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    The re-runs of StrawPardy will contain dialogue between Strawlex Strawbek and the contestant, who will always be a Privy. Only certified Privies (A list can be found under the link "RU A Privy") may qualify to become a StrawPardy contestant because, um, so they can be mocked by the world with their answers. Enjoy.


ReRun # Yes, this happens to be ReRun number *sigh* ZERO. As in, zilch, nada, zip, nothing, une moins une, zéro, etc.

Strawlex Strawbek: "Welcome to the zeroth edition of Strawpardy! Today's category for the final round of Strawpardy is . . . ILLITERACY! Now, we'd like to welcome our first contestant, a, er, wonderful (Thinking: Yea right.) young (Thinking: Hahahaha!!!) man (Thinking: I'm not really sure bout that) named . . . um, hehe, what is your name?"

Privy: "LeeleeLaalaaLoolooLuuluuLiilii-Maringegegegh!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "Um, ok, let's see, would that be your first name, middle name, last name, or is that not a name at all?"

Privy: "?"

Strawlex Strawbek: "Yuppz. Your name will be Privy from now on. Now, about the category illiteracy."

Privy: "Geehee!!!!!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "I'm sooo glad you are - EXCITED!!! Ok. First question . . . here we go. How do you spell the word 'illiteracy'? (Writing down the correct spelling and handing it to Privy so he can get the very first question correct.)"

Privy: "Mela! Mela! MEEEELA!!!!!! Uggg . . . (Straining to decipher the letters on the sheet of paper with the answer) E, i, i, l, f, u, n, I dunno, o, peace sign???"

Strawlex Strawbek: "Hmmm. The good thing is, you're not completely illiterate yet. The bad thing is, you're wrong. Too bad, you lost on the first question!! (Stupid)"

Privy: "Yipp! Yipp! Yipp . . . eeeee!!!!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "To pass time, I will hafta ask you some, er, more questions. That is, about yourself. What would you like the audience to know about you? (Thinking out loud: Heh, I'll be surprised if you say anything I can understand.)

Privy: "Hey!! I heard that!! Yes, there is something I would like breett yupe to know about myself!! I would like bweep hituh to know that I am wreeeith indeed insane mickrre and that I could have beat you all yeppeee gyrgle gyrgle but in that case, I will weccu eeellp iwwwq and for that reason I qwerm leeeemeet GYRGLE!!!!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "(Thinking/sounding out loud: Zzzzzzz. Zzzzzzz. Hmmmm.... Zzzzzzzz.... yes of course.... Zzzzzz)"

Privy: "Are you dissing me?"

Strawlex Strawbek: "(Thinking/saying out loud: Zzzzzzz, yes of course....")

Privy: "Am I to be laughed at in front of all these people? (Pointing at the audience, still oblivious that they had long since run away.)"

Strawlex Strawbek: "(Still thinking/saying out loud: Zzzzzzz, sure .... hmph, yes, suit yourself, drown.... Zzzzzzz.)"

Privy: "?"

Strawlex Strawbek: "(Waking up) Hm? Oh! There you are, Mr., um, Privy is it? Whatever. Now, was there anything you wanted the audience to know about yourself?

Privy: "Oyyiie cluurmist!!!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "That is all??? Alright then, this show will end now. When you have decided to learn English, please come back and join us again!!! And oh. Before I forget, um, did you miss the rule that said for every non-English word that comes out of your mouth, you owe me four million dollars????"

Privy: "Meeeehaw! MeeeeeeeeehAAAWWW!!!!! Wooout moeonin awerty!!!!!! Monstipeewt!!!!!!"

Strawlex Strawbek: "Well. I'll take that as a 'yes'."

Privy: " (Fainted from exhaustion, fright, illiteracy, etc.)"

Strawlex Strawbek: "And for your convenience, I will not call the police. I will merely let you lie prone here and watch you die. Oh you're dead already? How fast. Oh yea, I'm warning you, if you don't pay up, I'll kill you!!!!"

Privy: "(Became non-deceased all of a sudden & Sobbing while slowly dying again)"

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