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Chapter 5:

    BlueWizard sent BlueBerry back to their village in order to obtain some mirrors. BlueBerry obediently heeded his father's command and hurried back home. He picked up two mirrors with smooth and shiny surfaces, polished carefully and inlaid with gold. Once more, BlueBerry began the long journey to the pit of food.

    The sun had almost reached its zenith in the sky. BlueBerry became increasingly excited as he impatiently advanced toward his destination. Not surprisingly, his father and siblings were just as excited as he when BlueBerry arrived. Anxiety filled their minds as they set up one mirror directly facing the profuse sunshine. BlueBerry placed the second mirror at an angle relevant to the first mirror, and experimentally played around with it. The second mirror reflected the sunlight from the first mirror down the hole and onto the blue diamond.

    BlueWizard and his children watched in awe as the blue diamond glowed a turquoise color. Following, the large ice cube containing the food slowly melted until only the food was left. Bewilderment was replaced by relief as BlueBerry cried, "Let's bring the food back to the village, father!"

    The father of the Critters prayed to the Gods and thanked them for keeping the Critter Tribe from dying during the severe drought. Then, he allowed his children to each carry a portion of the food out the pit.

    The Critters carried their share of food out the pit willingly. BlueBerry carefully lifted the blue diamond out of its hold and brought it with him as a souvenir. Once they were all out of the pit, BlueWizard assembled his children in two lines to go home.

    Suddenly, EvilGreg and SesameKitty jumped out from behind some boulders and threw a large fishing net over all the Critters, trapping them under the sturdy mesh.

    "Ha!" cried EvilGreg. "Now I've got fresh food, delicious Critters, and a diamond to top it all off. This must be my lucky day, the Devils bless me!"

    "MEOW!" screeched SesameKitty, running around aimlessly in circles,

    "Stop screaming, and help me tie this net up to drag home. We will feast today!"

    SesameKitty stopped running around, and ceased his irritating sound effects. Just then, BlueWizard spoke up in a deep, solemn voice.

    "You may do as you wish with us, but I forewarn you, EvilGreg. The Legend of the Gods state that whosoever acts with selfishness in the presence of the diamond will freeze, just as this food had before we melted it. If you freeze, no one can undo the spell until sunlight reaches the blue diamond. May you think twice before acting any further!"

    After hearing BlueWizard's word of advice, EvilGreg instantaneously came to the conclusion that BlueWizard was lying to him in order to elude death.

    "Bah! I will not listen to you, BlueWizard! You may once have been a powerful wizard, but now you are my prisoner and you shall listen to me! I have found food, my enemy, and a diamond here, and it shall rightfully be mine and no one else's! SesameKitty, disregard his weak lies! Now hurry up and tie a knot before nightfall, for I am getting hungry from all these mouth-watering delicacies!"

    EvilGreg proved that he was determined to claim something that didn't belong to him for his own purposes, an act of selfishness the legacy of the blue diamond did not tolerate. It sent out a wave of cold air that only EvilGreg and SesameKitty could feel. EvilGreg sensed this strange occurrence and instantly regretted his decision, but it was too late.


Chapter 6: