (With my family for vacation purposes anyway)

    However, if you're just like me, having been deprived of worldly things and will be in the future, then be comforted by bearing the knowledge of knowing that you are not alone. It's always like that, isn't it. You think you lead the worst life on Earth, but eventually someone else proves that wrong. And that someone else thinks the same thing but once again they're proved wrong by another person ... from the looks of it, I am gonna propose a question: Who leads the worst life on Earth???

    I will accept three answers. A) I dunno.   B) Me.   C) There's no such thing.

    If you disagree, I'm OK with that. As long as your answer does not require tedious reading, understanding, and manipulation of information by the common folk. I made a new link called Strawpardy. Go check it out if you have time!!!!

December 23, 1999

   Coolio!!!!!! Last day of school!!!!!! Winter break starting tomorrow! I'm gonna tell about most everything that happened today now.

    First period was gym as usual. Knockout.

    Second period was EOP. I have Psychology on B days, except we had a party, so whatever. It was cool.

    Third period was when I booted my little bod into the mini theatre for the first time. The Quad F assembly continued, and we watched the Muppets version of A Christmas Carol. It was kind of boring, but hey, it's not work, so I'm OK wid it.

    Fourth period . . . ahhhh, the best part of the day. We had a party filled with Edible DNA (Kandy and stuff) and Cytoplasm (Drinks). It was darned fun. I wish everyday could be like that, but after awhile it would get boring. Anyway, it was so awesome fourth period that I just can't put it in words. I made my edible DNA outta Airheads, so I called it "DeoxyriboNucleic Airheads." It's still abbreviated DNA, so I don't see the difference. Oh man, you should've seen how many Airheads I used for it. At first it kept falling apart so I got really mad, but eventually, I got smart and decided to use toothpicks as binding material. It worked. Yippee!!!!! After fourth period, the Quad F ppl (like me) went to regular lunch, except none (Or not many) of us ate lunch. *Groans* Too full and hyper from the party to eat anything else . . .

    Fifth period was a continuation of the Quad F Assembly. We had Homeroom Jeopardy. OmG OUR HOMEROOM WON!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Nim and Adam!!!!!!!!!! FYI Adam is Adam Slavens, the guy who broke the tie between Miss Cook (Us) and Mrs. Buck's (Them) class. Nim is Nimrod Grinvald, the other guy who broke the tie between Miss Cook and Mrs. Buck's class. And how can we forget these two magnificient guys???? How I ask? Whoever does is excused. Heh. The prize is merely a homework pass for any subject, no big deal. But I must admit it was fun. Even though I didn't exactly take part in the contestant part, it was fun.

    Sixth period was Social Studies as usual. Oh wowie, when playing the Decisions Decisions (Yea I know, gay names) Feudalism game, my group scored exactly 40/100 points, or 2/5. Oh yea, we rule. After announcing the scores, there were two groups who tied for last place, or 2/5 points. One was my group; consisting of me, Godzilla II, and Mike Ferra. The other was Jen's group; consisting of Jen, PhotoG., and Greg Ep. Mrs. Gallo called us loser, then stuck up the "Loser" sign with her fingers backwards. Haha, it was funny.

    Seventh period was the Quad F Award Ceremony. I don't get it. The Honor Roll is supposed to be 'memorable' and yet it REALLY IS just a piece of paper with a bunch of print on it. And the paper isn't even good quality. It's thin and easily crumpled, not that I tried to crumple it. It was an accident. (You're saying "Oh yea SURE") Anyway, it was fun and not fun; fun because you get to see all these dumb and non-deserving people get the Honor Roll while the smart people don't - not fun because Mrs. Schuh, the guidance counselor, pronounced my name wrong. *Sigh* As usual.

    Note: I made the Jelly Roll.

    Eighth period was Writing & Research in the library. I misplaced my index cards that were due today somewhere at home, causing me to have to struggle and make it up in class. Oh, I survived. Though it was extremely frustrating, I survived. And actually got a good grade. Whoopie.

    Dismissal time came, after a day of exchanging, receiving, and commenting about prezents, it was tiring. After saying Happy Holidays to most everyone, even some former Privies, I (jumped) walked my way to the bus with a friend of mine who was also hyper from the Airheads she received as a Krismas prezent from me. This century has been such an awesome one. I hope next century will be the same, maybe even better.

    Hmmm. Some things are for you to reach up and get, and some are for you to wonder about. I don't know if the World is gonna end soon or not, but I don't really hope it does. After all, this World is kinda fun to live in and I personally wouldn't like to give it up.

    I may make it home from Florida in time to put another entry before the Millennium on this site, but I don't guarantee it. I wish you all well.

        Happy Holidays. :-)