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Featuring the spiky face of a mischievous Skull Kid . . . which you'll learn more about later, I think.

The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask

   Set as a direct continuation from the previous game Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask follows the adventures of Link as he manages to get himself stuck in a parallel world to Hyrule - where things (like the concept of time itself) aren't always as they seem.

    In this parallel world, Link meets many of the cast from the first game . . . déja vu . . . and by putting on some of the various masks scattered about, he is able to transform himself into a few of them to assist in his progress.

   Progress towards what? Well, in finding himself in this strange place, Link has spotted that the moon is looming uncomfortably large. Upon asking a couple of direct questions, he's been informed that the moon is in fact crashing down on the world and total destruction is only a short while away . . . the inevitable fate that the inhabitants of this parallel world will have to suffer can only be prevented by Link. And in true hero fashion, he sets off to save the day, the night, the world . . . and himself.

Pretty mouth ...This is Link wearing a Deku Mask, which transforms him into some sort of demented looking Deku Scrub (to me, anyway). In my opinion, Nintendo should fix that mouth of his. It's waa-a-y too long, enough for a Deku Scrub . . . they could at least make it cute!! Anyway, this video game is intended for all audiences, but it really isn't. First of all, only the literate can read the texts that pop up now and then when Link speaks to living organisms & objects; only the well-coordinated can move this guy around, especially narrow bridges and bends; and only the older kids can look at screenshots like these and not have nightmares.

Pretty teeth ...This is Link wearing a Goron Mask, which transforms him into some sort of bizarre looking Goron (to me, anyway). In my opinion, Nintendo should fix those teeth of his. You see, the Goron race doesn't like to be offended, and by creating a mask which transforms Link into a hideous looking Goron, it is an ULTIMATE insult and disgrace to the Gorons, as well as a direct call for the commencement of a WAR. Heh.

Pretty eyes ...This is Link wearing a Zora Mask, which transforms him into some sort of spooky looking Zora (to me, anyway). In my opinion, Nintendo should fix those eyes of his. And while they're at it, they should change the look of the face too. I mean, just look at it . . . on the good side, the graphics are definitely a lot better in this game, and however eccentric they might turn out to be when the US version is released late October, I know I'm totally gonna luv it.

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