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'I am evil and superior!!!!' laughs the moonThe Hyrule in Majora's Mask exists in a parallel universe to the Hyrule that Link explored in Ocarina of Time. It's reported that the Clock Tower Village inhabitants are worried about some sort of lunar threat. It's not every day (or night, for that matter) that you get to see a moon with red eyes cackling at everyone and freaking them out. See why everybody's worried??

Lovely face ...It appears that Tatl and her brother Tael (The white fairy and the purple one, respectively) have an unusual relationship with Skull Kid , the strange, looming, & colorful looking thing in the center of attention. This screenshot flaunts the incredible special effects which will appear in the game's cinema scenes. The Skull Kid character is probably some sort of representation of Ganondorf from the previous game. Skull Kid's mischief is what warps Link to the parallel universe found in Majora's Mask.

I wonder if incessant smiling does damage to your brain ...Aghh!! I can't read Japanese!!!! But anyway, I have the translation. The smiling man in the purple is saying to Link, "I am an avid [enthusiastic] collector of Happy Masks. By traveling through time and across the land, I will be the first person to find every Happy Mask ever made ..." Happy Masks are essential to Link's progress in this game, whereas they were merely a form of entertainment in Ocarina of Time.

Kill 'em ... kill 'em all ...These smirking Skeleton Warriors are about the same size as Stalfos Knights, but they're a completely different type of enemy. As usual, Link is outnumbered. *sigh* But of course, Link has a brain which I don't think the Skeleton Warriors have, and he destroys them all regardless of size or number. Majora's Mask will feature plenty of real-time sword-swinging action just like in Ocarina of Time, which is good ... *cackles*

The mesmerizing stare kind of clashes with the fiery red hair. Dontcha think?!Once again, I have a translation for the Japanese!!! The Gerudo Warrior is obviously complimenting Link. "What a brave boy you are to steal from the Pirates!" In this parallel universe, it looks like Gerudo warriors are pirates rather than thieves. (They're still women though . . . phew.) It's probably safe to assume that Link will encounter the Gerudo Pirates near water, rather than in the desert. Unless, of course, they happen to be stranded in the desert for no reason at all.

This kid definitely isn't scared of ghosts, spirits . . . or Poes.Link encounters some bad weather when he ventures into the Graveyard. (It's raining, if you can't see) Unfortunately, he doesn't have an umbrella in his arsenal, but anyway, he doesn't care because his clothes never seem to get wet. Even while swimming.

Ooo ... pretty flames ...Link, in his Deku Mask, proceeds in a slimy dungeon. He's adequately disguised in his semi-cute ensemble (Luv the blond hair sticking out of the lime-colored cap), so he really shouldn't have anything to worry about - should he?

'I shall now perform the Moonlight Sonata ... by that ... Bee-something dude ...'The keyboard player in the world-famous Zora band Dull Blue is also the leader of the band. He looks very different from a typical Zora, which Link encountered previously in Ocarina of Time.

Help!! Aggressive canine!!!When Link, wearing his Deku Mask, cheerfully attempts to pet a stray dog in what seems to be the marketplace . . . the dog gets scared and attacks him. (Stupid mutt!!) I guess Deku Link has to transform back into his normal self before seeking canine companionship. Deku Link is left all alone, laid out on his back, recovering from the shock of the dog attack, while the dog happily prances away - dripping fake innocence. Some people think this is humorous. I think . . . DESTROY ALL DOGGIES!!!! Well, the unfriendly ones that feign innocence anyway.

I see dots! Dots, everywhere!!Somewhere in Termina, which is what they call the world parallel to Hyrule, Link discovers an unusually colorful room. Pretty swirlies . . .

Hoot! Hoot!This statue, the inanimate object that has a green cursor hovering over it, is a rather peculiar cross between a Gossip Stone and Kaepora Gaebora the owl, from Ocarina of Time. Perhaps this object can only help Link determine what time of day it is. Or, perhaps, it has more to it than just that . . .

While wearing the Goron Mask, Link can roll up into a ball and perform a powerful rolling attack. This is a totally useful attack against unsuspecting (or not) enemies. The graphics are really much better in this game . . . if this doesn't look like much to you now, trust me, it looks almost real on screen. And if you happen to own a big-screen at home - LUCKY YOU!!

Epona!!! He's alive!!!You see Link on his steadfast steed, Epona in this screenshot. The two blobs with wings on the left are currently being called Tatl and Tael, respectively from left to right. These names, however, are subject to change before the official U.S. release . . . which you would get if you were smart, not that you're dumb if you don't get it; also, if you were wondering . . . yea, they are pronounced "Tattle" and "Tale".