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   Aiight so this page is screwed up and everything, I'm not gonna change it for awhile mostly because I dunno what I did wrong to make that chart thing WAA-A-Y on the bottom there. Becuz it's not supposed to. And anyway if you wanna know my schedule ahead of time just go ahead and scan it. And please, NO PRINTING. (not like u would)

Period: Class: Term: Days: Teacher:
0 Homeroom 8-I Year Round All Rolenc, J.
1 Computer Programming Semester 1 A Robinson, K.
1 Stock Market Semester 2 A Stewart, M.
1 Jazz Band = Year Round B Manziano, J.
1 Wind Ensemble Year Round C Manziano, J.
2 French 8 Year Round All White, E.
3 Science Seminar Year Round All Mr. Vanbenth...
4 Home Arts (?!?) Quarter 1 All Nick, L.
4 Art Quarter 2 All Roma, S.
4 Computers Quarter 3 All Moskowitz, W.
4 Music Quarter 4 All Danka, S.
5 Language Arts Year Round All Richter, A
Bus Bus Ride Year Round All Blonde woman
6 Math 9 Year Round All Easton, ?
7 Social Studies Seminar Year Round All Gallo, B.
8 Phys.Ed. Year Round All Mina, A.