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Chapter 6:

    "I cautioned you of this phenomenon, EvilGreg. You did not listen, and therefore suffered the consequences predestined by the power of the mighty Forest Gods. The only thing that may save you from your atrocity is if this diamond is able to see light again, and you can be sure that it will not as long as it is in my hands! Farewell, EvilGreg. We will meet again."

    BlueWizard, finishing his last words to EvilGreg, turned to his children and told them to follow him. He had seen an opening in the trap where he and his children could escape. Each carrying their portion of food and belongings, the Critters bravely trod behind their triumphant father in spite of all they had been through.

    Dark gray clouds billowed across the sky as the sounds of thunder filled the air. Lightning flashed as EvilGreg and SesameKitty watched on, terrified, in their frozen positions.

    The Critters and BlueWizard arrived home just in the nick of time. As they entered the kitchen with the food and diamond in their arms, rain poured down from the skies. BlueBerry was proclaimed the hero who saved the Critter Tribe from extinction during the drought, and was looked upon by all with pride and dignity. Finally, the detrimental drought had ended.

    "And so it came to be that the Critters once again defeated their enemy and overcame the forces of nature. They set the precious blue diamond in a locked draw, far away from any sources of sunlight. All the Critters once again became happy and contented knowing that they were safe from any means of harm now.

    "Outside this sacred forest, while the Critters lived a joyous and independent life one generation after another, humans and technology developed and flourished. No one has ever been able to find the divine forest where the Critters live ever since the day the terrible drought ended. It could be that this is just another untrue tale made to entertain us as humans. Perhaps one day, the Gods of the Forest will guide one of you to this legendary place."

    The tired children crawled into their warm sleeping bags and snuggled up to rest. The campfire flickered, then dimmed down until only ashes were left. A gentle autumn breeze blew across the field as the hooting of a night owl once again filled the silent air. The spirit of nature took its course as it hushed all living creatures and provoked every active being to become soporific. From the Heavens, the Gods looked on. They sent stars to shine aloft those who were disheartened, as if to say, "Everything will be all right."


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