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Your Faith In Me

Jessica Simpson

When I see you there I'm so aware .. of how lucky I am, baby.
Cuz I don't deserve, I don't come close .. to understanding, baby.
The logic of your kind of trust; It amazes me
that someone like you would care enough to just believe ...

(Refrain) Your faith in me, it pulls me through
when there's nothing 'round to hold on to
When I fall, when I'm weak,
all the strength that I need
is your faith, baby .. your faith in me.

Even when you're gone, I get along cuz our love is real, baby.
It's like salvation to my soul cuz that's how it feels, baby.
It's a sacred thing that I keep close .. to carry on.
And I know that I will be all right in your healing arms.


You make me feel I can walk on water (I can reach above the stars)
And nothing comes against me safe within your arms ...

When I fall, baby; when Iím weak, baby. All I need, baby. Is your faith in me ..

Oooooh ...
Your faith .. in me.