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Wait a sec, doesn't this look more like cockroach poison?!?!?!?!?! Argh stupid clip-art!!!!!!!!

    So I decided to keep the rat/cockroach poison picture. I've kinda grown use to it, heheh. This page is not gonna be used for its original intention anymore. This is gonna be my

Language Arts Pen-Pal Page.

    This pen-pal of mine, whose name I can't give for privacy reasons but I'll substitute her name as *Tiffany cuz I like that name, is in second grade. I dunno where her school is. I was assigned to this girl by my Language Arts teacher, whose name you would know if you read the table on the MMS page. Plus, I'll post every single letter from her here, when it arrives. There will be an edited version of the letter, where my comments would be in red, and there will be the original version, where nothing was changed from Tiffany's letter.

In French, there is also a pen-pal thing going on, except that the pen-pal is French (Obviously) and not in second grade. She's twelve years old. I haven't written to her yet so you'll hafta wait for those letters to be posted.

Edited Version of Letter #1, my comments in RED:

   Hi Tian!

        I was born on Feb. 20th, 1992. (Hello toddler! My lil sister is only two years younger than you!) My favorite subjects in school are gym, math, and science. (Gym is a subject?) Do you like gym? (Depends.) What do you like to do? (Sit around and decipher letters from second graders.) I like to make books. (Poor child. How much do they pay you each week?) And yes, my name means something - it means House of God. (Alpha and Omega! I know Him!!) What is your favorite animal? (The mighty Strawberry, of course.) My favorite animals are a rabbit, fish, a dog, and cats. (Do you eat the fish? Or the rabbit, or the dog, or the cat?) I especially like the dog. (Cool. You must not own one that bites, then.) Do you like dogs? (Yep, especially the rabid ones.) Tian, your name is cool. (Huh? Wut?) I like the name Sky. (My name is NOT Sky, it MEANS sky, but you're in second grade so wutever.) You seem very, very, very nice. (Oh hehehe ... that's an overstatement.) I hope I get to see what you look like, Tian. (Trust me on this, you don't WANNA, not that I'm dissing myself.) You have a nice name, Tian. (How repetitive.) I am glad that I have a cool pen pal! (Cool?! Cool?! I could be a murderer for heaven's sake!) Do you like books? (Did I mention I'm illiterate?) When is your birthday? (Did I also mention I have really bad memory?) Do you like your school? (Lemme think about that . . .) I bet that you do. (Oh nevermind, you just answered your own question.)

                                                    From your pen pal,


Oh heheh, my comments are almost as long as the letter itself. I don't have anything against dogs. Or cats, or fish, or rabbits, just for the record. Well, I am NOT dissing that poor little girl, I understand that second grade has a LOOONG way to go until seventh grade, so I won't hold the content of her letter against her. And no, I'm not gonna reply with all those comments!!! Geez, I'm not trying to kill myself here. Just wanna get a decent enough grade in Language Arts class and not burden myself with failing marks. Understand? Anyhow, here's the ORIGINAL version (Drum roll plz) of the letter from *Tiffany, not one word has been changed, all the original words and punctuation and capitalization and grammatization and stuff, except for her name, which still is Tiffany with the * before it. See, this is why I had an edited version. Not too bad for a second grader though . . . heheh.

    Hi! Tian

        I was born on feb. 20th 1992. My favorite subjects in school are. Gmy and Math and science. Do you like gmy? What do you like to do? I like to make books. And yes my name means sothing it means house of God. What is your favorite animals? My favorite animal is a rabbit, fish, dog, cat. I especially like the dog. Do you like dogs? Tian you mean for your name is cool. I like the name sky. You seme very, very, very nice. I hope I get to see what you look like Tian. You have a nice name Tian. I am glad that I have a cool pen pal! Do you like books? When is your birthday? Do you like your school? I bet that you do. From you pen pal *Tiffany

Hehehe!!!! I'm not even gonna bother putting comments on the unedited version. I think it speaks for itself! What a girl. Heck of a second grader here! I didn't get the meaning of some sentences, like the one that goes "Tian you mean for your name is cool." Do you get that? I don't. But someone told me she probably wanted to say that she thinks my name is cool. (And it IS, eh?) Also note the spelling of "gym". Tiffany spells it "gmy". Wahahaha . . . okay that's enough behavior from me. Don't come giving me lectures on manners after you read this, I know I shouldn't be commenting on a second grader's letter, but I just thought it might be interesting. Besides, I already noted that I'm not dissing her. That clear? Good.

   OK, so here's another letter from this cutsy little gurl, unedited at the moment because I should be studying for my Chinese Midterm right now - shame on me for updating my site!!!

    Dear Tian He,

      I like the poem that you made. What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Harrite the spy. What is your favorite CD? My favorite CD is Geri Halliwell. My favorite food is posta. What is yours? I have a big brother. Do you? My brothers name is Geoffrey. He's mean. Do you have a pet? Do you like math? I Do! What is your favorite TV show? My favorite TV show is Hey Arnlde. I can not what to see you. I am so esided. I relley whant to see you! You sem so nice! well I have to go bye! from *Tiffany